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Watch out world!

Yesterday Caleb turned 1 month, tomorrow he’ll be 17 apparently! Wow is the time flying.

Here’s my sweet calm and sophisticated Caleb- sleeping, being precious, wise, and joyful. Amazingly you ask how old he is and he flashes the #1.

And then there is Caleb with an attitude who secretly flips us off…or not so secretly.  I guess this is what’s it’s like when your children hit puberty, glad to see my son is a bit ahead of his time!

Next we have Maxin’ & Relaxin’ Caleb.  The picture speaks for it self!

And finally we have my favorite sweet smiling little man who adds so much fun and joy to our lives!

Here’s to many more months & years of memories to create! Happy birthday Caleb 🙂


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Happy Birthday Krista!

Normally I don’t single my friends out on my blog to wish them a HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY.  But without Krista I wouldn’t have a blog, or laugh each day reading her blog, and inspire to be like her when I grow up!

So check her out.  Wish her a happy birthday 🙂  I’m sure you’ll be hooked once you do!

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