11 months + curiousity = Devious Helper

11 months marked “walking independently” milestone.  Grandpa suggested that if we WANTED him to walk on his own we needed to give him motivation.  With that he moved little man’s chair into the middle of the living room, Brent set him down and just like that he was hands free, walking all over the house.  The next day he walked clear across the kitchen to greet me as I walked in the door.  Now add that to an extremely curious and fearless child and you have a handful! While he’s still a big momma’s boy, he certainly loves hanging out with dad.

Little Man LOVES the kitchen and anything associated with it.  Brent has decided to lock up the Tupperware since washing it on a regular basis was getting old (dog, tile kitchen floor, not so clean, you get the picture).  That has not deterred the curious fella.  He has since learned of the dials and locks on the dishwasher…

Discovered the drawer under the oven where we store cooling racks and hot pads (Not: only do this if you have an electric stove- learned the hard way in college).  He can spend a good 40 minutes crawling in, taking everything out, crawling out, putting everything back in and repeating about 8 times…

However all the entertainment ends when the dishwasher opens!  No matter the level of entertainment, Caleb’s priority is to get to the dishwasher STAT!

I’ll save the clowning around and construction of Farberware tower for another post.  There is much more where this comes from.

The moral of the story is lock up your cookies and keep all breakable/heavy/sharp objects out of the reach of a little man on a mission.


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