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6 months later..

Little Miss Mae,

Tomorrow we will celebrate 6 months of your life.  If I could use one phrase to define who you are it would be One Happy Baby!

I haven’t been so religious about blogging your developments, but I’ve been doing my best to capture them along the way.  We have mastered the art of rolling over at 3 months, rolling both ways by 4 months and now you pretty much steamroll your way around the house.  There’s not a toy or object in the house you haven’t tasted, including your hands.  Your fingers are still long enough to touch the back of your throat, which makes you gag, but you’ll repeat it a few times just to make sure.  Just 2 weeks ago we added the title of “sitter” to your resume, and are currently exploring life on all fours (as opposed to your belly & back).  Despite the rolls from your chin to your ankles you are incredibly strong and are hoisting yourself up on to your hands and knees on a regular basis and rocking back and forth.  Seems we might add Crawling to our title sooner than later.

I alluded to your gorgeous physique, you are living up to the name of “chunky monkey” with the most adorable cheeks and rolls filling your legs.  At 6 months you are 7 pounds lighter than your 2 1/2-year-old brother.  The 3-6 months wardrobe is long gone and the 6 month wardrobe is looking like it might be short-lived.  You aren’t so fond of multiple outfit changes.  Getting dressed is like a bad habit that we have to coach you through every day. Your long brown hair, with reddish tints, is growing faster than I know how to style.  I have invested in all sorts of “pretties” to show off your beautiful face and lovely locks of hair.  Baby hair is not my forte, but here are several attempts….

We are still breastfeeding (insert mom’s smile here- she made her goal) and have a nice little stock pile built up for hopefully a few more months.  You are a good eater, but really only on your terms.  Unlike your brother the whole spoon thing is really getting in the way of your food.  You are less than impressed with Rice Cereal and Oatmeal.  You are onto veggies, but really you prefer the wash cloth afterwards more than any of the food.  The pesky teeth are taking FOREVER to break through!

In terms of personality you are indeed The Sunshine Princess (naturally the offspring to the Sunshine Queen).  You are so easily entertained, and full of smiles and belly laughs, yes belly laughs! Rolling, talking and finding ways to entertain yourself at all hours of the day (and night) is how you roll!  I can’t even begin to describe the relationship you have with your big brother.  You light up at the sight of his face.  The rougher and crazier he is the more you smile and laugh.  He makes sure you get plenty of hugs and kisses everyday.  I am amazed at the genuine relationship you have established in this quick 6 months.  I hope as you read this 10 years from now you can appreciate each other the same way! On a similar note, you and Diesel are starting to get to know each other a bit better too.  Diesel’s starting to catch on to your affinity for kisses.  Your dad is already fretting the days of boys seeing how much you love kisses.

While you totally are laid-back and easy-going, you still like to buck the system and make we all know whose really running this house.  Up until 5 months we were pretty blessed with a “Baby who sleeps through the night” (True Story).  In the past months you’ve discovered when you wake up at 4 AM, you get all the attention.  Bright eyed and bushy-tailed you might be, but I’m pretty sure you’ve taken the wind out of dad and my sail.  We prefer sleeping until at least 6 AM if you could arrange that again, we’d really appreciate it.  Name the bribe and I’ll totally make it happen.

As we turn the page to month 6 I look forward to new adventures.  Life has spiked its way into overdrive and I’m desperately treading water trying to keep up.  Each day has provided me with new opportunities to nourish your mind and soul.  Your amazing smile and personality have been so inspiring and add such joy to our lives.

Good Night Princess.   Dream big.   I’ll see you in the morning!

Love you More,
Mom 🙂


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Damn Coffee

The cup of absolutely delicious coffee was such a good idea around 6 PM, but right now (12:07 AM) not so much.  I thought I’d post on how I function most of the time- completely random and unrelated sequence of events.

Since the last post was about me, I’ll start with a little on Little Man- it’s been almost a week.  This morning he was up and at ’em around 5:30 AM.  Seeing how the husband is much more of a morning person he tended to his needs while I slept.  I had just cleaned out the 3-6 month clothes and a my husband noticed an outfit in the pile to get packed away.  He could resist putting this outfit on him one more time, and I couldn’t resist one more 6 month photo shoot.  He’s so darn happy when I woke up at 6 it was irresistible.

The outfit actually came with a du-rag and jean jacket with the Harley Patch on in (which is also one the back pocket of the jeans) but the photo shoot really had enough black and orange!  Little Man LOVES the camera…I pull it out he smiles.  On that note, I did something similar on Sunday.  You might notice the excessive drooling, looks like he takes after his father after all! Oops did I just say that out loud…er, type that…you know what I mean 🙂

Of course the second I get the camera out, the photogenic dog wants to take part too.  What can I say, Little Man and Diesel are more like brothers than I originally thought.  Caleb plays with his food instead of eating it, Diesel eats everyone’s food and it’s never a game. Diesel licks Caleb’s face, little man pulls his ears.  They fight over who gets to play with each others toys and who gets mom and dad’s attention first and longest.  But at the end of the day, Diesel is one gentle giant of a big brother who puts up with a lot!

Speaking of Diesel- he’s on a diet.  He gained 7 lbs since April, (which to dogs is like 25 lbs to humans) so he and I are both joining weight watchers.  Not really but we’re both tracking our food intake to make sure we aren’t getting to many treats.  We’ve stocked up on vegetables since they are okay for both of us.

Speaking of that, my new favorite iPod App is My Fitness Pal.  It’s my tool for losing weight and tracking all the particular things that are kind of important in order to lose another 5-7 lbs.  It’s a free app that allows you to type in any food you’ve eaten and it has a library of food to choose from whether homemade or at a specific restaurant.  So for example tonight I had a Cheddarwurst and a salad.  Type those items in and I get a complete nutritional profile of each food item.  To set up the profile I get to enter some information about myself (Age, weight, etc) and my activity level, goal weight and it calculates how many calories I get per day in order to reach my goal weight by my desired date.  It also has a similar function to enter any exercise I do….which should be more seeing how I’m running a half marathon this weekend.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

My husband has received his Master’s, which I’ll take partial credit for since I was the Editor in Chief for his thesis.  I’m currently working on my thesis since I took a break while on maternity leave.  My research study is “adults perceptions on youth technology use and it’s impact on the educational setting.”  I’ll be looking for a few Middle School Parents to participate in a survey, which I’ll post on my blog if you fit the criteria and be so kinds I’d REALLY appreciate it!  Just waiting for the final approval from the IRB board before I can start collecting data!  No stress here 😉  As you can see, my son definitely learns from example, and likely has more computer skills than most of his relatives.

In the event you enjoy watching long distance running (I’d compare it to watch the most exciting paint you’ve ever seen dry on a wall) you are welcome to cheer me on at the Fox Cities Half Marathon on Sunday.  As always, my training has pretty much been non-existent.  But I did manage to get a 5-miler in this week, and a few 2-3 milers in the past 2 weeks so I probably have about 13 miles under my training belt, I’ll be good.  After a 3 year hiatus from running races, I’m pretty pumped and quite shocked that I’ll be running a half just 6-months after the birth of my son.  I know you are dying to come cheer me on- so check out the race details here.

My parents left today for Thailand were they will vacation for the next 15 days.  My dad’s first time headed over the big lake.  We hosted a Thai exchange student so they will be meeting up with her during their stay.  I just realized that they likely won’t have their cell phones on over there, so not talking to my mom for 15 days is going to be really weird.  I did get a call just before they boarded that they got AWESOME seats…for a 12 hour flight, I don’t know if an awesome airplane seat exists.  I just did a search on a few places they are going to see and here’s what I found…

They’ll start in Bangkok to get a taste of the city and meet up with Toon.  I’m curious of their impression. It sounds like you’ll either love it or hate it.  The next few destinations will be more their style

(Bridge over the River Kwai) sound familiar.  It was made famous after a movie documented the bridge being built by POW during WWII who were captured by the Japanese.  It’s also in the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song “we didn’t start the fire

The land of Mai Pen Rai – pronounced “My pin rye”. According to a Thailand travel tips website, You will hear it many times before you get out of Thailand, often when something goes wrong or someone looses their cool. This simple phrase sums up life in Thailand and the attitude there in general. This famous attitude is what allowed them to keep their cool and get back on their feet after the devastating losses of the 2004 Tsunami.  There are lots of different opinions on the direct translation, but it literally means “no worries” or “its nothing“.  Really hoping my parents can bring back a little bit of that attitude and it will rub off on us in America 🙂 The picture is of the Erawon National Park, right up their alley.

On that note, I’m completely in need of a relaxing vacation and going to attempt to go back to bed.  (PS- it’s now 1:34 AM, hoping I’ll convince the coffee that I really am tired before 5 AM)

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Center of attention

While Little Man has taken the lime light in our life since his arrival, this weekend he also stole the hearts of many aunts, uncles, and cousins as we celebrated our annual labor day family weekend at Onaway Island.  I managed to sneak in a few action shots of others and apparently someone stole my camera for a few of me doing something physical (hard to come by these days). Here’s a few sequence of picture to play out the mean boys vs. girls badminton game we had going.

This was followed by the next generation of girls playing the guys…I should mention that there are so many flipping cousins in this family that there is sometimes there isn’t much age difference between the “generations”.

While I played a fierce game of badminton (we lost 21-19), others were off influencing my son!  Apparently, Caleb took a liking to beer bottles.  My Aunt Patti (er cousin?!?!) was taking a sip of her beer when Caleb got a serious grip on it and decided to have a taste (of the bottle, not the beer).  If his reaction and amazement by the beer bottle is any indication it looks as though his first word might be beer!

Essentially this weekend was meant for the family to get together from all over to have a fun-filled weekend where the adults and kids alike all manage to have a good time.  The next series of candid photos will offer a bit of insight as to how the weekend played out!

(This would be my 5 year-old niece pulling my 16 year-old cousin, my 8 year-old niece and my 2 1/2 year-old niece around the island in a wagon….can we say ambition!)

As you might imagine I hardly saw my son as he was quickly snuck out of my arms and passed around from person to person.  A nice little break and comfort knowing that he was always in good hands 🙂

While the weather was a bit cooler than years past (in fact this was the first time we had rain in 7 years- can’t complain about that) it gave me an opportunity to dress little man in a few adorable “Costumes” (as my brother would say)  to keep him warm, that he either didn’t fit into earlier or the warm summer didn’t cooperate with his wardrobe.  As you might gather we also discovered Caleb’s appreciation for Corn on the Cob.

As usual his personality shined through and everyone got to experience how happy, laid back, and fun it is to be around my little man.  He laughed and played in more people’s arms than I thought possible.  Little man was quite the social butterfly and trooper when it comes to roughing it, as we now have 2 camping experiences under our belt.  One via tent with big brother Diesel (where I forgot the camera and am still beating myself up about it) and one in cabin during low 60 degree weather.

Keep exploring little man, it’s a big world out there!  Thanks to all the family who offered a few kind words and snuggly arms to love up on my little man 🙂

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The greatest love I’ve ever known…

…turned 6 months today.  I never imagined how much my little man would consume my thoughts and emotions.  At 8:30 AM this morning I threw myself a little pity party desperately wanting to spend the day with my little man.  I overcame the temptation to rush home and scoop him up in my arms. I need to let him grow.  He’s already a pathetically cute momma’s boy, and I’m not even joking.  He could be screaming and as soon as I approach his wails turns to excitement and his arms are outstretched.  I could be in the other room talking to my mom and he’ll be all ” I know that you are in there” and poke his head about in search for his beloved!  There are times however, when I just need to take in all his emotions.  He has the most adorable face when he cries.  Unlike his cousin Keaton, you can completely predict when he’s ready to cry.  His eyes and nose get a hint of redness, his lower lip slowly curls and then he’ll exert his plea. Of course being the mom that I am, I want to make sure I have pictures of every moments, even his cries!

On the flip side there is nothing like the expression on his face when I walk into a room.  Today I went to pick him up from daycare and as soon as he heard and saw me his face lit up, grinning from ear to ear.  His legs started kicking continuously until he was in my arms.  This is typically followed by a bashful game of hiding his face and then checking to make sure I’m still there!  He continues to have the perfect personaility…or at least a very laid back!  He’s pretty content full of smiles and giggles.

Over the past few months we’ve been in a transition phase.  From breastfeeding to more and more solids…..from free flowing day to regular routines…..from falling asleep in his mom’s arms to having a specific 8 PM bed time which requires both him and mom adjust to his need to cry himself to sleep (thankfully we’re on night 3 of that and it’s down to less than 5 minutes before he calms himself).  And the most challenging for dad and I is the transition to full-time daycare.  With Brent returning to school we are no longer able to spend a few days loving up the little man!  He opted to not take on many extra jobs over the summer for the simple fact that he wanted to be a stay at home dad at least part-time.

The addition of solid foods has been somewhat entertaining.  The first few tastes of cereal brought on some goofy facial expression around 4 months, but nothing could beat the expression after taste testing some peas. Grimace, spit, Grimace again, stick out tongue and then even add a fake gagging sound for added drama! Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, bananas and Applesauce are his all time favorites at this point.  As you can see, he stole the spoon of green beans out of my hands tonight.

last night however, eating all that food was just too much.  Caleb took a good 30 minute nap in his high-chair.  I noticed his eyelids getting heavy and an increase in turning his head from side to side- Mid stream a wide open mouth attempt to down another spoonful of applesauce, his eyes closed.  Thankfully applesauce isn’t quite as messy, so I just let him be and chipped the crustiness of his chin later!

What continues to keep me in awe is his ever-growing curiosity.  He continues to be so alert and aware of his surroundings.  Tonight during his 6-month photo shoot (or attempt) he was way more interested in the peculiar surroundings on the porch (we rarely sit out there, so he needed to check it all out!).  He’ll see something and then focus in on it and won’t stop until it’s in his hands, er mouth actually.  He’s pulled his head forward to attempt to sit up since about 3 weeks old…now he is able to support himself into a sit all by himself!

These eyes steal my heart every time.  I love you little man, more than I ever imagined possible.

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