Preparing for You {pregnancy}

Dear Little Miss Bea,

On Saturday we will celebrate our 38th week together and already the doctor is talking about inducing me.  Based on your brother’s late arrival, I assume you two schemed up a plan!  Either way I wanted to catch you up on the fun and crazy memories we’ve shared over the last few months!

First of all, we know you are a girl.  This news has un-ravelled a sequence of events.While your dad and I have decided on a name months ago, we’re trying to keep some elements of surprise.  In light of this we have thrown out lots of unlikely possibilities (Gertrude, Juanita, and our favorite Beatrice).  Somehow Beatrice has stuck and thus you are now being referred to as “Little Miss Bea.”  Only your brother and dad are calling you by name on occasion.

Your brother is more versed in “baby” than your actual name.  He believes you are my belly button.  In the first half of the pregnancy he’d lift my shirt and show you off, thankfully he’s taking up just pointing to my belly now.  Although he has no shame in showing off his “baby” by lifting his shirt, and has even lifted the shirts to show some bare belly of the girls at daycare.  Boys – you never know what they might do. We are sharing stories and introducing him to other babies.  He seems very excited to see and hold other babies, so I’m very eager for you 2 to meet.

Your room is almost complete.  We have a few finishing touches to add, which will likely wait until your arrival so we can include your name and portraits to the wall.  I’m very excited that you will have a very chic room that is un-traditional for most nursery decor.  While we converted the guest room into your new room, it really was my room in terms of closet and storage.  This forced me to purge the closet to create some shared space.  Based on the start of your wardrobe, this may be an issue of contention in future years.

You have been kind on your mom, and surrendered her the agony of morning sickness.  You often remind me of what I should or should not be eating (or you really want me to drink mil), as often I am struck with  unbearable heartburn following a few triggered foods.  We had one major concern in January where I was rushed to the emergency room with chest pains.  What they thought was a pulmonary embolism (Blood clot in the lung) was ruled out later that day with a CT scan.  Thankfully we were okay and moving on.  Several weeks ago I got to see you again thanks to an Ultrasound.  While I was measuring small, you certainly were not to blame.  At 34 weeks an average baby weighs 4 – 4.5 lbs and you were almost 6 lbs.  The ultrasound tech was a bit taken back by the length of your leg bones.  She thought you and might be tall like your mommy. Unfortunately you were positioned sideways into my pelvis so I wasn’t able to see your face.  To date we have been pretty sensible and I have done a much better job being aware of my weight and exercise (we’re still under the recommended weight gain, unlike the near 65 lbs I gained with your brother).  Fortunately the unseasonably warm weather has kept us outside on walks and playing outside more than we might typically do during a normal March in Wisconsin.  This has resulted in some swelling of the ankles and relentless hot flashes.  I can’t say my maternity wardrobe was prepared for summer attire in March!  We’re getting by and enjoying every drop of sunshine we can.

There are so many things that I am curiously waiting to learn.  Will you have a full head of hair like your brother?  How about your demeanor and personality- laid back and relaxed, or more of the high maintenance type?  Mommy’s or daddy’s girl?  High-fashion or Sports?  Who will you look like?  Will you break the myth of second child characteristics, or make your daddy yearn for a 3rd just like you?

In just 2 short weeks we will meet in person and you will shape a whole new chapter of our life story.  Rest up little Bea, because you are in for one exciting adventure!
Love you more,

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