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With summer officially here, it’s nice to know that the time and energy we spend the last couple summers beautifying the yard is starting to show the fruits of our labor.

First the raised bed under our pine tree.  While it’s mostly Hostas right now, I’m on the look out for some partially shade perennials.  I’m also looking for creative garden ideas- maybe some antique benches, barrel or something fun.  Soon the Morning Glories will begin to creep their way up the arbor and show their sweet smiling faces to me 🙂  What you can’t see and what  neglected to take a picture of is the rhododendron on the street side of the pine tree and the Hydrangea on the corners.

The raised bed along the garage was started, but on the rights side was a crowded Lilac bush that was struggling.  We transplanted that at my parents and finished off the bed with some pavers that were lining either side of the front steps (which we replaced…scroll down).  Again keeping with the perennial theme, I planted an over-abundance of iris’ both purple and yellow in here and lined the back edge with hollyhocks.  Last year I just planted Holly Hock seeds, so I was pretty impressed to see them make strides this spring.

I’m in love with these iris’ and pretty shocked they appear in my flower bed.

As I alluded to earlier, we replaced the sinking cement steps lined with pavers.  Instead my handy man of a husband built a the steps and small platform at our front door.  We opted for the recycled plastic boards to prolong the life of the steps.  Also, insurance requires a railing for any new stairs built so I selected the white columns and slats to make it seems finished.  I’m still waiting for the lattice on the sides to officially finish the project. This pictures also shows a bit of the landscaping we did along the house in the backyard.

Finally the backyard and some of the blossoms that have made it to light after just greens last year.  To top it all off, the husband is sprayed the grass to get rid of all the weeds.  I love knowing that all the time, sweat and money we invested into the yard is really paying off and fun to sit and enjoy.  If everything goes according to plan we’ll have double the plants next year, as I’ve planted even more perennials and a few more sets of seeds 🙂  Sun- keep on shining…and that is a direct order from your queen 🙂


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Buds & Blossoms

Believe it or not, we are finally getting weather that is a bit like Spring.  There hasn’t been snow in the forecast for almost a month now. We’ve even had a few hours of 80 degrees…followed by 3 days of rain.  The grass is green, and in need of regularly scheduled mowing.

So I guess it’s time I post on my lovely little Easter arrangement.  It’s very unlike me to not overly exaggerate each and every holiday by completely changing the decor in our house.  However for Easter this was all I had.  Wait for it…Brace yourself…


Call me Martha!  I should note this fun set of apothecary jars was the thoughtful birthday gift from my loving husband.  Good taste huh!  Please don’t tell him that I never even touched the “Easter bin of decor” which insists of having it’s own pink bin and special place in storage.  I just haven’t had the time to waste engross myself with my indoor decor, especially when the weather actually warrants painting my toe nails!  So, I may have been eager to jump the gun on that one, but it has been nice, and I’ve spent as much time outdoors as possible.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s budding up around our house!






There are leaves, n’ flowers, the evolution from bud-needle-delivery to needles-on-branches-growth-and-development experience, and LILACS…did you see the lilacs with infant little buds giving birth to precious blossoms.  It’s here, the horrid months of winter are over, and there will now be sun and rain and lots of pollinating going on! (that just made me chuckle….pollinating!)

Happy sneezing 🙂

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All the random things I learned to make for our wedding

Clearly, the things I am about to share….highly unlikely to ever utilize these high class skills again.

Let’s start with example number 1: bridal bouquets
Good:  I had ultimate control over what flowers to use.  Contrary to DIY wedding blog, I saved a ton of money by making all of the bouquets using faux silk flowers.  I purchased all of them from Michael’s at various times throughout the year, thus never spending more than 50% for any of them.  I don’t have exact figures but my wedding flower budget was pretty low at $500 (bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids, 10 boutonniere’s, and 6 corsages).  I came in well under my budget  with plenty left over for a throw bouquet and a few other decorative flares.  Not to mention, they turned out just like I wanted them too. My aunt worked in a floral shop part time back in the day, so I sought out her expertise.  The ribbon loops and pearl garland really added something unique and elegant although it’s hard to get that feel from seeing them here.

Bad:  Time-wiring flowers was not a task I had taken into consideration.  I was able to finish all the bouquets several months before the wedding (another bonus of faux silk flowers) but wiring and taping stems isn’t exactly my idea of a fabulous evening. 

All things considered, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I saved a ton of money and I loved the color and how they fit into the rest of the wedding scheme.  You might notice I was able to incorporate the deer antlers into my bouquet like I wanted (despite all the florists telling me I couldn’t..ha ha suckers)

Example 2: Jewelry

Having an idea of what you want in mind, and NOT being able to find it anywhere, might be the most frustrating thing ever.  Or finding something that could work only to spend $50 per piece, plus shipping.  Sorry folk, not this bride.  So I made the bridesmaids jewelry-matching necklace and bracelet with coordinating earrings, as well as 3 cute little bracelets for my nieces (flower girls).

Good: Huge savings.  The jewelry for my b-maids was $15 for each set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  The 3 little bracelets were around $5 to make.

Bad: It took some trial and error on the flower girl bracelets.  I initially wanted them to be stretchy bracelets so the girls could put them on and take them off by themseslves.  I did end up loving how they turned out! If the bracelets were stretchy, they would likely have been MIA with my nieces if they had control to put it on & off.

(note: the pic of the b-maid jewelry set also show the rest of their gift, and I also through in a pic of how I wrapped them- practical! The “Willow Tree” figurine was the personal touch I added reflective of a memory I shared with each .)

Example 3: Gifts for our Mother’s.

While I am totally invested in scrapbooking, I knew I didn’t have the time or patience to pull off a scrapbook for both of our mom’s.  I did want something similiar that could express the emotions, and share the pictures.  Thanks to Julia from My Life in Transition and her new business I was inspired to create a blurb book.  I only have pics of the one I made for Brent’s mom, because at the point in time when I took the pics I was still fretting why my mom’s hadn’t arrived yet. 

Good: Prefect personal touch for not a ton of money.  It was ablet to say the things I wanted to say and knew I would have a hard time doing that come wedding day.  Seeing how I have easily spent hundreds on one completed scrapbook, I felt the approx. $30 was a great deal, not to mentin the time I saved.  It was a gift they will alway cherish. 

Bad: I’d like to say I have mad digital photo editting skills, but I’d be lying.  I also felt a bit constricted by the layouts they offered.  In the end I said my piece to the perfectionist who rarely rears her head and moved on.  Time was also crucial.  Making sure to allow for all the time to scan in some pics, organize and arrange the layouts, what I wanted it to say…tedious details.

Example 4: Kids Activity book

I decided I wanted to have something for my nieces, and other younger kids, while the adults we eating and chatting, and all that downtime…hard to believe there was any, although not everyone had the 3 page itinerary I had.

Good: The variety of activities…there was a little something for everyone!  The parents and other guests enjoyed them just as much, if not more.  Since the kid’s acitivy table was situated in the back corner I was afraid no one would see it, so I also put together gift bags for any child under the age of 10 that would be at the dinner.  Each bag had some fun stuff, but also a note on the outside of the bag that encouraged them to check out the kids activity table.  The center piece for the kids table was a bunch of home-made pinwheels(scroll to the bottom of the post) in a large vase filled with pinto beans.  In addition, there were mini play-doh (thank’s to non-candy trick or treat items available this time of year) and a few ring pops available for play on the kid’s activity table.

Bad: I don’t think there was a bad side to this.  It was pretty simple, and I may have broke a few laws doing this, but I essentially found coloring and activity pages that were relative to a wedding, copied and pasted the images into a word document.  Created a header with: Heidi & Brent’s Wedding Activity Book and the footer had our date on each page.

I don’t know that I will ever use these intense skills for any other random events, but just in case I have a few more things added to my arsenal. 

If anyone wants to know more info, let me know…I’d gladly share my new found mad skills with you!


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Home-made wedding

Well folks, I’m married!  But I can’t quite spill all the details yet, as I am weeks behind in my posts leading up to the big day.  But I will say everything about it was absolutely perfect!

I am a huge Do-it-yourself kind of girl, and actually my husabnd is too…except on a different level.  He can build things with hardware.  Maybe it’s just easier if I show you through pictures. 

 I had it in my head since we were getting married outside at my parents house that I needed something to be the focal point by which we would stand during the ceremony.  I shared these brief ideas with the man and here’s what I got (he whipped this up in  a day):

Since the ceremony was held at my parent’s house and many guests had never been, I felt I need to provide some direction to help them along.  My dad happened to have some barn boards.  Our wedding was an outdoorsy-bit of rustic touch….so these were the perfect touch.  I only have pictures on the one sign but there were several.

As I was searching for the outdoorsy type decor…I came across a old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow.  It was perfect touch to act as a planter.  The man saw the price and adamantly refused (I’ll get to our budget at a later post).  He agreed he could make one…hence I got this to act double duty as a planter and hold one of the signs to direct people where to go.

My mom was all over the landscaping.  She put together a variety of planters to fit the occasion…here’s a few glimpses of some autumn planters in case you are curious.

And of course there are all those pesky little details that you need for the reception.  Being thrifty and wanting a personal and coordinated feel I made my own card box rather than renting one for $25.  (Made it for roughly $5.00)

I coordinated the papers from the Luxury Stack of card stock…thus the card box, programs, seating assignments, name tags, and pinwheels as the centerpiece for the kids activity table were coordinated to match.  I didn’t use the same papers for everything, but rather papers with design relevant to our color scheme (which broadened as the wedding progressed…I’d have a hard time telling you what our colors were at this point).  But here’s a few samples to help make sense of all it all.  The seating chart and table assignment name tags were made from the scraps from other projects.

Okay, I think there are enough pictures for one post.  Please stay tuned for other home made projects which include: wedding flowers and bouquets, bridesmaid/parents/flower girl gifts, kids activity table and kids activity bags.  Eventually I can post on how it all came together…complete with details and wedding day photos.  I’ll also post some details of our wedding budget since that can often cause a lot of stress…I’ll give you a hint, we came in well under $10,000 which was our planned budget. 

Hope to see you again 🙂


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