Ain’t fooling me?!

I usually wake up on the 1st of April kind of disheartened that I didn’t plan some elaborate pranks to catch a few fools.  The husband right away took a stab at my morning inability to function before 7 AM by getting me with “Man it’s April, and we are still waking up to it snowing.” Completely confused I looked out the window, squinted looking for the flakes he was referring to.  My look of utter confusion prompted an “April Fool’s reply.”

A few years ago (before we were married with children) I was able to snag him with a frantic email of an unplanned pregnancy.  My guilt had me give in far before I had planned, but he totally bought it so I had to find a creative way to break it to him.  Things have been uneventful since then (when in regards to April Fools).

Last year we were staying with family in Chicago over April Fool’s, which was shortly after our son was born.  I was savoring a few extra minutes of sleep when I heard a squeal followed by abrupt laughter from downstairs.  My husband and aunt we’re in the kitchen, when my aunt turn the water on.  Her hubs brilliantly scotch taped the handle of the sprayer soaking her with water.  Somehow I remembered this one as I was leaving home and raced home to tape the sprayer before the husband got home.  Unfortunately I wasn’t home when he received his shower.  Turn out he was going to leave it there for me, but as he was getting dinner ready he kept forgetting it was there and soaked himself thoroughly before deciding to remove the tape.  Sometimes I wish I had a nanny-cam.

I need to build my arsenal for future years…  What are some good April Fool’s Jokes you’ve heard of?   Look forward to hearing from you!


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