About is a funny word…and with a Wisconsin dialect it sounds like AB-BOWT. About this Blog….This blog was created to share thousands of ways I enjoy life everyday.  It was never intended to be a mommy-blog, but my little man truly puts things into perspective in my life.  From time to time you’ll see the creative side of my come out…be patient.

About me…Here in Wisconie, life is good.  I have a husband whose cute, goofy, handy, and trustworthy.  Together we have a 2 children.  Our human son Caleb, and his big brother Diesel (our dog-son).  I am the only girl with 3 brothers whose families keep growing every year, 3 nieces and a nephew (2 days younger than my son) all so adorable I spend most of my time admiring and taking their pictures. My mom and dad- who continue to carry a legacy of love, compassion and dedicate time to what they love.  All of this is within a hop, skip and a jump from where I live.  Some days that’s nice, but I still like to get out and explore.

I’m known as the Sunshine Queen. It’s not just self-proclaimed it was assigned.  Here’s the story if your interested- if not skip to the next paragraph. Summers from Junior year of high school to Junior year of college I was a camp counselor.  We would have 1 or 2 weeks with kids and then some days off followed by kitchen or maintinence duty.  One maintainence we were required to wear walkie-talkies.  Thus we were all given CB names.  At the time I was fascinated with the color yellow, and sunshine (still a fan of both!)  I also was more of tomboy in those days, so my hairstyle consisted of a ponytail or it was chopped shorter, and sleep was more of a neccessity in the morning than make up.  Somehow I ended up with Sunshine Queen and it stuck (although there were days on staff when I totally was the cloud princess).  It seemed to almost be an oxymoron for me at first, but I do tend to be pretty cheerful and full of energy, so as more people heard my new name the more it seemed to catch on.  Not really that exciting of a story.

Almost a decade later, my husband and I met.  We were secretly set up and neither of us were too interested.  We kept in touch, and within a few months we were on our first road trip .  He became much more attractive when I learned he had a Harley.  I think he asked me to marry him because I begged to go to Sturgis on a Sportster, then I convinced him to buy a bigger bike while we were out there! “The Mistress” is the one woman who can have my husband, in fact I won’t let him get rid of her!

I travel…it’s a way of life for me, or it should be.  I like exploring and finding new adventures and discoveries.  I run, scrapbook, and sleep when I can.  I  picked up a book one day and started reading…I’m not an avid reader, but I like doing it from time to time and love having “book club” with my friends.  You can see a bookshelf my reads on Goodreads.com.  I want to write a book, maybe someday I’ll get to it.  I started writing it about 4 years ago, I’m still in the first chapter of the rough draft. There are so many other things that I choose to do, so likely I’ll never finish it!

I smile a lot, laughing is my favorite form of exercise.  Yellow is a happy color.  I was kind of a tomboy growing up and spent most of my time with boys,  about 10 years ago I “became girlier.” Now, I’m  a mom whose hit the 30 year milestone- things are different.  I like being a woman now.  Secretly (and sometimes publicly) I pretend to be 4.  I like to dance and be goofy.  I don’t mind acting like a fool in front of complete strangers….cause it sometimes makes them smile, and that makes me happy. I wouldn’t say I’m the life of the party, or that life is a party- but I certainly make sure to have fun along the way.

The most amazing day of my life was the day my son was born, he makes my heart smile everyday…if life would let me ,I’d have 12 children, but I think the husband might fight me on that one! The second best day was after I left a rough relationship with a man who I realized didn’t deserve me! I kicked his ass in a marathon 3 months later.  That still is the fastest marathon I’ve ever ran (4:28).  So far I’ve run 7 marathons…not really sure why.

I’m a determined Do-It-Yourself kind of girl.  I thrive on creativity- you can check it out at Fostering a Creative Life.  I like to take pictures, so I started a Photography business (Little~d~Tales…check it out here or here). Hats make life so much easier.  Some days there is nothing better than lounging in a comfy over-sized sweatshirt and PJ Pants, while eating ice cream and watching Grey’s Anatomy marathon.  It’s hard to find a job that let’s me do that! If you know of one let me know!


3 responses to “About

  1. Emma

    I very much enjoyed reading your site. I am very interested in both the palamino coloured bridesmaid dresses you show – they are both beautiful. You mention they are available from netbride but unfortunately I can’t fine them. Do you have any idea who the designer is for either? Many thanks in advance for you help!
    Best wishes,

  2. Kerri Tennie

    LOVE reading your posts! You have the best way of writing and such a love for life!!!!

  3. Bri


    This is a bit of a random question, but I wondered if you ended up using the After Six dresses in your wedding in Palomino? If so, do you know if any of your bridesmaids still have their’s and would be willing to sell them? With only three weeks until a friend’s wedding I am finding myself no longer able to fit into the dress I’ve had for a bit and need to get a new one (if for nothing more than the fabric). Great blog, by the way. Please respond if you have a chance. Thanks, Bri!

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