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Random post of Catching up

I attempted to see what I’ve been missing out on for the last few weeks and took a glimpse at my google reader account.  The sight of 214 UNREAD messages was a little too overwhelming. 

Clearly, blogging is a source of personal pleasure for me, as my hits don’t seem to overly diminish while I’m away.  I don’t aim to please daily readers (sorry folks- who am I kidding I don’t believe I have any daily followers). 

On the other hand these posts still claim my top of all time:
1. Intimate, Classy, & Economical
It was the first real wedding planning post with pictures and ideas for our color scheme and  bridesmaid dresses. Daily it gets the most number of hits.  I never wanted to be consumed with wedding planning and couldn’t bring myself to solely blog about wedding plans.  But it’s been fun to see others through the process.

2. He Completes Me!
It was our first glimpse of a Weim.  I fell in love with the breed and hence the arrival of our first born child.  Although, the picture in this post isn’t nearly as adorable as our very own Diesel…see

3. Nail biting, Heart pounding and abrupt burst of cheering and jumping in my living room!
Because who doesn’t LOVE watching the Olympics, end of story!

On Sunday I wanted to do something productive, so I made a list of all projects (both large and small) to improve our house.  I explored good starting to points to signify adequate yearly progress.  I realized I had some spare cash so I mustered up enough convincing to get Brent to go to The Man stores (Menard’s, Fleet Farm- you know) to get some supplies…really anything that suggested progress towards A project on the house.  Nothing was going our way so I jumped to the biggest project- finishing the basement.  We bought an area rug, looked at tile for the floor, discussed lighting then went home and at 9 PM on Sunday we reorganized all the boxes left in the basement from moving that were neglected. Brent also took a stab at vacuuming (Oh, sorry dear, did I just infringe on your manhood with that testimonial?!?).   Last night I went through 3 boxes of STUFF and posted my first 2 items on Craiglist.  Today I had over 15 contacts for them.  1 negotiation has been completed, the other is in the works!

I finished the honeymoon scrapbook album this weekend.  Maybe some day I’ll share a few favorite layouts.  It may have taken a few more hours than the initially proposed, 3 weekends later the project is completed and it turned out fabulous! I believe it is still a record time to work a scrapbooking from start to finish. 

I’m finally sitting down to determine which 75 wedding pictures will make our storybook album, and any additional pictures I NEED to have. So with that I leave you to daydream of my fairytale day! 🙂


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Record Readers

I guess it pays to completely ignore your blog for 2 whole weeks.  Apparently the new house and all the life changes I’ve made recently has peaked everyone’s interest.  Today was my best day ever with 57 views.  I don’t even think I know 57 people. 

huh.  Where has everyone been all my life?  Anyway, more fun stuff to come, stay tuned 🙂

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