Dear Mr. Busybody,

Today you turned 15-months-old and each day with you is becoming more of a whirlwind of activity.  You are learning new things by leaps and bounds.  Your personality shines as you continue to be a happy-go-lucky little man who is becoming less of a momma’s boy (I’ll explain why further on).  We’ve had a few new adventures this month.

To begin to understand just how busy you really are, here’s a glimpse of (less than) 5 minutes in your life this last month.

As you can see you LOVE being outdoors.  A day inside is punishment. No fancy toys necessary (although you may have a future as a golfer) you find so many ways to entertain yourself.  So busy you are!

Your affinity for sweets has continued to stem into an epidemic of picky eating for your parents that could go away at any time.  Maybe we should go back and hide healthy snacks in eggs so you can find and shake them to your hearts content before begging mom and dad to open them so you can scarf them down “MMM.” I know  Easter was technically over a month ago, but here’s the sequence of learning bad habits.



(Get Chased)

(Beg mercifully for sweetness)

And because you look so adorable in the dazed-blank-stare-while-contemplating-your-degree-of-sleepiness, which is usually at 9:30 AM; 2:30 PM or 7:30 PM, I felt the need to stick in one more picture.   Not to mention you are styling my favorite plaid pants!

You definitely are an observer.  Sometimes you need to fend for yourself a bit as you watch and learn rather than approach a situation.  Generally speaking, you play well with other kids. A common toy that is wanted by another can easily be given up for another distraction.  And when it comes to food, you are always willing to share.  Diesel might not be your biggest fan most of the time, unless there is food involved. In which case Diesel preys on you like a wild tiger- without any sort of viciousness of course!

You have created a game of tag out of this by showing Diesel your food then running in the opposite direction with your arm outstretched leading him on.  Only to have him catch up to you and either you bury the food deep in your hand so he can’t get it, or you eat it yourself.

There are times he snatches it from you without your approval…which leads to a flood of tears and curled bottom lip.  A true temper tantrum may rear its head, which includes your entire-body shakes, fingers spread, and a dramatic bend in the knees and waist so you scream to the floor.  This may be followed by a “runaway” to another room (for a while it was the garbage can in the bathroom) where you continue to “freak out.” More and more you find a way to do something naughty then look back to see the reaction you get.

You are still a pretty cuddly kid, known for your hugs and open mouth kisses.

(Diesel never allows this for very long, but thankfully dog cousin Dell was willing to entertain the hug long enough for me to get a picture).

I can already sense your life flashing before my eyes when you get all dressed up.  You are such a handsome little man…

…even with a handful of chocolate.

There are times when you just plain wake up on the wrong side of the bed, complete with some serious bed head!

There have been some challenges this month too.  Just last week you decided to cut 4 teeth all at the same time which brought on the runny noses, cough, drooling, and a little more trouble sleeping.  The weeks preceding the actual teething brought out the worst (& only) diaper rash you’ve ever had.  Your timing couldn’t have been any worse because your mom was out of commission.  Two weeks ago she had a hefty shoulder surgery (on her right shoulder) which put a crimp in her ability to care for you (& herself).  The mundane tasks of changing diapers, getting you dressed, putting you into your crib, even feeding you were all responsibilities that dad had to take over.  For the first few days you stayed at Grandma & Grandpa’s house to give mom some rest and allow dad to taker care of her.  When you returned home our cuddle time was limited to reading books on my lap in the recliner.  You slowly have transitioned to become a daddy’s boy. In fact you are slowly learning my limitations- in some ways it’s good and others not so good.  When you greet me in my chair you’ve learned to come to the left side so I can pick you up.  On the other hand when you ventured off to the neighbor’s yard yesterday, I was too far a way to catch up quickly enough and you knew it. You’d look back and snicker while continuing to RUN ( yes run) in the opposite direction.  Little stinker!

I’ll close with a video of that little run.  Watch your left arm get just a churning away, and add a few high steps in just to make sure you don’t trip.  It only took one good toe stubbing with sandals before you realized you gotta pick your feet up on certain terrains.

Lastly, we continue to work on signing to communicate.  We started it a little late in the game.  You have done “more” “milk” and calling Diesel by patting your chest.  I was hoping that was “please,” but when I noticed that I pat my leg when I call the dog, that he was just imitating me to get the dog’s attention.

These past 15 months have been the best 15-months EVER!  You ROCK little man!
Love You More-
Mom 🙂


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