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Boy: A noise with dirt on it {16.5 months}

Dear Little Man,

I know I missed the 16 month landmark- but you’ll have to forgive me.  We were on a less that spectacular vacation (see Christmas Vacation post for more details).

If I could sum up this month in one word it would be whirlwind.  This past month has been so fun and crazy all rolled into one.  While you are generally mellow and laid back, you have developed quite an attitude and you know how to use it.  There are days that I want to scream, yet sometimes it takes everything in me to not laugh at your crazy antics.

Much like 15 months, your food selections are pretty slim.  The monumental moment was the day you ate a whole chicken nugget.  Hallelujah, right?! You also tried a fresh pea pod, but discovered the peas fly pretty far when you whip them across the room.  Let’s say Diesel is getting a little bit of a weight problem- but at least he tends to a dirty floor. Cereal is still a staple- only now it’s in a bowl with milk and several attempts to use your spoon.

You amaze me everyday.  Your little brain is like a sponge soaking up new things all around you.  I could go on forever about all the little things this month.  I try to remind myself everyday to recognize and pay attention to all these little details.  You know your stuff.  You can point to identify people, shapes, colors and some animals. While the floor in every room of the house bookshelf holds most of your preferred “toys”, the shape cube (you know the thing that you can drop the shape blocks into) is a close second.  Your dad and I  offer the 3 blocks for the side facing him, and you are able to match the shapes. Being the goofy and happy boy that you are, every time you get it right we cheer with a gleeful “yay” and clap.   New tonight  you added “Moo” to your vocabulary- what can I say, we are a wisconsinites  (Your work grandpa Zen would be proud)! We are able to ask simple commands like, “Can mom have a cracker?” and you’ll play fetch.  Speaking of fetch, you LOVE to play fetch with Diesel and get frustrated when he doesn’t follow the rules.  Sharing this makes me realize how many goofy things I need to get on video!

One of my favorite developments this month is your ability to  identify body parts.  Here’s a test, “Where’s your tongue?” (with a little bit of breakfast too)

Summer weather is upon and you have shown me your affinity for water and then dirt (or sand).  From a drinking fountain to a kiddie pool,  If you spot water, you’re in it.  I have also learned that dirt and sand are the next best thing and tend to act like a magnets to little boys.  It’s next to impossible to keep you dry and clean these days.

Sometimes it’s impossible for me to stay clean and dry in watching you.  To you water was meant to be splashed.

On Sunday night during bath time we had a huge mess on the bathroom floor.  As mom turned away to grab a towel to dry the floor,  I turned back to find you dumping the bucket of water we use to wash your hair all over the floor.  The bath mat and towel already down were soaked.  How did you respond?  With a gleeful cheer and rapid clapping. Recognizing I wasn’t as cheerful you immediately changed your response to a stoic look and responded with “uh-oh.” How does one keep a straight face to that!

If I could ask for one thing this next month (and maybe the rest of your life), is just a tad more fear.  While you certainly aren’t a rebel, I’m seeing more of your adventurous side emerge.  For example,  jumping off your rocking chair…I’m really proud that you can jump and glad that you have the confidence to attempt such things, but maybe we could master jumping on the ground first (which is ridiculously hilarious to watch).

I have many more things to share, but to pull the post to an end I need to recognize the love you have for your dad.  While I didn’t post about it on this blog, mommy’s shoulder surgery in May really put a crimp into our routine and dad stepped up to take care of us.  You two have developed a stronger bond that sometimes makes me jealous.  He now MUST put you to bed or you scream “DADADA” in a helpless tyrant.  But you also search the house for him, or run to the door when he arrives home.  You love to help him with whatever he might be working on, such as laying the stones in the garden path.    You have grown to trust him and know that he will protect you and care for you and I, and you still know when it’s time to wrap him around your finger to play!

I can’t say it enough, I feel so blessed to be your mom.  Your expressions, knowledge and even your attitude make me appreciate each day.  You are a gift that I couldn’t be more grateful to receive.

Love you More,


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Like Father, Like Son

Need I say more.  (Yes, he is really watching TV here.)

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A Woman’s Interpretation

To me a “sport” is something a person does for recreation to help them stay active and in shape. I beg to differ that hunting was NOT a sport, until this past weekend.

My family is comprised of hunters.  Not the, “yeah, let’s go out in the woods during hunting season and shoot an a cocky male deer whose been bossing everyone around, and talk about it the rest of the year.”  No friends, we are talking about a cult of men who are determined that they can read the minds of all the deer and fancy-free friends in the woods.

Months and even years of preparation have gone into the placement of each deer stand, ranking the correct clothing to wear, and how to shower properly.  Inevitably the direction of the winds is always the determining factor making or breaking a good hunt.

  Oh yes, and hunting is a year long sport.  You see bow hunting starts around late September or something, and then there is always gun hunting, promptly followed by muzzleloader season, who is reacquainted with bow hunting again, until I think the end of January.  When they aren’t in the woods, they are scheming how, who, when and where…

In my awkward tween-er years, I would have been out there with them adorned in my beautiful blaze orange, equipped with some hand-me-down gun and piece of paper pinned to my back making me official.  It was my way of trying to hang out with the boys.  But as years progressed, going to the mall became such a better idea, so I abolished the time spent freezing my butt off in the woods.

Looking back now I never realized the insanity of it all.  My brothers have about 600 acres of prime hunting land at their disposal.  They hypothesize the perfect conditions and like a scientific experiment continue this century long process of trial and error trying to create them, of which coincidence do not occur! 

During the spring months they trek through the woods looking for antlers that have fallen off last years bucks (to determine how big they are going to be this year, I would guess?) and scout new locations for “stands” which equate to freakishly looking hunks of metal with a long pipe with pegs supporting a platform that sits against a tree.  During the summer months they construct these 3 ton contractions and haul them out into the woods to set them up, and reposition them 40 times in 7 different locations on opposite ends of the property before they are official stands.  Each of these stands is given a name, and I’m not sure of their criteria, but they aren’t so helpful to me.  For example- we have “low-rider” and “Golden chair” of which I’m sure is key to their survival, but to me…not ta!

I bet if I tracked the hours spent educating each other on their tactics and propaganda it would be years, even decades thus far.  And that’s just the planning piece. When it comes time to the actual hunt the poor guys can’t even sleep.  My oldest brother paces the room like a meth addict on a binge.  My older and younger brother have a sudden appreciation for time.  My now husband, even adopts new showering practices to remove the human scent.  No matter the weather they sit in frigid temperatures in hopes that a big deer with horns on it’s head will walk out in front of them so they can shoot it.  Now if that isn’t on the list of symptoms for psychiatric help, I don’t know what is!

Well in the past few years, I’ve decided I really don’t get out frolicking in the woods so much, so I’d see if they need help.  Every year on Thanksgiving day they do a drive through the woods, and as much as I wished it was, it isn’t the kind on the 4-wheeler.  No this is a few people who walk a VERY SPECIFIC predetermined route in the woods towards other guys who are sitting in tree stands.  The goal is the people walking will scare the deer towards the guys sitting in the deer stand.  And hope they don’t shoot anyone in the process. 

So this is my new Thanksgiving tradition.  I get all gussied up in my cold weather camo/blaze orange gear, equipped with a plethora of hand and foot warmth technology.  Layered in clothing of sweat adsorbent dual purpose as a protection from frost bite.  I meet up with the boys after they oversleep and conjugate plans in their own heads about how things should be done. Together they devise a plan fluent in a  foreign language with each other, complete with maps and drawings in the ground with sticks and rocks.  The time spent is  equivalent to 40-hour work week for any government agency… and we are on our way (only 2 hours behind schedule, and 3 hand warmers later).

I’m dropped off in the woods with very specific instructions from the commander-in-chief himself and head on my merry way….

…keeping the sun just over my left shoulder, wandering through thickets of thorn bushes slapping me in the face, tripping over logs covered in tall grass, and protruding the snow covered ice only to retrieve my sewer smelling wet leg and keep walking for a few hours. 

Hmm, Is this seriously what I signed up for?  I asked to partake in this…By the end of the first drive we had dead deer cemetery laying all around that there just wasn’t enough time left to do the next drive so we regrouped an walked back out into the woods to find all the dead dear, just as we were approaching dinner time.

My brother calculated that I probably walked over 6 miles in the roughest terrain on the property and “did exactly what I was supposed to do!”  I guess that explains my knees that are killing me, the waterfall potruding from my forhead and the stiff shoulder that I am currently experiencing.  Oh yes, add in a cup of wheezing and pinch of a sore throat and we call that a good time. 

Did I mention that I was asleep like a champ at 9:00 PM and decided to get up and brave the outlet mall the next morning instead!  I guess if you walk through the conditions I did to stir up a few deer hunting might be worthy to be called a sport…but the guys sitting in a tree getting a hard-on over the deer that bounce up in front of them clearly need to find a new way to get excited! 

Actually, I did have so much fun watching the boys in action that I volunteered to do it all over again on Saturday.  It doesn’t mean I understand, but I figure if they apprecaite me wandering in the woods, perhaps I’ll get a higher allowance for shopping  😉

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