Cover with Cuteness

This past weekend was city-wide rummage sales, as always I find things I was expecting, I’ll share more on that later.

Our house will never be featured in any magazine because I can’t keep up with the clutter that seems to pile up by the minute.  One of the areas that drives me bonkers is the laundry/downstairs bathroom.  It’s the only bathroom on the first floor, located just off from our kitchen.  It’s also the husbands bathroom for getting ready in the morning.  Granted it needs a bit of a color enhancement, but the first thing you see when walking into the bathroom is…

…well usually it’s not my son digging in the washer while singing (but that’d be fun), instead you are more likely to see the cluttered shelves filled with stuff.  It’s stuff that is handy to have in that location, and I’m not that super excited about finding cute and functional ways to organize the stuff.  So my solution is to cover it with something cute. The space is a bit challenging b/c you can see that the washer door opens up just wide enough to load, but hits the toilet.  If it was something that would be in the way all the time,  the husband would surely not play along.  Hence the inspiration for this project.

All the materials I used for this were purchased at garage sales.  Scrap green fabric was in a bag of random material ($1.50 for the bag), pretty white pleated fabric with pockets ($1), shower curtain rod ($0.50).  I had about a 1/2 yard of the green fabric.  I began by folding over a 1″ hem on either side, pinned then sewed using a plain old straight stitch (if you don’t sew the iron on hem would work too).

Of course nothing is possible without the help of my little man! The switching of dials and falling off his stool and landing on the foot pedal while I was sewing made things a little more interesting.

Once the sides were finished I folded over the top to make a 2 1/2 inch opening for the shower curtain rod.  I finished it off with a 1/4 inch hem on the bottom.  I slid the shower curtain rod through the opening on top and adjusted to the opening above the washer and dryer.

With my husbands assistance (thanks babe) I pinned the pleated white fabric with crocheted trim and embellishments to the green valance.  I proceeded to hand stitch the white fabric, but after further consideration I would suggest using safety pins (save time?!) Now I recognize that a pretty white pleated fabric with pockets isn’t something you’d easily find everyday.  An old apron, doilies, or table runners might be good alternatives.

The pockets will come in handy to hide hold more stuff. I thought the old-fashioned clothes pins added a bit-o-charm.

The reveal

cluttered shelves, covered with cuteness.  The entire project cost less than $2 and I completed the project in less that 2 hours. Mission accomplished.

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