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OMG, How could I possibly forget?!?!?!

Doughnut Plant….yes. It’s this tiny little bakery in some area of New york City, where this one man bakes donuts each day wihtout using yeast…I guess that is odd in the donut-making world. I don’t really even like donuts, but these weren’t really donuts they were like little pieces of heaven covered in glaze.

Between the 4 of us we split a dozen doughnuts. My favorites were Peanut Butter and Jelly– regular jelly in a doughnut covered in a peanut butter glaze. If were up to me I’d have ordered 7! And then there was the Vanilla bean donut that was so soft and fluffy, Megan wanted “to lay her head on it!” The blackout was chocolate cake donut was just that- chocolate cake tasting with little chocolate dirt sprinkled on top. The highlight might have been the Latino variety….Tres Leches. It was a creamy vanilla-ish flavored in a cakey masterpiece.  Mr. Doughnut Plant himself even beat Bobby Flare in a showdown over this bad-boy and won!   Did I mention that I don’t even like donuts, especially the creamy and jelly filled variety.

Needless to say we were all sick for a majority of the day. Our bodies turned against the 4000 calories- per donut and our blood sugar surely spiked over 70,000.

Either way, I needed to add my luxurious New York doughnut experience to the list of grazing adventure we packed into the vacation. Like several other places the Doughnut Plant is a jammed packed place featured in sitcoms and frequented by various celebrities.  De-lic-ious and famous.

As most people are making resolutions for 2009, of which I am not, here’s to working off 12 donuts!


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Grazing through vacation

Much like I expected the vacation brought forth the best food EVER. I’m not just talking the festive holiday foods either.

Remember that honeymoon, or 2nd honeymoon I mentioned earlier. Well it’s completed now and reality has struck, so has 3 lbs of infinite pleasure. While the thought of posting pictures from our trip might be appealing to all 2 of my readers, I thought I’d make you drool a little over the delicious food instead (at least for now).

While Vermont skiing brought a joyful group of people together, it didn’t bring the best ski conditions: 60 degrees Sunday, followed by freezing temperatures and ice. We were fortunate enoughto start day 3 with some much desired fresh powdery snow. I had anticipated some stops to the chalet for some re-energizing. But instead our handy friend, Wayne carried a snack bar on his back while skiing. I must admit I’ve never been offered a hunk of summer sausage while riding a chair lift. The Clif bars however were the bomb- so good and we avoided a $10 meal of chicken strips at the lodge. Our evenings consisted of home-cooked meals- BBQ ribs, grilled veggies and potatoes. This was due to the sweet joint we scored…some lovely family rented us their vacation home. 3 huge bedrooms, a nice stocked kitchen, 2 full bathrooms complete with HOT water and washer and dryer…not to mention the wood-burning fireplace, cable TV and wi-fi. Seriously- completely fabulous!

Then came New York City. By far the top thing I miss about living in Chicago is the food! Amazingness.

We brought in the New Year’s plump full of sushi and Japanese cuisine at this lovely establishment, just a few blocks from Empire State building and the insanity of Times Square.  Not to mention the party included all you can drink and all you can eat access, the ultimate dance party and a few festive props for all guests. 

New year’s day we had a stellar visit to THEE BEST PIZZA JOINT EVER!  If it’s something I am an expert at, it’s taste-testing pizza.  Honestly, Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s has nothing on this joint!  Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn, located with amazing views under the Brooklyn Bridge.  These views are most often only visible while standing in line outside-  Seriously people wait in line outside in the cold for several hours to eat this pizza it’s that amazing.  Inside the walls are peppered with pictures of all the celebrities who have dined at this to-die-for-pizza.  It’s coal-oven pizza’s sport the freshest ingredients including fresh mozzarella, home-made sauce , the freshest spices, vegetables, and meats known to humans.  Check out this place- if you are ever in any of the areas…YOU NEED to eat there.  It’s so worth the wait!

We concluded out New Year’s vacation with some ultra-fab Thai food.  I wish I could tell you the name of the place, but the name escapes me.  I know it was located in Queens and I am still craving for more. I’ve become such a Pad Thai-er since my virgin experience in San Fransisco in October 2007 (I’d like to thank Kritta, and Jon for expanding my taste bud horizons). 

Well we are home now and I’m already mourning the food.  Leftovers just aren’t apealling after that type of experience.  I made lasagna last night trying to make home feel a little less depressing.  It was really good, but just not the same as the exoticness of vacation food.

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Apparently people like Oprah and Free Scrapbooks…

…cause it was by far the most DEMANDED post I’ve ever posted.  And while Oprah’s little deal she offered has now expired (although I am all in favor of 700 free things to be free for scrapbooking, cause I think we’d all be in a happy place with free scrapbooking stuff…oh and a week and a half of vacation to create) I thought I’d post a few of my creations that are totally Oprah worthy


Or whatever. But since the weather is cold and snowy and the sidewalk is covered in ice…I’m going to take myself back to some nice vacations (since I don’t have kids, most of my scrapbooks evolve around my trips).

Exhibit A-  Our trip out West on the Harley, not once but 2 summers to Sturgis.  The first year was just a tease. The next summer we extended our trip by another week and another 1000 miles 🙂  I also have issues.  I need to organize my albums in chronological order, or in themes.  Oops, OCD but ONLY with scrapbooking.  Sometimes I make myself want to puke over how ridiculous I can get.  Either way you will also notice my need to include MANY picture into 2 page layouts

btw…I do all my pages as 2 pages layouts, it’s to the point that I ALWAYS buy 2 pieces of a piece of paper I like so I can make sure I can coordinate the papers…before I even know what I’m going to do with them…

Here is a really crappy picture of a layout with 16 pictures (Needles’ Highway) of our trip out west on the Harley (aka “the Mistress”)


Staying on that theme of our trip out West, here’s a few more layouts.  Please keep in mind, I suck at taking pictures of layouts apparently, so some them you will see one layout with pieces of the other page creeping into the picture; some pictures are a bit blurry so I try to refrain from triggering a headache for you whenever possible.


A little more detailed picture of the previous layout posted above

There was a little bit of this….


 A lot of this…(I apologize for any near porn that may have snuck into this layout posting).



Okay …let’s go to someplace more festive. 
Exhibit B… How about New Year’s in New York City

2008-026 Miss you Megs 🙂


As you can see there is some work that needs to be done on that trip yet.

Exhibit C: I thinking a nice beach location would be nice right about now.  I bring you North Carolina






Why don’t we wrap this post up with some of the amazing little details at Duke University.


Thankfully we’ve added a rider onto our homeowners insurance to cover the costs of my scrapbooking paraphernalia in the event of a fire!  My creativity supplies are currently sprawled amidst 3 rooms…gotta run I might be able to squeeze in a layout before bed!

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