Can’t say I wasn’t warned

My little man turned a year last week and I feel like all the precious infant-ness of him is fading fast. While he’s carried some little man qualities since birth, I feel like in the past week he has grown up so much. Here’s a glimpse of his 1 year pictures. 

Oh, little man will you please grow down.  I know you are still just a little peanut (literally- he’s in the 7th percentile for weight), but everyday I come home you seem to be doing something new, something different.  It’s  bittersweet really.  I hope we are giving you the roots to stay grounded and the wings to reach your dreams.  Yet, I’m not ready for you to leave for kindergarten tomorrow. 

You add laughter to our days, and joy in our hearts- but Caleb A Dusek, will you please grow down??? 
I’m sure in a year I’ll come back to this exact post and say “how niave of me”

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