This is a lesson in family.  Currently our son is the youngest member of my husband’s family.  Which equates to the title for this post! Despite my best motherly intentions to develop healthy habits, I woke up to my son having pudding for breakfast.

The kid’s eating habits are pickier than a burdock, but he certainly has a hankering for sweets.  In the days leading up to Easter we practiced finding Easter Eggs.  He learned that if he shook them there was candy (Jelly Beans) which also led to something sweet to eat.  While he may not have been overly enthusiastic to find too many eggs, he sure enjoyed shaking them, better yet was getting to the goods.

While our time was short we managed to meet up with the crew of friends.  The Easter Egg hunt was held at a local church, so we crammed into a pew with all the kids anxious to begin the hunt. We were entertained by kids singing which clearly captured little mans’ attention.  can’t you just see the wheels turning?!? (Gotta say I love his side profile, shows off his adorable cheeks)

And nothing quite shows the joy of being with the family than saying “cheese” while crawling across the table.

Even Diesel enjoyed game night with the nieces and nephews.  One of the few times he was allowed to have a seat at the table.

In our attempt to un-teach the less desired behaviors while visiting (really just an over abundance of sweets and the inability to do wrong) we are blessed to share the time with family!  The egg might be getting rotten, but there is enough sweetness to go around 🙂

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