Our summer wrapped up in the excitement of a 17-month-boy

I feel like we flipped the calendar to August and we realized we better quick enjoy summer before it’s over.  This summer has been SO much fun with little man.  When we learned our Day Care provider was retiring and finding a new one mid-summer would be tricky, we opted to allow for Daddy Daycare.  I’ve known my husband a long time and I didn’t think his patience would make it, boy was I a bit shocked when the one rolling out of bed early wasn’t him (he’s totally the early bird), but yours truly.  The summer list of things to do seemed saturated with projects that didn’t allow for a little man to help.  Needless to say, I begged and prodded enough to get my trellis and garden path in the raised bed.

Apparently little man has a future as a foreman.  It amazes me how he will watch you do something and 30 seconds later he’s trying it to- with moderate success.  Brent climbed up a ladder, Caleb was right behind him.  Brent was moving stone around, Caleb came over to help, even holding the wood planks for the trellis- Caleb was reaching to help hold them up.  I’ll say that he does have a keen sense of observation and I need to be careful what he witnesses 😉

That was about the only project we checked off the list.  Beyond that summer was a whole lot of playing and swimming.  Caleb runs, dances and jumps quite well.  Oh and climbs up slides…

Doesn’t matter if it’s on land or in water.  I wasn’t lying when I said he was observant.  As if this small slide wasn’t bad enough we have added a swing-set to our yard with a big slide, and we’ve already caught him at the top after climbing UP the slide.  While he’s a thinker, once he’s got something figured out he’s not afraid to try it.  I’ve almost had a few heart attacks as he attempted to go down the stairs from the deck to patio like a big person.  Thankfully I caught him before he landed.  He thought it was funny, I needed to sit down!

Most of the time we are completely entertained.  He still carries about 20 different expressions in his back pocket and it’s always a surprise as to which one he’ll flash!


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