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Handmade Gift Exchange

Thanks to the online hospitality of Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  I was able to participate in the Handmade Gift Exchange. Every person gets matched up with a partner and has 1 month to make a gift and send it to their partner.  There are no real rules…the door is wide open to create whatever you wish.  With that I bring you my homemade creation.

My Partner was Debbie from Ohio, who described her self as a 60-year-old who refuses to grow up.  In getting to know her she really enjoys her time with the grandkids.  So I decide to make “Grandma’s Boredom Buster.”  You may have seen ideas like this before, a jar full of ideas to fight the summer boredom blues while the kids are home from school.  I created a document (2 columns) with all sorts of arts & crafts ideas, free activities (like having a picnic in the living room), and research her local chamber of commerce for ideas of places to visit as a tourist.  I printed them all out on colored cardstock, leaving a few blank for a free-choice or to allow her grandkids to come up with a few more.

The container was an old christmas cookie tin that I rescued from the trash.  I spray painted the outside with Heritage White Rustoleum paint.  Then lined the outside with some funky ribbon and added the title to the cover.  I found that tacky glue with a dab of E-6000 worked the best to keep the ribbon on the tin.

The title was created in word with a circle shape, add a text box, print, cut out, and adhere.  I used scrapbook adhesive so it wouldn’t seep through the paper.

I also added a few homemade stamped note cards inside.  In return I received a mini-decorated-board book and bottle cap magnets, adorably wrapped in white tissue paper with a pink rosette ribbon and lime green stretchy bow

Thanks to Linda for hosting this fun little party.  I believe the next one will be in November for a fun homemade Christmas exchange!  To see all of the gifts, head to homemade gift exchange linky party to see what was sent and received!


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Want to get a handmade gift?

I signed up! I’m participating in Craftaholics anonymous handmade gift exchange. {Squeal} Who doesn’t love gifts in the mail? I think you should sign up too. Hurry up the deadline to register is June 6th. For more information go here (or just click on the button below). Happy crafting, and thanks to Linda for hosting such a neat exchange!

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Like rescuing a puppy from shelter {recoverring a stool}

A few weeks ago I was forced to go to an estate sale by my inability to turn down a good deal.  I guess I went a little unprepared for 7 sheds and a huge house full all the random stuff that I easily could find a home for.  A few treasures were unearthed as I strolled through the corners of a cobwebbed shed only to reveal this lonely little puppy.

She needed a bath and a little love, certainly something I could give her.  Just a note to any novice estate sale shoppers, if you go towards the end of the estate sale everything is marked down an additional 50%, so this little treasure was merely $1.  I could love her! Do you see the potential?

Being inspired by blog world, I thought I’d try my hand at re-upholstering her (don’t laugh if you are an expert and you don’t think this even qualifies as re-upholstery, in my mind this ranks up there with sewing…SCARY, but eager to try).  Pulling together a few tools I removed her beastly coat and foam cover, which equates to pulling out staples. WAY easier than I thought.

I gathered my coupons and headed to Jo-Anns where I hit up the remnant section (additional 50% off fabric under 1 yard), and used my 50% off to find a small piece of foam for the seat. In order to make sure the foam was the correct size I placed the nasty old one on top and traced with a sharpie.  Then I took my rotary cutter to cut the foam circle seat.  (Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect).

Then I took my fabric (Cream Home Decor remnant) and placed flat on the floor.  I placed the foam cutout on top of my naked stool and turned upside down on top of the fabric.  I cut my fabric into a square, large enough to pull to the underside of the stool.  Then grabbed the handy-dandy staple gun and the adventure begins.  The key is to pull it tight enough, but also have the tension consistent throughout the diameter of the stool.  I only had on problem, my fabric was a hair short on one side (which of course I was too embarrassed to show and wasn’t even going to tell you, but my guilt overruled the dishonesty in me). After the staple gun reached a cease-fire, I trimmed down the excess fabric hanging around the stool legs.

Better? yes, done? No.  She needed a touch of accessorizing (at least to cover my mishap).  Enter Brown fold-over ribbon.  Again a near mishap as I thought I didn’t get enough.  Thankfully the husband rescued the dansel in distress.  I used my E-6000 adhesive to attach the ribbon, and then (per the husbands suggestion) added stick pins to hold the ribbon in placed while I stretched her out to close the measly gap that remained.  Let her rest overnight to dry and adhere properly. By morning I could take out the pins and she was ready…

She’s much more loveable now, don’t you think?  I’m kind of feeling like she needs a cute bottom now…what do you think, dress up her legs, or leave them naked?!

Here’s a few other gems I found at the estate sale (in addition to a miniature trunk and old-fashioned metal wagon, and a few other random things)! The metal tool box and metal cups are home to my new herb garden.

Total spent: $22. I can’t help it I’m addicted to thrift (and crafty DIY projects).  This weekend is citywide rummage sales which is better that me having an All U Can Eat chocolate buffet for free.  HEAVEN- not to mention I get to spend a day without child in-tow with 2 fabulous girls!  (wee bit excited) Hallelujah!

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What a weekend

So I was all excited to start of my weekend at Archiver’s a scrapbooker’s heaven.  I signed up several weeks ago to just immerse myself into a sea of creativeness and hopefully be somewhat productive in the end.  I was all pumped to pull out some of my favorite beach pictures in North Carolina.  What I didn’t realize was that was the start of a scrapbooking frenzy of a weekend.

In case you haven’t met me, I’m a bit addicted to this whole scrapbooking business.  To me, my scrapbooks are my babies, let’s say this….  if there were a fire in my house, I would risk my life to save my scrapbooks, pictures and some of my favorite supplies and tools.  I think Brent and I figured I have several thousands of dollars invested in this “hobby” (obsession, whatever you wish to call it.) But then I quickly reminded Brent that his hobby is a Harley’s (pretty sure he’s got a few  grand on me, more like 10-20 grand….) so the way I see it, I have a long ways to go to catch up to him.

Needless to say, when I came home on Friday, I couldn’t sleep.  I had an idea for my next layout.  I quickly hauled in my 5 bins of stuff and reorganized myself all over the dining room table, sprawling onto the breakfast bar, and creeping into the living room.  I spend HOURS on my pages.  They are works of art to me.  Of course, after going to bed at 3 AM, I still woke up at 8 AM with another idea of what I could scrap. 

Saturday I had planned a craft shopping excursion with mom and cousins.  Which was exciting too, but I had pages to scrap.  I decided to hunker down and get an idea planned in the measly hour that I had before I needed to get ready.  While I was pumped about the the whole craft shopping experience, I didn’t realize it would send me in a whole new world of creative geniousness.  I came home and was ready to rearrange the living room, to redecorate the house, to start pumping out homemade Christmas ornaments, even review the plethora of wedding decorations that I have compiled and see how they would all look together.  With all these distractions, I finally decided I needed to focus my creative juices into one spectacular masterpiece….what more than scrapbooking. 

I of course opted to skip church yesterday to scrap.  Brent cleaned out the garage, while I scrapped.  I never even showered until 5 PM that how amazing the whole experience was.  Mmmm…heaven sent!

So is it bad that I’m ready to go home sick today, from my lack of sleep and improper nutrition that has sent me on a frenzy of needing to be healed by meticulous scrapbooking layouts and pure bliss!?!?!?  I think I feel a migraine coming…


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