The Honey-moon bucket list trip {5 year edition}

2013 will mark 5 years of marriage, which is quite entertaining since that is how this whole blog thing got started, in a big ball of wedding planning and life.  And here I am 5 years later with 2 kids an average of 2.7 blog posts per year, and the ambition of a 3-toed sloth.  To revitalize our life and jump start my once monthly tradition, I’ve decided the husband and I need a trip. A vacation of sorts where we can do things that we really want to do.  I’m calling it our bucket list trip / 5 year honeymoon.  Now before you get all hyped up and thinking we are so romantic, let me warn you Bora-Bora and Europe will need to wait for a raise.  Instead we’re hitting up Montana in winter. Given my husbands lack of travel experience and my moderate travel experience,  we decided this needed to be a trip where we could experience all kinds of new stuff together!

So what does a 5 year bucket list honeymoon include?  No kids, a amtrack excursion (first for both of us), a dinner in a yurt (first for both), skiing in the mountains of Montana (I’ve skiid in the Mountains, but not in Montana), and a dog sled ride (first for both).  And just to add something romantic to the mix, we are trying to find a place to stay with an outdoor hot tub and hope for snow while we are there!

We are headed to Whitefish, MT.  Any other ideas to add to the pre-existing mix?  Any suggestions on where to stay? Where should we eat?  Where’s the best place for a sunrise?  Best brew or local establishment to explore?  We’re game for anything.


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