Boys and their tools

Over a month ago, I had to go away for work for 5 days to run a summer camp.  The husband and little man decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go to his parents and build 2 decks off the back of their house. My husband is a brave man to take our then 3-month old son and our 2-yr-old dog-child on the 5-hour trek to visit his parents.  While everyone was completely behaved and little man passed the travel test with flying colors, I was miserable.  The challenge of finding the time to pump in an action packed schedule created some hurdles, not to mention the challenges of be a breastfeeding mom away from her precious lad for 5-days.  Turns out that Caleb takes after his father in that he’s quite handy to have around the house.  Of course I packed an out-fit to suit this moment….(it’s hard to see here, but the outfit is his Bob the Builder outfits with hammers, and saws all over it!)

Caleb loved hanging out with dad and Grandpa O.  In fact, he became such a fan of dad that when I arrived and swooped him up in my arms he cried for dad…talk about a heart breaker!  By the next day he was back to his happy old self 🙂


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