growing pains

Last night we were blind-sided with a inconsolable child, which if anyone has met my child you’d quickly realize this was completely out of character. Caleb is one of the most chill and laid-back babies I’ve ever known. He’s nothing but smiles and chatter- literally. His cries are pretty meek (and I actually think they are absolutely adorable). So you can imagine my fluster and concern when he spent hours in an all-out wail. The typical soothing mechanism of breastfeeding, putting him upright, snuggling up or uncovering him, changing him…nothing but continuous screaming. Occasionally he’d simmer into a humming fuss as he tried to snuggle up into my chest and go back to sleep, only to wake up screaming a few minutes later. The usual 15 minute wake up call around 3 AM turned into a 4 hour attempt to calm my child.

Thankfully at 7 AM this morning he fell asleep on my chest and woke up happy as ever. It appears my little man is cutting teeth at 3 months old. I am very fortunate to have a job that is flexible enough to allow me a few hours (2 to be exact) of sleep before heading in and a husband who has the summers off to make the departure away a little less dramatic for me.  At least now we have a plan of action and can manuever ways to soothe him.

As a side note, tomorrow my boys are headed to stay with Gma O for 5 days as I am at camp for work.  Breaks my little heart not to be able to be with them as he’s going through this.  I’ll totally miss seeing his cheery little self each morning when I wake up….melts my heart.  Not to mention the peacefulness of watching my little man sleep. I know the husband’s family is super excited to see him, just wish I could be with them ;(

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