Pieces of me!

hey everyone, it’s me little man.  Since everyone is so in love with all the little baby parts…I thought I’d showcase a few of my own.

Exhibit A.  My rolls.

I’m just beginning to sport a little pudge around the upper leg area.  While most kids my age look more like the Michelin Man, I’m sport the long and slender appeal being only in the 15th percentile for weight. Doesn’t mean my mom doesn’t love to zurber all the extra skin.  All the more to love ladies 😉

Exhibit B.  My thinking face

I’m likely mesmerized by the computer screen on mom’s lap, or maybe the tv screen.  I’m totally a TV junkie and will look around mom when she comes up to play with me so I can see TV…maybe theat’s why mom cancelled cable! My whole face usually carries my expression.  When I smile, you can see it in my eyes as much as you can with my mouth.

Exhibit C.  Drool bubbles

With teething comes drool and you know you all love it.  It’s hard to keep it in these beautiful lips of mine.  Don’t worry, I show my affection by sucking on your shoulder or wiping a slobbery kiss on whatever I can get my mouth on.  And that’s if there’s no curdled milk involved.

Exhibit Z. The hands of wonder

Allow me to formally introduce you to the tactile wonders of my universe.  I have been quite busy with my phalanges over the past few months.  I’ve mastered several things, such as putting my hands in my mouth, pinching necks, grasping handfuls of hair, firmly grabbing my toys and pulling the dangly toy that vibrates in my car seat.  It’s been so fun to explore.  My movements are becoming smoother, yet there is still a fair amount of jerkiness involved- especially when I get excited! Good times

There you have it folks.  A few key features to make you love me even more…or at least my mom will!

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