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DIY Apothecary Jars (under $5)

I’ve seen many things that justify my need to purchase this amazing adhesive (Michael’s sells for about $4.00- I used 40% off coupon).

E-600 and random glassware

My brain is somewhat scattered full of ideas, but somewhere on YouTube while aimlessly looking for ideas for DIY projects I came across a video to make apothecary jars using candle stands and vases, or candy dishes.  The tutorial is simply 2 steps.
1.  Find a candle stick stand and vase that complement each other, wash & dry thoroughly

2.  Place a small amount of E-600 to the top of the candle holder and set the vase on top.  Press together and let set for 24 hours.

That’s it!  I’m a huge fan of decorative glassware, and apothecary jars are so ideal to change for the seasons so many options.  Here are a few things I’ve placed inside to go with my decor: coffee beans, small ball ornaments, decorative eggs, shells, mini pumpkins, fruit (lemons, limes), fake berries from picks, pinecone and my most recent and new favorite is tissue paper and bows.  Here is a 1 minute decor solution to a 1-year-old birthday party or baby shower

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Forever & a day

That’s how long it’s been, I’m fully aware of my commitment to my blog, or lack there of.  I have, however, been working to fulfill my list of possibilities for 2008.  Seeing how the year is almost quarter over, I felt that was key.

I have been CONSUMED with finding a job, finding a house, and then still trying to “do a good job at work” (like spending a month writing a grant to provide our program with 3/4 million dollars.) Details! I am happy to report the grant application and 1 month of my life were sent out last week thursday, and arrived on Friday.

On May 9th, Brent and I will have a house.  It was exactly what we wanted, and suprisngly it was in our below average price range for what we wanted in return.

house.jpgNotice- the new tan siding, and toffee painted cedar shakes (or whatever the are called).  All new windows- the ones that fold out for easy cleaning.  An enclosed porch.  The 2 car detached garage lies on the opposite corner of the house, along with a back deck and patio.  A small private yard- perfect for a dog, grill, patio set- entertaining whoever wishes to come over in the summer time.

kitchen.jpgEntrance from the back to the kitchen.  The glass door on the left side takes you to the basement, which we will eventually finish.  The appliances are fairly new and will stay.  The floor is tile as are the counter-tops.  There is quite a bit of cupboard/counter space. The counter right of the stove opens to a breakfast bar into the dining room.  The sink is to the left of where the person was standing to take this picture.  Behind the photographer is the main level full bath, complete with tile shower.  The laundry is also in that room.

dining-room.jpg Self explanatory.  My dining room is my  favorite room.  We are getting a dark dining room set similar to the one shown…although it might be a pub sized table with tall chairs. The light fixture will be replaced once we move in.  The windows on the left have a window seat.  Straight ahead is the foyer and front door (From Screened in porch)…the leaded window adds a bit more of the vintage charm.   I’m a big fan of the dark paint with White trim.  Immediately to the right of the dining room is a possible 4th bedroom/den/piano room.  Office would be an option if I were more organized and wouldn’t be so ashamed of having it visible.  Most of the downstairs is hardwood floors, carpet in the Living Room, tile in the kitchen.  What I don’t have a picture of is the angled wall with pillars and built in curio cabinet on either side of the entrance to the living room.

living-room.jpg The living room completes the first floor.  Our Brown leather furniture will fit.  The windows add some great western light, we’ll need some blind to cut the glare on the tv during sunset I imagine. 



The second floor- 3 Bedrooms….Ginormis Bathroom.  All rooms have huge walk-in closets.  The crib/striped room will act as an office, the other as master and guest bedrooms…until the day of babies comes (which is a few years off).

Part 2 of the List was finding a new job…..I just got the call 30 minutes ago that I was offered the position of Youth & Family Coordinator for Outagamie County (same pay, better insurance, more vacation, shorter drive, own office with a window, flexible schedule…)

Part 3- Getting a dog will wait until this summer, however names have been approved and surprisingly the breed has been narrowed to Weimaraner, Lab or Retriever.

Others ideas that I’ve embraced have been exercising….I’m trying swimming- which has never been a strength of mine.  I think I’m sick of running marathons for now and am curious about triathlons. I’ve also been making dinner and putting my clothes away pretty regularly. 

That’s my story. I’ll post later with the wedding progress!


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When’s the last time you spent over $100,000?

The fiancee and I are planning our future.  A wedding.  The wedding budget is right on track at $10,000.  I’m not a super crazy bride about this whole wedding thing.  I refuse to spend that much money on 1 day of my life.  It’s  unfathomable and I just can’t do it.  In fact I’m always trying to find ways to chip off more money and put it towards something else.  Does really have to cost us $10 grand to say “i, do ” sigh  and then give kisses in front of everyone?!?

Well today, $10,000 sounds like nothing compared to what I just told the Realtor we were offering to pay for a house.  Yep, we put in an offer on a house.  I’ve done this before.  I bought a townhouse when I lived in Chicago.  I know how this works, and I know it’s an investment, but I’m still in disbelief that I uttered the words: “We are offering one hundred and ten thousand dollars.” Which, like I said in some places, that would be a down payment.  But in ho-dunk Wisconsin, that’s just how it is.  The thought of just holding that check makes me think of all the stupid things that I could get for amount. 

So curiously, I searched for what else costs that much money.  Here’s what I came up with:
A suite to the U.S.T.A. Arther Ashe Stadium (which is a little more than Boston Red Sox suites cost for 81-game season), but Arther Ashe requires suite holders to purchase an additional $24,000 in food….hmmm.  I think I’ll pass.  That sounds as exciting as watching paint dry while spening an afternoon with the houty-touty eating rice cakes.

One stock of Berkshire Hathaway, a class A stock.  My response: WTF is Berkshire Hathaway and why would I want 1 stock. Will they guarantee a 500% return?  If I wanted to invest in my future I’d start buying lottery tickets a $1 a piece.

Maybe one of these, just because I can….
Lamborghinilamborghini-2.jpg I saw these in real life, true story.  Although if I really wanted to buy one of these it might be important to have a garage to put them in, and maybe a house in the Southern California section of the universe.

But clearly all these things are just things.  A house is an investment, right?!?! ah, we’ll see.  Honestly I rather live in a tent and travel around the globe a few times, and maybe making myself a nest in the sand of a tropical beach for the winter months. But a house with walls wouldn’t be so bad.

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It’s my Life

yep it is, and everyday I can make a decision that seems crazy and outlandlish. In my head it’s okay.  Randomness is fun and it often times drives my decision making process.  So all it took was a suggestion from a friend, and now I’m seriously considerring it.  Someone mentioned this weekend that I’d be good at sales.  Hence the wheels turning.  Specifically in the field of health care.  Okay, so I looked for a few sales jobs.  It looks like fun.  Not sure how I would even get in the door seeing how I have a background in education and public health.   But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try.

And if we really want to get on the topic of randomness…let’s discuss where we are going to live.  Facts: we are outgrowing our apartment by the minute.  All closets are overstuffed with essentials. The garage is FULL, Storage is Full.  It is imperative that we get a house ASAP.  Options include building a house (which requires a lot of decisions that I will be stuck with for the rest of my life) or buying a house (which we eventually be selling so that we can build a house).  I don’t even know where I want to live any more.  Another mention was to move up by Brent’s home town.  It’s cheaper, and our friends are there.  His mom runs a day care. Nice! So maybe we’ll build a summer home up there, cause clearly we live a lifestyle that supports that.  And I was the one saying I don’t want money, it just gets in the way.  Well, it’s starting to look that I wouldn’t mind a few dollars thrown my way!

Yep, I am all over the board.  This is me settling down.  You might think I’m crazy, you should, I do.  But it’s my life and I get to decide what to do with it, even if I have no idea what that means today.  Thus, the quarterlife crisis continues. 

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