Solid foods and sippy cups

We have progressed to a little man diet.  I can’t say the transition has been perfect, but entertaining.  As a working mom who struggles with a balance between work and life, breastfeeding  became more and more challenging.  I was proud to make it to 6 months and cherish our bonding time together.  On the flip side, I’m also very happy to alleviate myself from the pressure to provide for my little man.  The stress of going back to work and scheduling time to pump became more and more frustrating.  I also am quite excited to get back into some regular tops again!  After 4 months of exclusive breastfeeding, we added rice cereal, which got Caleb accustomed to using a spoon.  A few weeks later we began with veggies (Green Beans are his favorite, followed by squash) introducing a new one every 3 days to allow for observation of any possible allergies.  We limit the fruits to breakfast and try to keep him on veggies most of the time.  He’s not an overly picky eater, however peas create quite a dramatic affair…grimace facial expressions, followed by spitting out the peas and then followed by more grimmace and coughing to get the nasty flavor out of his mouth.  He completely denies any rice cereal so we’ve shifted to oatmeal.  Just this week we added protein to his diet by adding some meat.  I gag more than he does, but after 2-3 spoonfuls he’s ready for more veggies.

The most desired of all foods right now is Cheerios and crackers, this is true for both Caleb & Diesel.  The pediatrician suggested graham crackers since they were a little easier to hold onto and melted quite easily with a fair amount of saliva.  At 6 months we introduced Cheerios with little success of him actually getting them into his mouth.  In the last 2 weeks, his fine motor skills have improved immensely.  Now we have to make sure to feed him the veggies first or he’ll deny the spoon after the Cheerios.  It’s play time as much as it is feeding time.

The challenge lies with formula.  He’s always been a baby who wore as much of his food as he ate and so did whoever was feeding him.  He seemed to do okay with formula, but noticed him becoming increasingly spitty and more fussy.  Last week we tried a new formula sample that a friend of ours gave us and he seems like a completely baby.  The only challenge is the small can of formula is $25 which would last almost 2 days (Similac Alimentum) I’ve searched high and low and there is not a comparable generic version.  So we are exploring some other options and seeing how he reacts, but to date not going so good.

As little man progresses, we’ve been strongly encouraged to expose him to a sippy cup.  So a couple of times a day he’ll get a sippy cup with water.  It is the funniest thing…he gets so excited by the sippy cup that he laughs.  He loves to see the water through the top of the glass.  What can I say he’s easily entertained.  He is able to hold his own cup/bottle, but usually he’s to lazy.  As you’d see with this shot, as soon as I pull out the camera out comes a little man pose complete with smile.

Lastly, little man has 2 nice chompers that have FINALLY broken through the bottom gums, with 2 more on top close behind.  I can say that he has been very easy-going though this, but the exploratory biting can stop.  One “toy” he loves is the rubbery wine cork from one of mom’s bottle of wine (completely cleaned off of course).  He will chew and chew on the rubbery cork.  I can already envision this scrapbook layout… “Put a Cork in it!”

One last 2-toothed grin before you go 🙂

That’s how I’m greeted everyday by my little man when I walk in the door!  Melts my heart 🙂


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