All in the details- 1st (GOLDEN) birthday party

Two weeks ago we celebrated little mans GOLDEN birthday.  Being that it was golden and I was needing some serious creativity in my life I opted to have a little fun.  I decided that we’d go with a little “digger” theme inspired by an adorable cake I had seen in Family Fun Magazine (I think last year).  It looks a lot harder than it really was. In fact Brent was so excited by it we ended up having to make two, a contest if you will. The jury is still out…let me know which one you think is better…for the kindred hearts I also made dirt cups too (Complete with worms 🙂

The tables were adorned with a few black and yellow streamers follow by toy tools, orange cones and construction hats.  (It helps to work for a place with lots of fun supplies such as hard hats and orange cones).

Being a March birthday can be kind of blah, because of weather (I might know something about a march birthday) so we opted to have the party at a local hotel with access to the pool, and all the needed logistical supplies in the party room.  Here are a few more details to help showcase the theme.

I’m a big fan of functional things, I didn’t quite realize that the dump truck was this functional when I bought it.  Nothing like a mom stealing her sons toys to decorate.

Nothing screams 1st birthday like a birthday banner across the front of his high chair (and the birthday boy playing peek-a-boo with the camera)

Lastly, beyond the swimming available I also had 1 game.  An ingenious idea, again out of Family Fun (same edition as the cake) of having a trap-door construction cone pinata.  I completely neglected to take any pictures of it.  It was a construction cone filled with treats.  The bottom was covered with a piece of cardboard.  The cardboard had a large half circle cut in the bottom (the size of the cone base) and many other small slits.  In each slit I stuck a streamer (plastic works best) with one taped to the trap door.  When the children pulled on a streamer if it was not attached to the trap door, they simply pulled the streamer out.  If it was attached to the trap-door, the treats fell and the children piled on.  I thought this route was a much safer route than a child swinging a stick blindfolded.  I’ve already had my share of pinata injuries (that’s a whole other story).

I’ll work on digging up the invitations that my mom and I made.  Otherwise, that concludes a golden “digger” first birthday party.  At least I have proof to share in 10 years when he complains about how big of a deal that his sister whose turning 10 on the 10th has a huge ordeal….of course this is all hypotheical

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