getting an old dog to run

How do you convince a unmotivated new mom to run…have her son hold a sign to cheer her on!

It worked.  Despite having only run 5 miles before the Fox Cities Half Marathon, and taking a 3-year hiatus from distance running, I picked up the pieces and ran a comfortable 2:31 half marathon last Sunday.  It was the first race that I have ever run so close to home.  It was so much fun having own little cheering squad along the route.  I met up with Brent and Little Man- who was a trooper.  Several volunteers along the course recognized me and cheered, even a few fellow participants were old acquaintances.  I had sent an email out to family and friends to let them know about when I was hoping to finish (only off by 1 minute) and I was pleasantly surprised to have a small little cheering section waiting for me down the final stretch.  Even my mom on the other side of the world caught wind of my finish.

Usually the adrenaline wears off and the day after I am regretting it…instead I spent the day celebrating my niece Dakota’s special day and it was nothing but go,go,go. I think that aided my recovery as I really had very little soreness.  For the first time after a race there were no blisters and no chaffing to report.  Yay!

(My former running partner and friend Borys just notified me that she qualified for Boston this past weekend by running a 3:37 marathon.  Way to go Becks! Must help to not have me slowing you down 🙂


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