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Finding my voice

In the weeks leading up to my surgery we crammed as many projects in as possible. Well the surgery was Thursday and I’m on my way to recovery. So you can expect more frequent posts from me as I regain my ability to type.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a clip of my little man singing for your listening pleasure.


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Motherhood: the untold story

I never intended this blog to be a mommy-blog, just simple things that bring joy to my life.  Must say-little man has a lot to do with that…I digress.  Not all stories of motherhood make your heart flutter.   People who portray themselves in such a manner kind of make me want to throw up on them, just to throw a wrench into things.  This excerpt is strictly for your reading pleasure. 

My son has a nagging curiosity for the toilet, which creates some challenges.  Our first injury incident, little man was lifting the toilet seat and dropped it while his other hand was sitting on the toilet rim-Ouch!  Major mommy tears were displayed as guilt and sorrow overwhelmed me.  When the husband and I moved in together we made a rule immediately.  No matter who uses the toilet both the seat and the lid must be closed before you leave the bathroom.  This proved to be helpful when Diesel came into the picture because it prevented him from drinking the toilet water.  I learned last week that it’s even more important to keep the lid closed with little man.  A visitor (who will remain nameless) used our bathroom and left the seat up.  Little man found that splashing in toilet water is utterly exciting and was quite disappointed when he was removed from the situation…ok really he was PISSED.

Not only is he attracted to the toilet when it’s not in use, he also (maybe even more so) attracted to it when it is in use.  Not that you need to know my specific routine, but after a half hour drive home, greeting the family, I usually disappear to the bathroom for a sense of relief.  Little man has caught on to this and if he’s not begging to be held or attended to, he’s crawling behind the toilet.  Just yesterday he discovered a little silver handle that he can pull down.  Imagine the slight shock when he discovered this while I was taking care of business.  He was WAY more amused that I. 

In case you aren’t aware men stand when they pee (maybe you knew that, but I always want to make sure I communicate clearly).  Little man was intrigued by the sound of my husband relieving himself and went to check it out, crawling right up to the toilet seat.  Apparently men lack the skill of cutting it off.   Let’s just say he got a little shower and needed a shower later.  In my husband’s defense the alternative would have been a bigger mess all over the bathroom, so I supported him in peeing on our child.  Does that make us weird?!?!

Perhaps you have dog-children and are curious about the sibling rivalry between Caleb and Diesel.  I guess the best way to define it- Caleb taunts Diesel.  Caleb’s enlightened to offer the dog his toys. Yet when Diesel takes them he know he’s going to be told to “drop it” from mom and dad.  Diesel stubbornly obliges and lets out a grumpy sigh.  Turns out you can train a dog new tricks.  Diesel’s new response…Take the toy, get up and drop the toy on the other side of the room, then return to his regularly scheduled program. Little man’s response (Curled bottom lip, watery eyes and bellers).  Glad they understand each other.  I guess you could say Diesel tolerates the little man.

That changes a little bit with one key ingredient- when little man is eating.  We have a Counter Height table for a reason- we have big dog who would otherwise swipe food (or so we feared). Thus Diesel must properly beg at Caleb’s side in hopes he’ll share a few scraps his direction.  Actually Diesel could care less where the food lands, as long as it’s within his reach.  Caleb has learned this so well he’s becoming ambidextrous.  He’ll feed self and brother simultaneously (Dog with right, self with left) and sometimes he forgets which hands are designated where and there might be some saliva sharing between them.  Our dog neglect has not only resulted in a lack of exercise for all, but a serious weight gain for dog-child.  He spiked an all time “over-weight” classification at 107 lbs this winter. I’m not sure if he heard the Vet or if the subliminal “weight control” food sent him into a frenzy desiring all scraps that are not weight-reduction-dog-friendly.

Speaking of swapping spit, amazing what skills your children pick up and are willing to share.  Somehow Caleb has learned the art of kissing.  Keep in mind it’s more like and open mouth spit encounter, that’s if he feels like your paying attention to him (I may have experienced a few bite marks to the shoulder on occasion)  This is all fine and dandy with family….but attempting to kiss random grocery store workers…I guess we’ll be having the “sex talk” sooner than later (Note: In “Sex talk” I’m not implying that we are going to encourage sex at a young age- just the opposite, but I was curious how you interpreted that!)

I’ll spare you the stories of baby poop, teething, and baby sickness.  I think I provided enough toilet talk to share how un-perfect our world can be.  Life certainly has joyful moments, but it’s not all warm fuzzies and puppy dogs!

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Can’t say I wasn’t warned

My little man turned a year last week and I feel like all the precious infant-ness of him is fading fast. While he’s carried some little man qualities since birth, I feel like in the past week he has grown up so much. Here’s a glimpse of his 1 year pictures. 

Oh, little man will you please grow down.  I know you are still just a little peanut (literally- he’s in the 7th percentile for weight), but everyday I come home you seem to be doing something new, something different.  It’s  bittersweet really.  I hope we are giving you the roots to stay grounded and the wings to reach your dreams.  Yet, I’m not ready for you to leave for kindergarten tomorrow. 

You add laughter to our days, and joy in our hearts- but Caleb A Dusek, will you please grow down??? 
I’m sure in a year I’ll come back to this exact post and say “how niave of me”

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Emotionally Me

Dear Caleb,

It is 10:05 PM and I am just getting home from work.  It has been an entire day without snatching a smile, giggle or cry from my little man and it breaks my heart.  The first thing I do on a night like this is sit in your room, rub my lips to your forehead and smile as you explore your dreams.  You stir ever so slightly to acknowledge the fact that I am there, but remain in a steady slumber.  Watching you sleep is the most peaceful moment for me.

As the clock ticks and we close the books on your 8th month of life I am amazed at how much you have grown and developed over the past month.  If there was a race for speed crawling you’d be the champion every time.  You can motor clear across the house in a matter of seconds.

At 7 months you began pulling yourself up on things, but now you have built enough confidence to take steps while holding on, and have let go with both hands to grab both remotes (Somethings in life are better when done with double fists!).  You have found the toilet paper in the bathroom and easily could take all of it off the roll, then shred it, if we let you.

We have learned what things weren’t kid proof as your curiosity gets the best of us each day.  Sometimes we fearfully rescue you in the nick of time, other time we share your pain as you acquire one more bruise, scratch or bump on your head.  You have learned to gracefully brace yourself as you plop back down to the floor and move along to the next adventure.  Last week we added latches to all cabinets and gates at the steps and entrance to the office, as you have proven that you are not afraid to try new things including crawling halfway up a flight of stairs, or sneaking under the computer desk to find the cords.  The wine rack has been moved- out of sight out of mind, and the Christmas tree has offered opportunities for smiles.  You get two full rows of branches to tug and pull whatever ornaments fit your pleasure.  I have a feeling Jingle Bells might be your Christmas carol of choice (maybe mom will get around to posting the video).

Being your mom has completely changed my life.  I can spend hours playing and laughing as you share your joyful and humorous personality.  You have been the most laid back yet expressive and personable child I have ever met.  You can light up the room with your smile and chuckles, or turn heads as you sing in church. You have mastered the way to fool others to getting what you want, amazing how you can go from psuedo-crying to laughing in a matter of seconds ;).  You are a momma’s boy through and through.  Your face lights up when I walk in the door and your arms and legs will begin in an all out doggy paddle my direction (if held) or speed racing (if crawling).  You know that I can’t resist snatching you up in my arms and snuggling into your little neck for a few kiss/tickles.  I enjoy holding you as much as you enjoy being held.

You either wake up so happy letting out a joyful bellow or so slow that you cuddle back into my shoulder glaze your eyes over and yawn a few more times.  Sometimes I confiscate you from your crib and smuggle you into our bed, invite Diesel up for some relaxing time in bed together as a family.

Speaking of Diesel you squeal with glee at the site of your big brother, although he’s becoming less receptive of your tugs.  However dinner and breakfast are a different story.  Someone taught you how to share very well, so much so that you will feed diesel your leftover gold-fish or Cheerios right out of your hand.  Mom and Dad are aware of Diesel’s increased need for attention and exercise, yet you seem more than willing to go along with the flow and up for any adventure we throw at you.

Mom on the other hand is noticing a shift.  Every day I get to work and immediately miss you.  Yesterday a classroom of kids were held at gunpoint just a few hours from here, I find myself worrying more now than ever.  What if you were in that classroom? How can I protect you from dangers path?  I know things are fine right now, life happens and we’ll take each day at a time, but I love the moments we can just be together.  9 months has blurred before my eyes, and 7 PM comes way to fast every night!  Yet putting you to bed is the icing on my day.  Resting your cheek on my shoulder, getting lost as we read books aloud or hum and sway into a state of contentment are the pieces that make my heart melt.  I could hold you forever.  I hope you dream big and enjoy life, I certainly am! Happy 9 months little man!

Love you more,

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Solid foods and sippy cups

We have progressed to a little man diet.  I can’t say the transition has been perfect, but entertaining.  As a working mom who struggles with a balance between work and life, breastfeeding  became more and more challenging.  I was proud to make it to 6 months and cherish our bonding time together.  On the flip side, I’m also very happy to alleviate myself from the pressure to provide for my little man.  The stress of going back to work and scheduling time to pump became more and more frustrating.  I also am quite excited to get back into some regular tops again!  After 4 months of exclusive breastfeeding, we added rice cereal, which got Caleb accustomed to using a spoon.  A few weeks later we began with veggies (Green Beans are his favorite, followed by squash) introducing a new one every 3 days to allow for observation of any possible allergies.  We limit the fruits to breakfast and try to keep him on veggies most of the time.  He’s not an overly picky eater, however peas create quite a dramatic affair…grimace facial expressions, followed by spitting out the peas and then followed by more grimmace and coughing to get the nasty flavor out of his mouth.  He completely denies any rice cereal so we’ve shifted to oatmeal.  Just this week we added protein to his diet by adding some meat.  I gag more than he does, but after 2-3 spoonfuls he’s ready for more veggies.

The most desired of all foods right now is Cheerios and crackers, this is true for both Caleb & Diesel.  The pediatrician suggested graham crackers since they were a little easier to hold onto and melted quite easily with a fair amount of saliva.  At 6 months we introduced Cheerios with little success of him actually getting them into his mouth.  In the last 2 weeks, his fine motor skills have improved immensely.  Now we have to make sure to feed him the veggies first or he’ll deny the spoon after the Cheerios.  It’s play time as much as it is feeding time.

The challenge lies with formula.  He’s always been a baby who wore as much of his food as he ate and so did whoever was feeding him.  He seemed to do okay with formula, but noticed him becoming increasingly spitty and more fussy.  Last week we tried a new formula sample that a friend of ours gave us and he seems like a completely baby.  The only challenge is the small can of formula is $25 which would last almost 2 days (Similac Alimentum) I’ve searched high and low and there is not a comparable generic version.  So we are exploring some other options and seeing how he reacts, but to date not going so good.

As little man progresses, we’ve been strongly encouraged to expose him to a sippy cup.  So a couple of times a day he’ll get a sippy cup with water.  It is the funniest thing…he gets so excited by the sippy cup that he laughs.  He loves to see the water through the top of the glass.  What can I say he’s easily entertained.  He is able to hold his own cup/bottle, but usually he’s to lazy.  As you’d see with this shot, as soon as I pull out the camera out comes a little man pose complete with smile.

Lastly, little man has 2 nice chompers that have FINALLY broken through the bottom gums, with 2 more on top close behind.  I can say that he has been very easy-going though this, but the exploratory biting can stop.  One “toy” he loves is the rubbery wine cork from one of mom’s bottle of wine (completely cleaned off of course).  He will chew and chew on the rubbery cork.  I can already envision this scrapbook layout… “Put a Cork in it!”

One last 2-toothed grin before you go 🙂

That’s how I’m greeted everyday by my little man when I walk in the door!  Melts my heart 🙂

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Growth Spurt

The last month Caleb has grown at exponential rates.  Going back over the past months I’ll offer a photo collage of milestones…

I haven’t been good about getting a consistent photo each month to compare his growth and development.  But I will offer this comparison.  Caleb has LOVED his bouncy seat since day 1 (or actually his first time in it was when he was 3 days old, but whose counting).
Here’s Caleb in his bouncy seat at 3 weeks old….

2 months…

6 months…

and 7 months…

He’s gone from looking at the toys, to bouncing and making the toys swing, to touching the toys, to sitting up and eating the toys.  It amazes me looking at how much things have changed in the past month.

At 3 months he began rolling and become completely fluent from both tummy to back and back to tummy by 5 months.  Last Sunday he just took off and army crawled his way across the room.  I may have to upgrade my blog to post some video…it is so funny.  Here’s a few “action shots” from the past months as he’s made his way around the living room.  Somehow he always seems to find the camera and flash a smile whenever he sees it.  He has managed to get himself stuck in some tight spots.  We have quickly learned to hide really interesting things cords.

He would love to get up and walk away, but that thankfully that’s still to come.  Although just tonight he grabbed onto the entertainment center and pulled himself up then looked at us and laughed.

He’s established himself as a solid and stable sitter, but is far to curious of his surroundings to focus long enough to master standing.

I think Diesel is exploring new approaches to dealing with this change.  Throwing a toy for Diesel ends up in an all out army crawl sprint across the floor with Caleb attempting to get to the dog toy first.  We’ve had to have a few chats with the boys over whose toys are whose, and when it’s okay to share.  One thing Diesel has learned is that Caleb is a messy eater.  He props himself up right square to Caleb’s high chair and just waits patiently for the Cheerios to fall.

Brothers will be brothers, but for the most part they get along great.  Diesel is helpful to have for entertainment while driving.  Caleb might appreciate the Diesel kisses, more than Diesel appreciates Caleb’s love taps and pulls.

Our new motto has become what doesn’t make us stronger, makes us laugh.  And with little man, there is a WHOLE lot of laughter in this house!  More to come…

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The greatest love I’ve ever known…

…turned 6 months today.  I never imagined how much my little man would consume my thoughts and emotions.  At 8:30 AM this morning I threw myself a little pity party desperately wanting to spend the day with my little man.  I overcame the temptation to rush home and scoop him up in my arms. I need to let him grow.  He’s already a pathetically cute momma’s boy, and I’m not even joking.  He could be screaming and as soon as I approach his wails turns to excitement and his arms are outstretched.  I could be in the other room talking to my mom and he’ll be all ” I know that you are in there” and poke his head about in search for his beloved!  There are times however, when I just need to take in all his emotions.  He has the most adorable face when he cries.  Unlike his cousin Keaton, you can completely predict when he’s ready to cry.  His eyes and nose get a hint of redness, his lower lip slowly curls and then he’ll exert his plea. Of course being the mom that I am, I want to make sure I have pictures of every moments, even his cries!

On the flip side there is nothing like the expression on his face when I walk into a room.  Today I went to pick him up from daycare and as soon as he heard and saw me his face lit up, grinning from ear to ear.  His legs started kicking continuously until he was in my arms.  This is typically followed by a bashful game of hiding his face and then checking to make sure I’m still there!  He continues to have the perfect personaility…or at least a very laid back!  He’s pretty content full of smiles and giggles.

Over the past few months we’ve been in a transition phase.  From breastfeeding to more and more solids…..from free flowing day to regular routines…..from falling asleep in his mom’s arms to having a specific 8 PM bed time which requires both him and mom adjust to his need to cry himself to sleep (thankfully we’re on night 3 of that and it’s down to less than 5 minutes before he calms himself).  And the most challenging for dad and I is the transition to full-time daycare.  With Brent returning to school we are no longer able to spend a few days loving up the little man!  He opted to not take on many extra jobs over the summer for the simple fact that he wanted to be a stay at home dad at least part-time.

The addition of solid foods has been somewhat entertaining.  The first few tastes of cereal brought on some goofy facial expression around 4 months, but nothing could beat the expression after taste testing some peas. Grimace, spit, Grimace again, stick out tongue and then even add a fake gagging sound for added drama! Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, bananas and Applesauce are his all time favorites at this point.  As you can see, he stole the spoon of green beans out of my hands tonight.

last night however, eating all that food was just too much.  Caleb took a good 30 minute nap in his high-chair.  I noticed his eyelids getting heavy and an increase in turning his head from side to side- Mid stream a wide open mouth attempt to down another spoonful of applesauce, his eyes closed.  Thankfully applesauce isn’t quite as messy, so I just let him be and chipped the crustiness of his chin later!

What continues to keep me in awe is his ever-growing curiosity.  He continues to be so alert and aware of his surroundings.  Tonight during his 6-month photo shoot (or attempt) he was way more interested in the peculiar surroundings on the porch (we rarely sit out there, so he needed to check it all out!).  He’ll see something and then focus in on it and won’t stop until it’s in his hands, er mouth actually.  He’s pulled his head forward to attempt to sit up since about 3 weeks old…now he is able to support himself into a sit all by himself!

These eyes steal my heart every time.  I love you little man, more than I ever imagined possible.

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