Hfshew- Dusting off the cobwebs around here.

In all honesty it’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to sit down and post something, it’s taking me a few minutes to figure out how to do this! Since May, work has SERIOUSLY cut into my blogging time.

So many firsts have come and gone that I’m finding myself facing a whole new reality in my life by prioritizing what really matters.  As our summer comes to an end so does my husbands summer break and we take on the challenge of full-time day care.  As I reflect back (in the next few posts) on the summer fun, I also am bringing to a close the first 6 months of my son’s life!  By the looks of things I’ll be sending him to kindergarten next week, and in a month he’ll be off to college.  No matter how hard I try I will never get this time back.

In the last 3 months Caleb has…

  • found his voice including gut wrenching little giggle and burst of loud bellowing
  • rolls over continuously from back to stomach and back over
  • Taken his first plane ride out to California for family vacation
  • witnessed Alcatraz, the Golden Gate bridge, Napa Valley Wineries, the redwoods and Pebble Beach
  • notices where his favorite toys are and chew on them
  • falls asleep almost anywhere
  • had his second haircut and now looks like he’ll be going on 5.
  • has taken a liking to his high chair and solid (or semi solid) foods
  • Had visits from friends Tim, Holly, Cora and Colton, Godmother Megan, Gma & Gpa O and a surprise visit from Uncle Loren and Aunt Tracy
  • Went on his first carousel ride
  • learned to sit up all on his own
  • Discovered tags on everything and loves to suck on them- toys, burp rags, you name it!
  • Had his first bout with a viral infection throwing all of us for a bit of a loop and scare
  • Met family members that my mom has never even met at the family Reunion.
  • Is a little momma’s boy and will throw on a frown when he realizes she’s not holding him
  • Is a huge fan of swimming!  Has even taken a few dunks at the hand of his daring mother (…more on that later)
  • Is in constant battle with his teeth which keep showing signs but never pop through.
  • has posed for more pictures than humanly possible…one was even for an audition as George on Seinfeld.
  • and the latest addition to his 6 month track record is spent the weekend camping in a tent with his parents and brother and best bud, Diesel (Uncle Jeremy and cousins were right next door in their own tent too)

Catching up on the blog in details would take hours that could be better spent curled up with the little man and family in bed, so I’ll pass right now.  However I’ll share a few teaser’s of posts to look forward to over the next few days (maybe weeks).  What I can say is that this has been the most rewarding and challenging summer all balled into one.  If we were in a better place financially I would take a break on my career and pursue domestic engineering.  Hopefully that will be something to work towards in the near future, perhaps just on a part-time basis. Maybe these picture might explain why…

I’ll keep you posted…in the mean-time, here’s a shout out to all working moms! Finding balance between work and LIFE is not an easy task.  Thanks to all those who support us in this endeavor!

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