opinions, body language, and desire for sweets.

13 months has embarked a brand new list of adventures in the life of my little man.  His personality doesn’t just shine…it’s a beaming ray of light.  Seldom does he display shyness.  He wears his expressions and you rarely have to guess how he feels about something. He’s quite the little actor.  He’s picked up a few gestures that make me laugh EVERY time.

Here we have “oh-no”

“So Big” (he’s been doing this for a while, but I’ve never captured the moment very well)

and just generally excited (imagine kicking of feet and high pitched squeal to accompany this face).

“cheese” (followed by a sprint to the camera).

While I don’t have pictures to document, the little man has a crazy temper too.  I’m sure it’s a combination of the husband and my worst.  He’ll begin with a full body tensing and near shaking for a split second, followed by arching of the back and either collapsing on the floor and banging his head or running into the bathroom to hide by the garbage can (not sure why he picked that spot?!).  We’re working on the “I need mom right now” clingy-ness, but all in all he’s an amazingly chill and goofy little man.

The other night I had an extremely late night at work, I came home to find this…

yep, that’d be a little man in a big bed.  When Caleb had strep throat we started letting him sleep with us.  It was a comforting tool for both of us.  We were attempting to sleep in 20 minute intervals, bringing him to bed just made more sense.  Everyone achieved some sleep, versus the shift work of sleep attempts between the husband and I.  When he sleeps the entire night in his crib he sleeps until about 6 AM, in our bed he sometimes sleeps as late as 7:15 AM.  Of course I always want to stay in bed with him, since starting your day with him resting his head on my chest and shooting me a charming smile is the highlight of my day and I hate giving up snuggle minutes for meaningless prep time.

The most challenging task has been his picky eating.  Getting him on a human diet (as opposed to baby food) has been a challenge.  Usually cereal, yogurt, and some fruit he’ll eat (if it’s the right texture).  Anything else is a crap shoot.  If you have suggestions on how to get a 13-month old to expand his food horizons I’m all ears.  He won’t even eat Cheese.  That’s a bit embarrassing for me, being from Wisconsin.  Cheese might be the only ingredient that I willingly digested as a child. He has however decided that he is old enough to manuever the spoon.

He does pretty good.  Another new favorite of his is digging into the cereal box to get the flakes himself.  I got hooked on Total when I was pregnant, and apparently so did he…

What shocks me is he’ll get a treat (from people who will remain un-named) and he remembers where they were on the counter, point and say “ttt” I’m assuming that means “I want that.”  He LOVES sweets, so much it almost makes me ill just thinking about it.  I had a bowl of Jelly Beans on the table from a small gathering.  He managed to sweet talk his way into getting one and hasn’t backed down since.  It was to the point that we’d come downstairs in the morning and he’d immediately point to the bowl of jelly beans.  Anything that even looks like sweets has been hidden in a concealed area.  It’s amazing what the little sponges are soaking up right now.

It has been so fun, it’s hard to believe how much changes everyday.


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  1. OMG! He is the cutest little darling!! Love his little smiles!! Such a blessing!! Very cute blog by the way!

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