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On this thanksgiving day I have much to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for my husband who is always willing to help out with mundane (or special requests) to make life easier around the house.  Like helping making a salad,  an appetizer, vegetable and dessert for Thanksgiving meal last night before going to bed.

I’m grateful for my little man who “helps” me fold laundary by decorating the house and himself with his mom’s socks and underwear.  Maybe next time I’ll wait to introduce him to Christams decorating after all the laundry has been folded!

I’m grateful for our dog-child who will cuddle up to you and do everything possible to make your day a little brighter.

And last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be an incubator to our future daughter.  I am blessed each day with her squiggles and the relentless heartburn.


Hope you and yours have a happy and safe thanksgiving Holiday 🙂


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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I am reminded of all the things I could be grateful for!  However, since things really aren’t nearly as important as the people in my life, I wanted to share  a little note of thanks to my peoples!

In the past few years my life has made a huge turn around… 3 years ago I was at a stage in my life where I felt a need to flee my city of choice and return home.  It’s a bit of a complex twisted story that may involve the ending of long-rough relationship, a touch on loneliness, mixed with a break in to my town house, cost of living out pacing my income, betrayal from former friends.  So with that came a sudden urge to up and leave and start over.  I’ve come a long way. 

This year has been full of lots of “I Loves.”  I’m in a happy place…These phrases are often uttered between my husband and I.  “I love our house”…it really is perfect mix of character and enough storage space in a nice area of town. I feel home!  “i love our dog”…he adds so much joy and entertainment to our lives.  He has broken us into the idea of what parenting is REALLY like! And we even share “I love you” to each other.  It is a sense of contentment.  But I don’t think I’d be in this place with out the love and support of some pretty special people.

I’m grateful for my parents- who quietly supported my decision to up and leave Chicago, who have helped me scatter my life across the most of WI and Illinois (8 cities and 12 “homes” in 10 years).  Who gladly welcomed my now husband into our family, and let me have the perfect wedding at their house.  For recognizing the value of family, and maintaining old traditions, and carrying out new ideas.

For my sister-in-laws who understood that there was so much more to the story.  For letting me crash at your place at a moments notice.  Sharing experiences of dishonesty and beating cheated on.  For going out of your way to invite me to things to help me “escape” from the constant inner struggle. And for your girls…letting me experience love and laughter through some great memories created with them. 

For my brothers who gave extra hugs, or kisses on the cheek.  For telling me what they REALLY thought- and reassured me in my decision to leave.  To welcome Brent with open arms, and treat him as another brother, and friend.  To let me tag along with you and your friends, and sometime even tell your friends how proud you were of me.

For Jenny and Megan, Who are the epitome of best friends.  Who dropped whatever they were doing to lend an ear or hand no matter what time of day.  Who listened intently and encouraged me to “do” what I needed to do.  To cherish our friendship still as years and distance have grown.

For Brent- who allowed me to open up.  For being honest and open from the start.  For being adventurous and follow the rules all at the same time.  For recognizing that little things everyday are far more important that the big stuff that happens occasionally throughout the year. 

For the friends I’ve reacquainted with from my home town- For understanding my resentment.  For mature and honest discussions, for early morning running groups (even if we don’t do it regularly) and evening volleyball…or any idea of getting together to be social!  For letting loose and having a good time no matter what the situation.  For introducing me to Brent!

I’m very grateful that I was able to share fond memories with grandparents who have now passed on.  For family members who recognize the importance of just being together. 

I’m also grateful for this blog…as silly as it seems, I began this blog a bit over a year ago not knowing what I was doing or where I was headed.  I had no idea what I was going to post about, or why I created it in the first place.  This blog has been an outlet for me…sometimes venting fear or frustration, or sharing some of the things I’ve done with others and the appreciation I get in return.  For the ability to express myself to unknown readers who may be able to identify with my situation.  While my addiction to the Internet has grown a bit stronger, I feel much more connected to something much bigger…even if it’s just a random post on my measly blog. I feel better at the end of the day knowing I have it!

I wish everyone a safe and happy thankgiving!

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