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My sweet little pea pod

Costume 2 of 3…need I say more?

His cousin Payton was Dorothy so for Trick or treating we all dressed up as cast members from the Wizard of Oz…Caleb was the lion(brother has those pics).  Costume 1 is more of a sleeper- but he is quite Charming as skeletor, don’t you think?

Gotta love this thinking face 😉

More updates to follow…


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After much of blog world inspiration I finally compiled a few DIY Halloween projects before the holiday struck. Thanks to the crafting chicks; Just a Girl, Craftily-Ever-After, Dejavu*crafts, The Stories of A to Z and last but certainly not least The Lettered cottage I found enough inspiration to get some projects done to my satisfaction.  I apologize I didn’t do a very good job of tracking the progress along the way.  Many of these projects were created with my family, so the time we spent together was priceless not to mention the fun I had in seeing it all come together.

It all started when I discovered The lettered Cottage and oogled over the fun details she incorporated into her fall themed mantel.  I’m a huge fan of her simple and creative approach to decor.  All that eye candy from this post (which also led me to her spring and summer mantel) also links over to Beth from AtoZ for her Mantel party where the brain chaos began.  I saw a few picture that I recalled from Just a Girl (a regular read for me). Either way….here are the results from a smorgusboard of ideas that I borrowed from the creative geniuses in blogosphere 🙂

The boa wreath was an idea I got last year from Just a girl .  It’s a straw wreath ($1.75), 3 feather boas of your choice ($4.00) and a few stick pins…best of all it doesn’t show dust.  Since I just used stick pins, I can make it fit all seasons by just changing out the color of the boas, if you really wanted to.  Simply pin one end of the boa, start wrapping the boa around the wreath.  I could have used 1 more boa and made the wreath just a little more plump.

The next was the assortment of pumpkins.  Easiest idea ever.  I can’t remember where I found the original idea from, but here is a tutorial from The Sweet Life.  I simply bought 2 1/2 yards of fun fabric ($6.00) and a 6 packs of the cheapest toilet paper around, gathered a few pieces of tissue paper (Sweet Life uses newspaper instead) sticks from the yard and wallah! I also made a few smaller ones by using a couple of baby food jars seeing how I have a few laying around…didn’t work quite as smoothly, as it needed a little coercion from the hot glue gun.  I like the different sizes though-adds some variety.

The “31,” and “eek” blocks and the “Boo” picture were little things that I created, but I’ve also seen around.  The 31 block is just a piece of scrap wood, little paint and a 31 chipboard.  I bought a collection of small easels at the thrift store (5 for $1) perfect for things like this. The Boo frame is a 50 cent frame from a thrift store, that I painted black.  I cut out some Halloween scrapbook paper (25 cents) to size and added the boo chipboard.  “eek” is a collection of the 2.  Altogether I thin these 3 signs cost maybe $1.  Oh I should mention I’m a Modge Podge junky, so that helps adhere the paper to the block and convinces the chipboard to cooperate just a wee bit more!

The Ghost lanterns are a mystery to me now.  I cannot find the idea source behind these…sorry, if you are responsible please acknowledge yourself below! I picked up a few old candle lanterns again at the thrift store.  I bought 4 so the neices and I could each have one.  Coat the inside of the globe with modge podge.  Once covered sprinkle with fine iridescent glitter (I bought a jar of 21 Gram for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby) Then on the outside of the globe take a thick sharpie marker, paint or vinyl and make 3 circles or ovals for the ghost face.  Add a tea light underneath, when you light it the entire ghost shimmers.

The last of the projects was covering plain white candles with some festive paper. The candles were $2.99 and $1.99 at Wal-Mart (although I think I could do better if I were more diligent) and the spider web paper was 25 cents at Hobby Lobby.  A bit ‘o Modge Podge and you are set.  I added an orange ribbon scrap to the larger candle just to make it pop a bit more.  You might notice some more sophisticated one from Beth or Chris!

Now I can play around for Thanksgiving a bit before Christmas explodes in my house 🙂 Happy Autumn (officially the temperatures reached 29 degrees this morning, lets hope the snow waits for just a couple more weeks)

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perhaps I’m annoyed beyond belief that Martha Stewart just shared 400 pictures of wedding dresses and clogged my google reader… they were all ugly as sin. PS real people don’t look like those runway models. I also unsubscribed!

Perhaps I saw the first snow flurries and went into an evil rage on the inside

perhaps I’m ready for the nightly news to consist of more than the Packers and the Campaign trail, even though I appreciate them both

perhaps I could be home cooking 2 more sinfully delicious apple pies

perhaps it would just be easier to not come back to work after 3 partial weeks of work and play and just wait for all the playing to be done, or just not come back to work

perhaps it would be easier if someone just sent out a memo letting EVERYONE know that I was married and I changed my name. I would really appreciate to not spent a full day at the Register of Deeds, Social Security, DMV and benefits office, only to follow that up with phone calls to all the companies of which I may owe money.

perhaps we shouldn’t have to pay extra for checking our first bag of luggage this week as we gallivant to the west coast for our first honeymoon….we are on our honeymoon after all- be nice!

perhaps I need just a few more IV drips with caffeine

perhaps we aren’t planning on having kids right now, regarldess of the fact that 10 of our friends are expecting- we AREN’T!

perhaps there should be rules that you can only receive candy while trick or treating if you are all dressed up.  NOTE: Parents it’s NOT okay for you to carry a bag and collect candy for yourself- selfish, overweight, indulgent jerks!

perhaps someone should remind you when making travel arrangements after you are married…THAT YOUR NAME IS changing.  Might have been a good thing to remember seeing how the DMV confiscated my old identity and will mail it back to me…I’ll receive it in a few weeks.  Makes it a little difficult to travel,  and I shutter at the amount of documentation I’ll need to carry to prove I am who the ticket says I am. the rules don’t allow for name changes of passengers.

perhaps I’ll be a better person for voting early 


perhaps I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow!

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