Like rescuing a puppy from shelter {recoverring a stool}

A few weeks ago I was forced to go to an estate sale by my inability to turn down a good deal.  I guess I went a little unprepared for 7 sheds and a huge house full all the random stuff that I easily could find a home for.  A few treasures were unearthed as I strolled through the corners of a cobwebbed shed only to reveal this lonely little puppy.

She needed a bath and a little love, certainly something I could give her.  Just a note to any novice estate sale shoppers, if you go towards the end of the estate sale everything is marked down an additional 50%, so this little treasure was merely $1.  I could love her! Do you see the potential?

Being inspired by blog world, I thought I’d try my hand at re-upholstering her (don’t laugh if you are an expert and you don’t think this even qualifies as re-upholstery, in my mind this ranks up there with sewing…SCARY, but eager to try).  Pulling together a few tools I removed her beastly coat and foam cover, which equates to pulling out staples. WAY easier than I thought.

I gathered my coupons and headed to Jo-Anns where I hit up the remnant section (additional 50% off fabric under 1 yard), and used my 50% off to find a small piece of foam for the seat. In order to make sure the foam was the correct size I placed the nasty old one on top and traced with a sharpie.  Then I took my rotary cutter to cut the foam circle seat.  (Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect).

Then I took my fabric (Cream Home Decor remnant) and placed flat on the floor.  I placed the foam cutout on top of my naked stool and turned upside down on top of the fabric.  I cut my fabric into a square, large enough to pull to the underside of the stool.  Then grabbed the handy-dandy staple gun and the adventure begins.  The key is to pull it tight enough, but also have the tension consistent throughout the diameter of the stool.  I only had on problem, my fabric was a hair short on one side (which of course I was too embarrassed to show and wasn’t even going to tell you, but my guilt overruled the dishonesty in me). After the staple gun reached a cease-fire, I trimmed down the excess fabric hanging around the stool legs.

Better? yes, done? No.  She needed a touch of accessorizing (at least to cover my mishap).  Enter Brown fold-over ribbon.  Again a near mishap as I thought I didn’t get enough.  Thankfully the husband rescued the dansel in distress.  I used my E-6000 adhesive to attach the ribbon, and then (per the husbands suggestion) added stick pins to hold the ribbon in placed while I stretched her out to close the measly gap that remained.  Let her rest overnight to dry and adhere properly. By morning I could take out the pins and she was ready…

She’s much more loveable now, don’t you think?  I’m kind of feeling like she needs a cute bottom now…what do you think, dress up her legs, or leave them naked?!

Here’s a few other gems I found at the estate sale (in addition to a miniature trunk and old-fashioned metal wagon, and a few other random things)! The metal tool box and metal cups are home to my new herb garden.

Total spent: $22. I can’t help it I’m addicted to thrift (and crafty DIY projects).  This weekend is citywide rummage sales which is better that me having an All U Can Eat chocolate buffet for free.  HEAVEN- not to mention I get to spend a day without child in-tow with 2 fabulous girls!  (wee bit excited) Hallelujah!

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