End Table: Trash to Treasure

You may have seen the Basement Reveal post, where I show the 6 months of time, talent and treasures we invested in a family/play room in our basement.  Well now it’s time to add some furniture.  Currently the furniture in our basement is less than stellar (can’t complain over hand-me downs) due to the lack of funds and abundance of existing furniture. I’m finding creative ways to make the space appealing.  Thanks to some insights from All Things Thrifty and her thousands of amazing furniture transformations I mustered up some courage to attempt to transform an end table.

I found this end table at Goodwill for $3.50 (sorry I suck at capturing the entire process- this picture is actually after sanding, and taken from my phone- but hopefully you get the idea).

The table seemed simple and straight-forward, which was ideal for the “man’s room.” So I sanded it down, just enough to rough it up.  Took a can of Rustoleum white primer to it.

Than I went to town using the paint that was left over from the basement.  The paint was a close out (Fresh Air brand) from Home Depot, and unfortunately they printed “Custom Color” on the label…seriously, it had a name with a card when I asked you to mix it Mr. Paint stir man. I digress.  A few coats of the, we’ll say mustard color then left to dry overnight.

Phase 2 was to mix some black acrylic paint with Ralph Lauren Glaze- brush on, then wipe off.  All things thrifty has a few video tutorials for you to follow. I made the mistake of using a dry rag, which pulled some of the yellow paint off.  I also made the mistake of putting too much on and taking too long in between putting the glaze on and wiping it off.  Either way it meets my first time expectations. The husband liked it, so that really was a blue ribbon in my book 🙂

Here’s a functional shot where you can see it in context with our existing mismatched furniture.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

If anyone has ideas for recovering an avocado green recliner, tan leather love seat, and dark green/cranberry plaid recliner couch…you have my complete attention.  Small budget/big ideas is my approach.  Not to mention the double recliner couch will stay in the basement till I die, it’s a beast to move!



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