40,000 views {Announcement & Giveaway}

I snuck on tonight to update with a fun little post about my latest creation and noticed I hit the 40,000 viewers mark.  Considering this is completely a hobby and creative outlet, I was pretty impressed.  Throughout the life of this blog, things have ebbed and flowed.  Wedding planning kicked this blog into high gear a few years ago, then a vacation, pregnancy, and now life with little man.  I have occasionally let my creativity show with scrapbooking, photography, decorating, crafting, other various DIY projects.

So with this post I’d like to say thank you to my many readers, of whom many I’ve never met, for “hanging out” with me.  So first the announcement.  I have decided that my creative life needs a place and while I do sneak it in here from now and then it seems a bit too random.  This blog was created and always intended for me.  It’s been an ever-growing journal of life that I can reflect come back to remind myself later how it once was.  I’ve used my blog to help track things in our life that eventually make their way into a scrapbook.  Starting July 18, 2011 most of my creative juices will be featured at Fostering a Creative Life (fosteringacreativelife.com)

So quick, jump over to my new site for my very first giveaway! It’s hip, it’s beachy and totally functional 🙂

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