10-month-old seeks adventure and independence

At the start of 2011 we embarked on several new adventures.  We kicked off the new year with little man turning 10 months, and our world will never be the same.  He brought in the new year with a few new skills and scare tactics for his parents.  Throughout his 10th month of life he was standing independently and taking a few steps here and there.  Usually “walking” meant running along the furniture with an occasional step with out holding onto something.  Climbing, however, brought out his fearless side. He takes pride in his 5 second record for a flight of steps.  Climbing on top of things and standing without holding on, regardless of the surface, has become his signature move.  He has since learned how to climb onto his rocking chair, stand facing the back of the chair, then proceed to climb over the back of the chair or over the arm.  Likewise on any toy or furniture that presents opportunity!

While I’m accustom his fearless nature, there are moments catch me off guard.  For example I walked into our office to find this…

I carefully approached him advising him to return to floor level. I feared if I was startled, it might scare him…..and do you see how close that left foot is to the edge.  After I got over the initial reaction of OMG…I thought it was worth a few more pictures.  All he really wanted was to play with the computer mouse, that is until he saw his NUK.

(By the way- Caleb made that entire mess in the office so you can stop judging me now).

10 months has added a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to our lives. Never ending joy 🙂

***As you might realize this post is 2 months overdue, so beware 11 month and 1-year posts are coming along with other new adventures that we are embarking on in 2011.****


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