Sticky Fingers

There are few things my son will eat.  Can you guess which 1, of the 5 things he’ll eat, is his favorite?

Chocolate pudding (along with total cereal, corn puffs, popcorn and yogurt if we’re lucky).  This is not the diet I want him eat.  We are trying a few things to broaden his food horizons.  He gets 3 different foods at every meal- one always being something bland like cereal or crackers, the others being something we are eating.  We try to include him in all of our meals, and other than a few moments to tend to him, we try to not pay him too much attention while eating.  I’m finding that if I watch him eat and ask him to try things he’s less likely to try the food.  If we ignore him he at least takes a few bites without us “noticing.”  He’s a bit of an entertainer- bedtime is another whole story that I’m too frustrated to appreciate at this point.


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