pull out your beads- it’s a party

Diesel (the neglected son) turned 3 in April.   As you can see he could hardly contain his excitement!

He’s mellowed some, but many days he sulks in the sweet life of complete attention that he USED to have.  You might sense the nagging jealousy that begs your love.  In truth, he is and always will be my first-born.  I love him as a child.  He comforts me when I’m sad and gets giddy with our excitement.  We are blessed to have such a beautiful pet who overflows with an easy-going personality (rare for his breed).  We may have gotten a bit more than we bargained for with his size (Truth be told, Weimaraner are not all a medium-sized dog), he makes up for with his intelligence (super easy to train) and cuddliness (He might weigh 100 lbs, but he still likes to snuggle up on your lap if you let him).

Happy 3rd birthday Diesel. Looking forward to many more 🙂


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