New Do!

My little man has been blessed with a head FULL of hair since birth.  The day before Easter we decided the mullet was getting out of control for the 4th time.  What we contemplated was taking him to a barber and getting it chopped to have a real boy haircut….but I just could bring myself to do that.  Instead the husband and I set up a makeshift barber shop in our kitchen.  I asked Brent to get everything ready and see if he would freak out at the sound of the clippers.  The result a perfectly amused 13.5 month old little man sitting perfectly still for us to clip away! (I trimmed a bit on top too with a scissors so the little man could see again).  He sat through it pretty good.  About 3/4 the way through we had to bribe him with jelly beans, other than that everything went good 🙂


After: (Front)


the Evidence:


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