Little man’s art work

When you don’t see or hear your little man, always go check on him immediately.  Why? Because you may end up finding this….

Somehow he reached the Desitin container and was able to get the lid off.  When we discovered him he was so proud and excited to show us his hands….

He had traces of it everywhere… in his hair, on his elbow, a few dabs on his shirt, a glob on his lip, and interestingly  a huge smudge on his bare belly yet his clothes were nearly spotless.  Apparently, he liked the way it squished between his hands…

I captured his masterpiece as the husband tried to clean him off. I think his floor art turned out nicely.  I’m just glad he decided to do this on the hardwood instead of the carpet.  I might even to to print and frame his first masterpiece.

In the grand scheme of things, I couldn’t even be upset with him.  I was almost proud.   He was totally entertained and was merely exploring his creative juices.  It could have been worse, like permanent marker.  Always trying to keep things in perspective.

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One response to “Little man’s art work

  1. jan

    Hey Gal, those were awesome picture you capture of Caleb voyage in the Destin jar. You differently will do great as a photographer! He is such a doll baby or little guy. He is growing so fast! Hello to all! Love, Jan

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