Twas the night before Christmas (our rendition)—very late!

Twas the night before Christmas, and my list was complete
to gather, prepare, and make the house neat

Dad and Diesel snuggled on the couch, I headed to bed
up the stairs and past the room painted red

I stopped in your room, my world became still
I stared with contentment as my heart got it’s fill

At 7 Am you arose with a clatter
We snuck you in our bed, but that didn’t seem to matter

Our first Christmas as a family of three
evidenced by the growth of gifts under the tree

Your expressions, curiosity, and bellers of glee
without you how boring our Christmas might be

You’d look with amazement as you’d rip at the paper
despite your best efforts, some weren’t worth the labor

We carried on for hours and continued to play
our schedule had us heading to grandparents later that day

So some gifts would wait for 2 or 3 days
you’d learn to open gifts in the most peculiar ways

The cousins all posed as we gathered around
the tree and gifts with pretty bows they were bound.

You and Keaton had plans of your own
eating chips and and making plans for when you are grown

The day was complete with memories to share
As you snuggled in with Gpa in the rocking chair

One last gift to open, the biggest of them all
But the best gift of all is being the one whom “mom” you will call!

Merry 1st Christmas little man.  Looking forward to many more 🙂

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