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Ponderings of a Pregnant woman!

Hello- is this thing on.  Phew, let me clean out the cobwebs and dust a bit quickly.  uh-um

As you may have noticed I’ve been living life and not documenting it so much.  Since my last post (was it seriously around Thanksgiving?!?!?) I’ve grown (not so much vertically), we had a few Christmas celebrations (I think one every weekend) and look at that, we are in a whole new year.  Thankfully I have a few months to get my head around the idea that we’ll be 3 + 1 family soon. On the little man front things are happening so fast- everyday is a new adventure.  New Words, New Explorations, New Stories, and new routines.  I’ll dedicate a separate post to the Caleb Times in a bit.

While it may appear that I’ve abandon this blog, or I’m not dedicating the time and energy to my 2nd pregnancy story (My mom reminds me weekly how the second child is going to feel when she- yes she- finds out I didn’t blog the experience for her like I did little man), that’s absolutely not true.  I almost feel as I have done less complaining and more reflecting with round 2.  You see with round 1 I was too distracted by my need to puke, and then the heartburn and insomnia, extremities the size of watermelon’s and my out-of-control weight gain.  Round 2 is a complete opposite, minus the basketball attached to my belly button, I feel great.  There are days I’d like to go to the gym and pretend I have a new years resolution.  I do have self-induced heartburn after a selection of foods, but really most cravings and pregnant tendencies have been under control. 

I also feel more prepared, more organized with this round.  (Here’s where I might need to point out how laid-back I am in comparison to many first-time moms).  You see round 1- we had 1 ultrasound, people were trying to prepare me for many different scenarios, giving me pointers on aids and remedies to progress things along. Well I don’t learn very well by listening or reading…I guess I need to experience it myself to make everything click. So this time around it just seems more organized and yet, even more laid back.

To begin we prepared a fun little announcement by having little man be the bearer of good news (either in person or via picture for those who lived far away) with a home-made shirt.

Then we opted to find out the gender of our little one- which for round one I appreciated the element of surprise.  Again we were a bit festive and decorated a cake (pink on the inside) announcing the news to family….only to come home and realize that the dog had eaten the entire cake.  The back up plan was a pretty entertaining story 😉

We did a family and mini maternity shoot a few weeks ago…literally my husband and I did the photography seeing how I own a photography business and all ;).  Little man decided to keep things true to form. When asked where the baby was, he showed us…

He even offer his little sister a kiss…

Staying true to tradition…here’s the bump at 24 weeks.

Now that the Holidays are over and we don’t have plans to host company for a little while we are giving little man’s room a big boy makeover, and turning the guest room (Also known as the red room) into the new girly nursery.  Fun thing about girls is I can take things I thought were cool during wedding planning and turn it into some inspiration for a girls bedroom….hopefully I’ll have a few pictures to post this weekend (although you might want to keep an eye on my creative blog- Fosteringacreativelife.com for all the details)

I also went Christmas shopping and happened to pick up a few things for the in utero child from her older siblings (Diesel is still our first born- I just didn’t have quite the labor pains with him).  A few bags of girls clothes from some generous friends and the closet is quickly filling….which means I better keep cleaning out my stuff

In just 3 more months-ish we’ll have a daughter to greet you.  Hopefully, I’ll get on the ball and post a few more updates between now and then!


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growing pains

Last night we were blind-sided with a inconsolable child, which if anyone has met my child you’d quickly realize this was completely out of character. Caleb is one of the most chill and laid-back babies I’ve ever known. He’s nothing but smiles and chatter- literally. His cries are pretty meek (and I actually think they are absolutely adorable). So you can imagine my fluster and concern when he spent hours in an all-out wail. The typical soothing mechanism of breastfeeding, putting him upright, snuggling up or uncovering him, changing him…nothing but continuous screaming. Occasionally he’d simmer into a humming fuss as he tried to snuggle up into my chest and go back to sleep, only to wake up screaming a few minutes later. The usual 15 minute wake up call around 3 AM turned into a 4 hour attempt to calm my child.

Thankfully at 7 AM this morning he fell asleep on my chest and woke up happy as ever. It appears my little man is cutting teeth at 3 months old. I am very fortunate to have a job that is flexible enough to allow me a few hours (2 to be exact) of sleep before heading in and a husband who has the summers off to make the departure away a little less dramatic for me.  At least now we have a plan of action and can manuever ways to soothe him.

As a side note, tomorrow my boys are headed to stay with Gma O for 5 days as I am at camp for work.  Breaks my little heart not to be able to be with them as he’s going through this.  I’ll totally miss seeing his cheery little self each morning when I wake up….melts my heart.  Not to mention the peacefulness of watching my little man sleep. I know the husband’s family is super excited to see him, just wish I could be with them ;(

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the 3-month man

The little man never ceases to amaze me.  I am still oodling over every detail of his existence.  Here’s an update at 3 months.

Dear Caleb,

You have been selected as one of the best babies ever.  We have transitioned into day care over the last month and had a few select people watch you, and everyone says the same thing…”Can I keep him?”  You are so laid back and such a joy to be around.  Your routine is pretty well established at this point, but you don’t seem to phased by a change in scenery.  You are developing quite the personality.  You LOVE playing patty-cake with mom and dad, and have even developed a few ticklish spots that will send you into a laughing frenzy.  My heart melts every time you crinkle your nose, and your eyes sparkle as you flash an opened-mouth smile my way.

You also still give me smiles in your sleep.  The last few weeks I’d bring you into bed with me around 5:30 or 6:00 AM so that I might have just some cuddle time with you but also get another 30-45 minutes of sleep before the dreaded time to get up and ready for work.  On days when I’m off, I’ll let you continue to sleep and admire you every second. I am noticing that you sleep less frequently but for longer periods of time.  Typically you nap from 9:30 AM- 11 AM and then again around 1-3 PM.  Although you must be growing because the last week you seemed to be sleeping all the time.

You, your dad, and grandpa’s seem to have a fondness for watching TV in the Lazyboy.  When dad was holding you the other night while watching TV, I came to see you up close and you looked around me as if I was in your way.  You also have a fondness for sleeping in a reclined position.  We’ve set up a Caleb recliner with a pillow on the couch during the day, although mom doesn’t let you watch tv…sometimes we look at the computer or iPod screen though.

But when you are awake you are SO alert!  I think you take after your mom a bit in that you like to always see what’s going on.  Your curious, some might even call us noisy, I prefer observant. Heaven forbid we put you some where you can’t see us.  If your need to see us is taken care of, then you can fascinate yourself with your hands and mouth.  While the standard seems to be your middle and index finger in your mouth, there are times where whole hands or 2 hands make it into the mouth.

I have loved the loud sucking sound you make on those hands.  I used to think you were hungry every time you did it, but by now I’ve learned you just do it to entertain yourself.  Sucking is a security mechanism for you.  Just yesterday you stuck out your tongue and started sucking on your top lip.  That tongue sees more daylight, as you are always sticking it out or licking on something (bibs, mom’s shirt). Pretty much anything that comes close to your mouth requires you to stick out your tongue. You continue to find ways to make me laugh as you explore the wonders of your existence.

On top of that you have learned to speak and sing.  We carry on conversations, tell stories and sing songs.  About a week ago you added bubble making to your repertoire.

Mom has learned to add some adventure to our lives by spending some time outside on nice days.  I finally found a hat that you allow me to put on you without a screaming fit…turns out your pretty darn cute in it too!  I’m still a bit conservative taking you outside, but I’m learning to dress you in shorts, and still make sure you are fully protected from the sun and wind.

Mom has been adventurous too.  This past weekend I spent my first time away from you overnight.  Mom and dad kept with our tradition of camping with friends for the holiday weekend.  Gma and Gpa O came to watch you and loved you endlessly.  I think you blew their socks off with how good you were…although that’s just how you are it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for you.  You even showed them up by sleeping through the night.  I think Grandma was a bit uncomfortable putting you in the “straightjacket” at night…but she noticed the difference in your sleep pattern with it on, and now she’s a believer! Being away from you was pretty rough on mom though.  I recognize mom and dad occasionally need some time away too, thankfully we were surrounded by friends (also parents) who understood the challenges.  Dad and I had tentatively talked about coming home on Sunday, but I survived the storm (literally) and we packed up early Monday morning.  When we returned you didn’t leave my arms all day…except to shower!

Today is your 3 month birthday and I continue to be amazed by your awesomeness.  I never imagined motherhood would be this amazing.  Unfortunately today also mark a heartbreaking first for mom too.  I had to take you to the doctor for a barking cough and raspy breathing, which turned out to be croup.  You weighed in at almost 12 pounds (up 2 lbs from last month) and are keeping in the sizes of your clothes as you are officially in size 3-6 mos.  You’ve been such a champ, still keeping your charm and upbeat attitude…in between naps.  We had an abundance of snuggle time and even posed for a few 3-month photos…although we’ll do it again when you are feeling better.

I love you to pieces little man.  Being your mom is the most rewarding thing I could ever experience 🙂  Happy three-month birthday.
Love you more,
Mom 🙂

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Caleb’s new do

At birth Caleb was born with a TON of hair, and despite everyone’s prediction, he hasn’t lost it.  He is developing a little male pattern balding, however for the most part…it’s still there and still growing.  Last night I decided that the hair in his eyes and mullet in the back wasn’t okay with me anymore.  It literally was in his eyes and the comb-over look was getting old.  So last night, at 3-months old, Caleb got his first haircut.  You can see from the sequence of pictures that he still looks like my little man, but a little more spruced up.


Check out that developing line of baldness and the few stubborn hairs determined to give you a mullet.

Yes, mirrors are mesmerizing at this age.


I left the long little wings on the side to help cover any future balding you might experience 🙂

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I see where he gets his good looks from…

While this isn’t the baby picture I’ve been looking for of me, it should do for demonstration purposes.

Exhibit A: Me with my dad around 6 months old

Exhibit B: Caleb being adorable at 10 weeks old

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The Caleb Times: Tummy Time

At 8-weeks Caleb is nearly 23″ long (according to dad’s tape measure).  While he is perfectly capable of holding his head up, he’s pretty lazy after the eventful weekend!

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The Caleb Times: He comes in Peace

I have officially decided to create a category for all future Caleb posts:  The Caleb Times. Hope you don’t mind hearing Caleb’s “old news” (this post will be on week 7, he’s now 10 weeks). It usually takes me a few weeks to read the newspaper anyways!

Starting at 6 weeks I went back to work 2 days, at 7 weeks I worked up to 3 days of work…I’m holding 3 days in week 8. At 9 weeks I’ll be working 4 days per week until 12 weeks, inevitably 1-2 days a week end up being 10-12 hour days, which allows me to take some of that time back on a different day.  Thankfully I love my job and have some flexibility, so the adjustment has been better than I expected. I’ll admit I have SERIOUSLY thought about switching to part-time, since work has thrown me for a loop and the last thing I want to do is sit down at a computer and update my blog.  I digress…

Caleb has been a Mr. Busybody since about 5 weeks.  His hands are usually exploring the world around him. While I totally adore his curiosity, it makes feeding time a bit more difficult.  He has learned to put his hands up to brace “the bottle” on occasion, however usually it’s more to grab a necklace, wiggle his way out of a blanket, or to catch the handle of his Nuk and send it across the room.

Recently he’s learned to flash the Peace Sign

And while his hands found his mouth starting at birth, he now spends countless hours chewing on his fingers.  It’s not uncommon (I know double negative-so it is common) for him to have both hands in his mouth, or for him to extend his fingers while in his mouth and gag himself.  The facial expression are quite hilarious.  You’d think that unpleasant experience would render a change of action, but he’ll do it repeatedly within a half hour time setting.  Here’s an attempt at a 2 handed mouthful….

We have also noticed the amount and complexity of his expressions have changed.  He’s beginning to mimic our actions, facial expression, and respond to inflections in our voice.  He’ll hear my voice and watch me as I walk around he house.

For the first time I decided to bring Caleb to bed with me in the morning after a 5 AM feeding.  Brent and I were pretty persistent of having him sleep in his own bed each night in his own room, which with my responsive gallops is literally 2 giant steps from our bed.  I am usually a heavy sleeper, but I can hear his every coo while sleeping.  One night, Brent, Caleb and Diesel were all snoring on just a different pitch and you would’ve thought they were conspiring against me.  Strangely I find the little man snores relaxing.  While the wake up calls have been very seldom all along (He’ll maybe wake up once a night since about 2-3 weeks), when they do happen I cherish them.  I love sitting in the dark with just he and I in complete silence, bonding together without distractions from the outside world.  However going back to work put a kink in our morning routine, thus for the first time I decided to bring Caleb to bed with me in the morning after a 5 AM feeding for some added co-sleeping time.  Bed time has also been designated as cuddle time with Diesel, so going to bed and wake up times we usually allow our 4-legged child in bed with us.  Once you get all 4 of us in bed, the bed gets pretty small. (Please don’t judge me and my 5 AM appearance)

Towards the ends of his 7th week of life we added a new adventure to his life list.  We packed up the car with Caleb and Diesel in tow to make the 5-hour trek to meet the rest of the family and have one more baby shower. Diesel has yet to make a long ride with a car seat invading HIS backseat…that’s a separate post entirely.   Either way, the kids did really well.  A few more stops were required for feeding and exercise, but we did it!  Brent’s parents retired last fall and initially down-sized, but after moving in his mom recognized the little storage space she had.  In January they found “the big house” for sale just a few miles from their retirement home and scored.  So we were living large with a HUGE guest room and king sized bed, Pack-n-play and Dog bed all in one room.  The Western side of the state (family and friends) joined us on Saturday to meet the little man.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a moment that he wasn’t held all day!  Gma O couldn’t get enough of him and I bet is counting the days until Memorial Day when we do our annual camping trip.

Amazing the 5-hour trek back on Sunday went smoother than the way up.  I think everyone was a bit exhausted.  Little man managed to sneak in a few smiles between naps.

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