5 things I did for me

Since becoming a mom, I always seem to find a way to put my priorities on the back burner…I’m sure a few mom’s out there can relate!  So the past several weeks I set out to make some time for myself.  If you need ideas of things to do- check out my happy list.  There’s 100 things that make me happy, maybe we have something in common.

1. Signed up for the Fox Cities half marathon.  Would have been a better idea if I was training.  Does a 4 mile run count as training?  That’s usually my style…not like I’m out to win a gold medal or anything. It did ignite a little fire under my butt to create a new running playlist because of it, and have managed to run a couple times in the past week.  Good things can happen to those who procrastinate!

2. took a day of vacation to scrapbook!  I am nearly caught up on my 2008 year in review book.  I have a start on Caleb’s album, but really the day was meant just for me to get out of the house and spend some time being creative.  I’ve decided I’m going to make a mess and pull a few things out this weekend to work on too!

3.  Open (and drank) the bottle of my FAVORITE honeymoon wine.  It’s a bottle of Barbara and seeing how I’m done Breastfeeding I treated myself (to the entire bottle ;).  Maybe I should have staggered the drinks?! After nearly a year-and-a-half without alcohol, the day after tends to cause your return to hit you like a truck.  I had a headache for 3-days.  Can’t say it wasn’t worth it…I savored every last drop.

4. Spent an afternoon redecorating for fall.  I always have these great ideas and usually it’s the day before Halloween and I’m just getting around to changing out the summer decorations.  This year I took the Friday before Labor Day to pack up summer (it was cold enough it no longer felt like summer) and display fall and Halloween throughout the house.  It feels refreshing to have a change in scenery.

5.  Had a girls night with my mom to go see the movie Eat Pray Love.  I was a big fan, but then again I was a big fan of the book. I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing style- she seemed random and sarcastic. I think we’d get along well!  Either way a night with popcorn and mom at the movie theater adoring Julia Roberts was refreshing.

Nothing earth shattering, but it’s enough to take a deep breath from life.  In the plans are a date night with the husband and I in the near future- like a real date.


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