Fresh {Summer Mantel}

In my pre-surgery list  I put a huge emphasis on changing out all the decor, for several reasons.
1.  I was already bored with the Spring decor, 6 more months would be painful for me.
2.  I needed to be a good patient.  Knowing my physical limitations after surgery, this could not be accomplished by me during recovery.  and…
3.  I love my husband dearly, but he build things and I decorate.  Asking him to decorate would require him to turn in his man card.  Plus I’m not the best at communicating my ideas to him…we just think differently.

With all that said, I wanted something fresh, relaxing, and simple.  I also give myself rules that I cannot spend more than $10. I gathered an assortment of things I had: Mason jars (both blue and clear), shells, vases, wooden crates, fabric remnants, wood, candles, even left over projects from a summer school class I taught years ago.  This project usually creates a huge mess as I work through my creativity.

The result:

I began with my larger focal pieces (crate, apothecary jars) filling in with different heights, and textures while maintaining a sense of balance. All of the items used were things I’ve accumulated mostly from thrift stores or garage sales.

(I made the sign with a scrap of wood, white acrylic paint and a laser cutter- this was a project at a summer camp I taught several years ago.  You could easily do something similar with a stencil or vinyl die cuts)

The white sand and various candles were left over from our wedding. The shells were a find at an estate sale a few months ago- HUGE bag for maybe $2. The shell looking thing inside the apothecary jar is actually dried fungus from a potpourri mix I picked up at a recent rummage sale for .25 cents (remainder of the mix is in the other apothecary jar on left side)

Fill in with jars and vases of various sizes, spread the shells out so they look scattered and you have yourself a summer mantel. 🙂 little cost, huge satisfaction!

I plan to pick some fresh blooms from the garden to put on either side in the galvanized buckets, but that would require it to stop raining.  The blooms needs some love from the sun!ll.

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4 responses to “Fresh {Summer Mantel}

  1. very pretty.
    I have wanting something “fresh” for my entryway…I may have to use some of your ideas.

  2. This is so pretty! I love the mix of the glass with the galvanized metal! And the crate was a great way to add height!

  3. Nice- I agree, it is very FRESH feeling. Pull up an adirondeck chair, throw some sand on the floor and you’ll be set! 🙂 Very cute.

  4. I just never get tired of blue glass jars in coastal style decor. Love your display!

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