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Lifes turning point

Whew, life with a newborn.  I’ll have you know I started this post at 6 AM, it’s nearly 6 PM and I’m finally getting it finished!

Yesterday at 7 AM Brent and I entered the hospital knowing that when we left we would leave a family of three.  Being induced I thought it might take some of the excitement and surprise out of the anticipated arrival, rather it was a spec of reassurance.  No longer would I need to time each contraction or worry about what my steal-laden cervix was up to.

By 7 :30 we were I had already been stripped, poked, monitored and evaluated.  My cervix was still at a dimple, fingertip or closed 1/2 CM.  Doctor had suggested he would break my water if the opportunity presented itself.  Baby and contractions were being monitored and my new friend IV (pitocin and saline) and I became attached the hip (or wrist).  After lying  in bed hooked up for almost an hour trying to watch TV,  we quickly became bored and were ready to distract ourselves.  We buried our noses in books.  Within minutes the contractions started getting a little stronger pulling my attention from the book.  Brent tried multiple maneuvers to distract me which is where the creatively crafted “Daddy Hospital Bag” created by a friend came in handy.  We pulled out the magic cards and learned a few tricks, then threw the stress ball back and forth.  Before long we recognized that we might be in for a long day.

Around 10 AM we both had enough self-indulged creativity and decided we needed to get up and move around.  I was standing next to the when a startling burst of fluid came rushing down my leg…Hallelujah my water had broken.  I felt relieved and a bit more certain that things were well on their way.  This meant I was committed to having this baby within 24 hours.  The funny comment through all of this… I had just slipped on a pair of new slippers when I got up.  When my water broke I could see the discolored fluid leaking down my leg and all I could say was, “Brent- my slippers! Grab my slippers!”  Having a fancy robe on, I now was allowed to partake in the disposable mesh underwear and mattress sized pads fun.  We walked down the hallway once, and then returned to our room to suffer through 2.5 hours of contractions.  I was re-evaluated at 12:45  and much to my disappointment I had only progressed another 1/2 CM.  Also being on Pitocin I was restricted to a clear fluid diet…which meant Jello, popsicles, water and juice.

Seeing how the contraction were locked, stocked and barreled but apparently without enough ammunition to blast my steel-laden cervix we discussed the idea of having an epidural.  I was on the fence and decided to hold off so that I could remain up and moving around.  In reality the next 2 hours I spend hunched over in multiple positions trying to survive and Brent trying to calm me down.  I was done- I had enough, I needed some type of relief…seeing how I still had 9 CM to go.  By 2:15 PM the Epidural was inserted and within 10 minutes I was in heaven!  I sent Brent out for lunch and I took a nap while the contractions continued on without my knowledge.

The next evaluation came at 4 PM.  I had 2 naps in by then, and Brent was now working on a full belly.  I was dilated to 3 CM which was amazing news to me, although our nurse was hoping for more.  The next 2 hours brought a shift change, new nurse, another chit chat with doctor, and yet another nap.  The downfall of the epidural was I was pumped with quite a bit of juice initially to ease the ongoing labor pains.  This resulted in a heavy, numbing feeling to my legs.  While my right leg had managed to maintain its strength and ability to move under my power….the left leg had not!  It was like a dead log was attached to my hip  with no control over the flailing.  From there on out, things happened in warp speed.  By 6 PM I was nearly 7 CM an hour later I was ready to push.  In fact, I needed to stop pushing to wait for doctor to arrive.  Everything said and done from the first IV drip to the wailing cry of the baby was 13 hours.

I’d like to introduce you to our son: Caleb Ashton
Born on March 1, 2010 at 8:12 PM weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long.

It has been the best experience and I am loving every cuddle-fest, every wailing cry, smirk, yawn and expression.  We’ll keep him.  Can’t wait 🙂



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