Growth Spurt

The last month Caleb has grown at exponential rates.  Going back over the past months I’ll offer a photo collage of milestones…

I haven’t been good about getting a consistent photo each month to compare his growth and development.  But I will offer this comparison.  Caleb has LOVED his bouncy seat since day 1 (or actually his first time in it was when he was 3 days old, but whose counting).
Here’s Caleb in his bouncy seat at 3 weeks old….

2 months…

6 months…

and 7 months…

He’s gone from looking at the toys, to bouncing and making the toys swing, to touching the toys, to sitting up and eating the toys.  It amazes me looking at how much things have changed in the past month.

At 3 months he began rolling and become completely fluent from both tummy to back and back to tummy by 5 months.  Last Sunday he just took off and army crawled his way across the room.  I may have to upgrade my blog to post some video…it is so funny.  Here’s a few “action shots” from the past months as he’s made his way around the living room.  Somehow he always seems to find the camera and flash a smile whenever he sees it.  He has managed to get himself stuck in some tight spots.  We have quickly learned to hide really interesting things cords.

He would love to get up and walk away, but that thankfully that’s still to come.  Although just tonight he grabbed onto the entertainment center and pulled himself up then looked at us and laughed.

He’s established himself as a solid and stable sitter, but is far to curious of his surroundings to focus long enough to master standing.

I think Diesel is exploring new approaches to dealing with this change.  Throwing a toy for Diesel ends up in an all out army crawl sprint across the floor with Caleb attempting to get to the dog toy first.  We’ve had to have a few chats with the boys over whose toys are whose, and when it’s okay to share.  One thing Diesel has learned is that Caleb is a messy eater.  He props himself up right square to Caleb’s high chair and just waits patiently for the Cheerios to fall.

Brothers will be brothers, but for the most part they get along great.  Diesel is helpful to have for entertainment while driving.  Caleb might appreciate the Diesel kisses, more than Diesel appreciates Caleb’s love taps and pulls.

Our new motto has become what doesn’t make us stronger, makes us laugh.  And with little man, there is a WHOLE lot of laughter in this house!  More to come…


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