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On the 4th day she was productive

Most of 2013 I was invisible online. I was enjoying real life.  The start of 2014 has been similar…I returned from a parents only vacation and have since indulged in my children. Today I tried something different, I attempted to be productive.  

A long time ago I had this cool menu planning sheet that I stole from someone else online (this was way before pinterest).  I liked the idea that it had a grocery list on it. It never really met my needs, so I had good intentions to customize it.  Which in my world that meant it was indefinitely posted on the family command center and rarely used.  Today, I customized a menu planning tool to include a grocery list of regular household good for us.  I also organized the grocery list to align with the flow of most of our grocery stores and the way my mind works (You should have sympathy for me for even thinking this way). The best part is, I already used it to go grocery shopping and plan meals for the week. And because I also believe in random acts of kindness, here it is for you to use freely…


Week one of a productive task: Check.

You’re Welcome 🙂 


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