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Think Spring- details

Wisconsin Winter, I am done with you.  I decided to redo my decor in hopes of Spring, which brought  12″ of sleet, snow, rain, ice wind, and thunderstorm mix.  Apparently my Spring fever was warm enough to keep away the winter fairies…. I digress.

I posted about my Spring Buffet, but neglected to share the details – how to’s, awesome finds and spontaneous ideas. I don’t have a mantle (Yet, although the basement is almost finished 🙂 so the buffet is my next best option.
Disclaimer: I’m horrible at capturing pictures during the process.  I always think about it during the clean up.  One of my many flaws!

To start I snatched the striped Fabric remnant from JoAnn’s remnant bin.  All remnants were 50% off the original price, plus an additional 40% off… $6.20. Little spendy for decorating a buffet, but I have future plans for this.

On the Left

The Ball Jars, Craf, and Grapevine wreath are staples in my decor toolbox.  I’ve had them for a while and seem to just shift where and how they displayed throughout the year. The silk lilies and Gerber daisies I pulled from my stash of things I forgot about.  The yellow flower (no clue what it’s called) was rescued from a bouquet of flower the husband got me for my birthday.

The Peacock feathers I picked up last summer at JoAnn’s in the 75% clearance section (less than $3.) The mini bird-cage was a Michael’s find ($1). The green and silver picks I’ve had, found last year at a local crafty store (Windsong).  The brown vase holding the feathers, picks, and lilies was a Christmas gift- although I think it was bought from either Michael’s or Gordman’s.  The little bird was $1. at a local craft store (White Barn).

The eggs I made from plastic eggs I swiped last year after Easter (.30 for a package of 20).  This would be the point that I again am hitting myself for not taking pictures.  All I did was paint them different spring colors.   I don’t have the exact colors because I just kept mixing paints until I got the shades I desired.  I started by covering them all with a white spray paint primer (Rustoleum)- not an easy task. I didn’t bother gluing the eggs together because it’s not that important to me if they fall apart.  Never know the Easter Bunny might use them in future years?!?!?  After the primer was dry I created 4 different pastel shades of acrylic paint (Yellow, blue, orangish-tan, and pink).  After they were dry I mixed some brown acrylic paint with a little bit of water in a bowl.  Gather all of the eggs in one spot.  I dipped my brush in the bowl of watered down brown paint.  Then holding my brush over the eggs I flicked the bristles to splatter the paint onto the eggs.  Note: This is not a tidy process, newspaper covering the counter might be helpful. Make sure to roll the eggs over so you get more than one spot of splatter on the eggs.  The beauty is it doesn’t have to be perfect!  I know that wasn’t a A+ tutorial, but hopefully you get the jist.  Here’s a link to a similar process, but with pictures (She used textured spray paint).

Moving onto the right side  (my favorite side)

The jar, as stated above is a decorating staple in my house, likely thanks to my mom or friends who used to can food.  The flowers in the jar are real and trying to survive from my husbands sweetness on my birthday.  The little blue bowl was screaming my name at a garage sale last summer for 50 cents.  I have been waiting this long to showcase her 🙂  The bird was $1. from local crafty store (White Barn) and the eggs we’ve already discussed.

One sleepless night last year,  I got the strange I idea to start picking up cute birdhouses to decorate with and use grapevine and pussy willows to fill in (that will be another post some day).  The white pedestal bird house was a $7. clearance find at a local craft store (White Barn) and the dark green feather are mini-feather rings (2) from JoAnn’s 75% clearance section ($1.97 for both)

Lastly the “Enjoy Life” phrase is Scrabble letters are from the game we own.  I change out the saying throughout the seasons.  And the floral picture above the buffet is one my aunt gave me when she was cleaning out her clutter.  I had hopes of doing something with the frame, but so far she’s a good filler.

Total money spent on this decor: $22.97 Little more than I like to spend, but still under my $25 budget.


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Think Spring!

I might have a little cabin fever and felt the need to do an overhaul on my home decor.

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All in the details- 1st (GOLDEN) birthday party

Two weeks ago we celebrated little mans GOLDEN birthday.  Being that it was golden and I was needing some serious creativity in my life I opted to have a little fun.  I decided that we’d go with a little “digger” theme inspired by an adorable cake I had seen in Family Fun Magazine (I think last year).  It looks a lot harder than it really was. In fact Brent was so excited by it we ended up having to make two, a contest if you will. The jury is still out…let me know which one you think is better…for the kindred hearts I also made dirt cups too (Complete with worms 🙂

The tables were adorned with a few black and yellow streamers follow by toy tools, orange cones and construction hats.  (It helps to work for a place with lots of fun supplies such as hard hats and orange cones).

Being a March birthday can be kind of blah, because of weather (I might know something about a march birthday) so we opted to have the party at a local hotel with access to the pool, and all the needed logistical supplies in the party room.  Here are a few more details to help showcase the theme.

I’m a big fan of functional things, I didn’t quite realize that the dump truck was this functional when I bought it.  Nothing like a mom stealing her sons toys to decorate.

Nothing screams 1st birthday like a birthday banner across the front of his high chair (and the birthday boy playing peek-a-boo with the camera)

Lastly, beyond the swimming available I also had 1 game.  An ingenious idea, again out of Family Fun (same edition as the cake) of having a trap-door construction cone pinata.  I completely neglected to take any pictures of it.  It was a construction cone filled with treats.  The bottom was covered with a piece of cardboard.  The cardboard had a large half circle cut in the bottom (the size of the cone base) and many other small slits.  In each slit I stuck a streamer (plastic works best) with one taped to the trap door.  When the children pulled on a streamer if it was not attached to the trap door, they simply pulled the streamer out.  If it was attached to the trap-door, the treats fell and the children piled on.  I thought this route was a much safer route than a child swinging a stick blindfolded.  I’ve already had my share of pinata injuries (that’s a whole other story).

I’ll work on digging up the invitations that my mom and I made.  Otherwise, that concludes a golden “digger” first birthday party.  At least I have proof to share in 10 years when he complains about how big of a deal that his sister whose turning 10 on the 10th has a huge ordeal….of course this is all hypotheical

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Signs of Thanksgiving

October completely through me for a loop, and November has taken me by storm…where is the time going?  Approximately October 30th I realized I still hadn’t decorated for fall, and I had a plethora of things available to display for the festivities that the calendar claimed were quickly approaching.  Seeing I had all of one day to prepare for Halloween, I opted to completely glaze over that holiday and prepare for “fall” instead.  If I wouldn’t be prepared for Halloween, at least I’d have a month to enjoy the Thanksgiving decor.

Without further ado here’s a few pics to my holidays straight.

The good thing about decorating so late is you can find GREAT deals- thanks to Michael’s for having 60-80% off all their fall decor!  The Pumpkins I had left over from our wedding decor.  This center piece is actually 2 wreaths that I laid on top of each other to add some depth..price tag: $3.00 for both

You may be able to see in the background I added some glittery fall  garland to our buffet, put a few pictures into the mix and a 3-piece candle display to the center for some height.  These were all things I had (lots of pretty fall garland from our wedding as you will see throughout).

Next up- the kitchen.  One of the things I loved about our house was the ability to decorate on top of the cupboards.  In the next 2 pictures I didn’t do much- just added some fall garland (again left over from the wedding) and rearranged some things to spice it up a bit.

To add just a little touch on the counter, I took my beloved set of apothecary jars (the birthday present from the husband- good taste huh), and added whole coffee beans.  Again thanks to Michael’s the fall fruit mix was merely 30 cents.

Now with a little bit of Thanksgiving spirit, I’m in the mood to cook and bake.  I’ll save that savory post for later 🙂

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What’s up with bringing trees in the house?

The husband and I FINALLY picked out a Christmas tree the other night.  It came in a box… after near-wedding-calling-off-Christmas-tree-fight last year, we decided to jump on a pretty snazzy deal on a fancy artificial tree…and I have no regrets.

Diesel on the other hand is in a state of complete confusion. He’s still a puppy ( an 84 lb puppy I might add)  and hasn’t experienced Christmas with us yet.  He was sure to help us out in every way he though he could.  He sneakily stole the top of the tree and pranced into the other room joyfully “More sticks to chew on.”  When we put a ca-bash to that then he decided to pitch in and learn from the tree-straightening pro himself…


After that was taken care of, he helped tangle himself in lights put the lights on the tree.  (how can you say no to this face, seriously…I take pictures instead!)


I continued putting lights on the tree as the husband untangled them for me.  We both were pretty consumed in our work.  I was about this far…


…when Dieseldecided to say “piss on it.”  Okay maybe he didn’t say that but  Brent caught him in the act-leg raised all ready to mark his new tree.  Thankfully Brent caught him and bundled up to entertain him outside for a while.  (Notice how nice Brent was doing at his untangling-the-lights-job?!? see bottom left corner).  Needless to say I carried on with the festivities alone, er, if you call belting out to channel 900 (Sounds of the Season) and spending some bonding time with frosty, alone time then, yep I was all over it. (Notice Frosty and the ingredients) The lantern was just there to add the missing pine scent I was yearning for.


I certinaly need the caffiene to power through all my ideas and get this decorating business rolling.  Up to this point my decorating entailed the contents of 4 unpacked “Christmas Decorations” rubbermaid bins, newspapers, boxes of every shape and size thrown strategically throughout every possible counter, table, seating, or window sill space remotely available.  I did muster up the courage to get my “Winter Wonderland” table done the night before…which set the plan for holiday decorations for 2008.  But before we get to the plan, let’s check in with Diesel one last time



He was being SO GOOD that I opted to give him an early Christmas present, unfortunately I didn’t take the time to wrap it first. ( I know this picture is blurry…but look at the size of this rawhide.  This is his second one- he loves them things although they are a little awkward to carry, he runs into doors, walls, drops it in his food dish…did I mention his spatial awareness is a bit off yet!)


Okay back to the plan.  As I mentioned I already had the “Winter Wonderland” table set up in the dining room


and since I have serious issues with themed things…the dining room just became the snowman/Winterroom.  Which translate to anything related to snowmen or winter will end up in the dining room, which became a problem about 7 minutes after I made the plan.  But I was determined.  MOST of my holiday decor was Snowmen and Wintery bliss.  But I really wanted a Pretty tree.  I was envisioning gold and red as the colors.  As I started arranging the ornaments into piles based on the room they would be designated too, I quickly realized that I would be short on filling all the green space on the tree.  I successfully placed all of the ornaments, but it needed more….Light bulbs went on- Wedding decorations.  I snuck back into my stash and found this amazing beaded garland.


I only had small pieces of it so I strategically placed them through the green space on the tree.  I also had picked up some single Poinsettias last year



As you may have gathered I added some funky, glistening, mesh ribbon as well…it really added a lot to the tree.  The placement of red was crucial to the success of my vision for this tree.  I might still get some more plain red ornaments to add to the tree.  I definitely need more for my next project (but you’ll have to come back to see that one).  So here is our tree with a Little wider lens


Wider yet…

As I was putting the final touches on the tree, I caught Diesel with a twinkle in his eye gazing into the tree. 


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I didn’t realize I could be a magician too!

The disappearing act of my blog posts is completely the fault of my job.  While I completely understand it is the end of year, I didn’t understand the complexity of 4,000 page reports..notice plural.  Each one asking completely different things.  So as I result I have spent many waking hours poking myself in the eye with a fork…it’s that much fun! 

You can only imagine my excitement to give myself a break today and rescue my sanity on the 59 unread messages in my google reader.  It’s those little things that make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!  As  you might gather if you follow any of my blogrolls like I do.. it snowed by heaps and mounds yesterday.  The husband was kindly notified at 5:32 AM that he could sleep in, and instead he woke up and made French Toast and began removing the North pole from our driveway with a shovel.  We are dedicated to our health and well-being so we prefer the exercise (cough).  Or maybe we are just too damn stubborn to fork out money for something that we don’t really want to buy. 

But all this snow removal and poking myself in the eye with a fork has left little to no time for my essential well-being.  I NEED to decorate for the holidays.  We came home on Sunday after heading back to the husbands home town in hopes to meet with our wedding photographer- however, last Thursday we were notified that his back injury is crazy bad (Gotta love my vocabulary)  and it’s prohibited him from sitting at the computer.  A huge let down for this newly wed..holy crap I just realized that today is our  2 month anniversary…shitballs, well congrats to us!

What was I saying…oh yes, when we returned home on Sunday I attempted to jump on the decorating-for-Christmas-bandwagon, only after stopping at my parents to get the results of St. Nick filling my stocking.  I love that St. Nick never realized that I’m over 18, and have moved out years ago….ignorance is bliss.  While the holiday spirit snatched my attention, it only worked for about 2.76 hours. This resulted  in boxes of unpacked Christmas decorations spewed throughout the house, our furniture rearranged to allow for the proper space for a Christmas tree, the revival of last year’s winter wonderland table (a crafty inspiration of sorts) and consuming a pot of coffee mixed with Bailey’s.  And unfortunately Monday brought work as usual.  Hence today…after being sequestered to my office computer and tortured by end of year reports (of which 1 is finished- 3 more to go) I am feeling that I DESERVE a day of vacation to frolic in my holiday creative wonderfulness…yes, I’m really that great.  Maybe I should practice my disappearing act at work- hehe.  I want a FULL Day, unfortunately by the looks of things, I’m screwed. 

Did I mention today is the husband’s birthday so following work we are picking out his birthday gift (ooh…there is exciting news that will have to wait for a new post), tomorrow will entail a baking fiesta to make dishes and wrap gifts for Xmas #2 on Friday, and Christmas #3 on Saturday, only to wake up early and preform in the church music Sunday (which also requires me to fit in a few rehearsal times before then).   Oh yes, and how about putting up our chrsitams decorations before Christams eve…and all while spending ridiculous hours getting MY WORK at my REAL JOB done so they don’t cut me out of the budget for next year!  Details.

Dammit, I need a life.  Thankfully I chose not to get a part time jobover the holiday season thanks to my better judgement (also know as my husband)!

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Revealing our wedding pics

Okay, I’m STILL waiting in anticipation for the day I can have ALL pcitures from ALL people in my inbox, but in the mean time a few more “candids” were shared.  I’m sure once the photographers come I’ll be drooling puddles, based off the slideshow they put together of our day at the reception…mm…can we say magical. 

But onward ho:


I don’t know where I got this idea from, but when I was explaining what I wanted to do to my dad…he mentioned he had a few barn boards laying around (leave it to dad to have those!)  To keep it simple with the outdoor feel I passed on all offers to have some letters cut out and instead opted to just free hand the painting.  The Milk jug has been the stool we sat on to talk on the phone at my parents for years, and a few folliage from Michael’s- Viola!


Same concept different design.

The Ceremony took place in my parents back yard, so we rented a tent in the event of cruel and unusual punishment–bad weather.  It ended up being helpful to shade the guest from the intense sun that day.brent-happily-awaits


I love my mom’s expression here, and seeing the guys in the back round..


When we announced our wedding to my parent’s- well my dad already told my mom that Brent asked permission…either way it sparked an opportunity for my mom to get the porch she’s been waiting for.  Brent, being the handy man he is, with the help of a few others, whipped up this lovely entrance for me and all the girls. 



Struggling to find a good focal point in the yard, I had Brent construct an arbor which can be reused in our back yard.  I pulled together some grapevine, a few dried hydrangeas (spray painted gold glitter), added some fall foliage garland and a few other randoms…and I was able to create a swag to pull together the much needed missing element.


My flower girls are 2 of my nieces who I feel like are my own children.  We have a pretty close relationship.  I found their dresses on ebay for $25.  I had some left over swatch fabric from the bridesmaid dresses that I had considered making into a sash for them, but in the end it was one of the things that I let go of.  They were so excited to be a part of the wedding, and in fact wanted to pose for every picture.  Someone caught them in their innocence.



Meanwhile, my youngest niece danced in the corner



Not knowing what the weather might be like, I opted not to have a unity candle.  In my mind if the candle blew out it would be a bad omen or something, so instead we opted for a “natural” aspect of a sand ceremony.  The 2 side vases with the sand were cheapies from Wal-mart, and the pedastal and “Love” vase were from Hobby Lobby.  Our pastor had a neat message with this to the fact that much like the sand we poured into one vase would never be seperated again, much like the unity of our marriage, blended to create something new and more beautiful than before. 


I convinced my brother to sing, and while he didn’t want to be in the front of everyone singing, we made a concession he could stand outside the tent.  One of my cousins snatched this picture through the window of the tent.  He sang “The Wedding Song, There is Love” by Peter Paul & Mary.  It was the same song sung during my parents wedding 35 years ago.


Following the sand ceremony while my brother was still singing, we ventured to give each of our parents a hug.  Finished up the ceremony with the kiss and the announcement of the new Mr. & Mrs. Brent and I headed back into the house while the wedding party and ushers lined everyone up outside the house.


We did not do a formal receiving line, instead an alley was created for us to walk down as our guests blew bubbles into the air.  Once we reached the end of the alley we had an informal reception and champagne toast before the family and wedding party began pictures. 





At this point the photographer got up on the roof to get a picture of everyone toasting…hence the ladder in the back.  I don’t have the pic yet to share with you! (it’s coming)



Our only Grandparent left… This is a pretty special picture for me, I’m glad someone snapped it, even better…

…getting marriage advice from the “old Man” himself 🙂

Then a few traditional family photos…


There, do you feel like you were there?

(Photos displayed were taken by Karen Laedtke, Beth Van de Loo, Amy Foster, Rich Jun, and Diane Moser)


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