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pull out your beads- it’s a party

Diesel (the neglected son) turned 3 in April.   As you can see he could hardly contain his excitement!

He’s mellowed some, but many days he sulks in the sweet life of complete attention that he USED to have.  You might sense the nagging jealousy that begs your love.  In truth, he is and always will be my first-born.  I love him as a child.  He comforts me when I’m sad and gets giddy with our excitement.  We are blessed to have such a beautiful pet who overflows with an easy-going personality (rare for his breed).  We may have gotten a bit more than we bargained for with his size (Truth be told, Weimaraner are not all a medium-sized dog), he makes up for with his intelligence (super easy to train) and cuddliness (He might weigh 100 lbs, but he still likes to snuggle up on your lap if you let him).

Happy 3rd birthday Diesel. Looking forward to many more 🙂


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Motherhood: the untold story

I never intended this blog to be a mommy-blog, just simple things that bring joy to my life.  Must say-little man has a lot to do with that…I digress.  Not all stories of motherhood make your heart flutter.   People who portray themselves in such a manner kind of make me want to throw up on them, just to throw a wrench into things.  This excerpt is strictly for your reading pleasure. 

My son has a nagging curiosity for the toilet, which creates some challenges.  Our first injury incident, little man was lifting the toilet seat and dropped it while his other hand was sitting on the toilet rim-Ouch!  Major mommy tears were displayed as guilt and sorrow overwhelmed me.  When the husband and I moved in together we made a rule immediately.  No matter who uses the toilet both the seat and the lid must be closed before you leave the bathroom.  This proved to be helpful when Diesel came into the picture because it prevented him from drinking the toilet water.  I learned last week that it’s even more important to keep the lid closed with little man.  A visitor (who will remain nameless) used our bathroom and left the seat up.  Little man found that splashing in toilet water is utterly exciting and was quite disappointed when he was removed from the situation…ok really he was PISSED.

Not only is he attracted to the toilet when it’s not in use, he also (maybe even more so) attracted to it when it is in use.  Not that you need to know my specific routine, but after a half hour drive home, greeting the family, I usually disappear to the bathroom for a sense of relief.  Little man has caught on to this and if he’s not begging to be held or attended to, he’s crawling behind the toilet.  Just yesterday he discovered a little silver handle that he can pull down.  Imagine the slight shock when he discovered this while I was taking care of business.  He was WAY more amused that I. 

In case you aren’t aware men stand when they pee (maybe you knew that, but I always want to make sure I communicate clearly).  Little man was intrigued by the sound of my husband relieving himself and went to check it out, crawling right up to the toilet seat.  Apparently men lack the skill of cutting it off.   Let’s just say he got a little shower and needed a shower later.  In my husband’s defense the alternative would have been a bigger mess all over the bathroom, so I supported him in peeing on our child.  Does that make us weird?!?!

Perhaps you have dog-children and are curious about the sibling rivalry between Caleb and Diesel.  I guess the best way to define it- Caleb taunts Diesel.  Caleb’s enlightened to offer the dog his toys. Yet when Diesel takes them he know he’s going to be told to “drop it” from mom and dad.  Diesel stubbornly obliges and lets out a grumpy sigh.  Turns out you can train a dog new tricks.  Diesel’s new response…Take the toy, get up and drop the toy on the other side of the room, then return to his regularly scheduled program. Little man’s response (Curled bottom lip, watery eyes and bellers).  Glad they understand each other.  I guess you could say Diesel tolerates the little man.

That changes a little bit with one key ingredient- when little man is eating.  We have a Counter Height table for a reason- we have big dog who would otherwise swipe food (or so we feared). Thus Diesel must properly beg at Caleb’s side in hopes he’ll share a few scraps his direction.  Actually Diesel could care less where the food lands, as long as it’s within his reach.  Caleb has learned this so well he’s becoming ambidextrous.  He’ll feed self and brother simultaneously (Dog with right, self with left) and sometimes he forgets which hands are designated where and there might be some saliva sharing between them.  Our dog neglect has not only resulted in a lack of exercise for all, but a serious weight gain for dog-child.  He spiked an all time “over-weight” classification at 107 lbs this winter. I’m not sure if he heard the Vet or if the subliminal “weight control” food sent him into a frenzy desiring all scraps that are not weight-reduction-dog-friendly.

Speaking of swapping spit, amazing what skills your children pick up and are willing to share.  Somehow Caleb has learned the art of kissing.  Keep in mind it’s more like and open mouth spit encounter, that’s if he feels like your paying attention to him (I may have experienced a few bite marks to the shoulder on occasion)  This is all fine and dandy with family….but attempting to kiss random grocery store workers…I guess we’ll be having the “sex talk” sooner than later (Note: In “Sex talk” I’m not implying that we are going to encourage sex at a young age- just the opposite, but I was curious how you interpreted that!)

I’ll spare you the stories of baby poop, teething, and baby sickness.  I think I provided enough toilet talk to share how un-perfect our world can be.  Life certainly has joyful moments, but it’s not all warm fuzzies and puppy dogs!

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365 days later…

We are celebrating Diesel’s 1-year birthday. Not that you haven’t seen enough pictures of him already, but here he is yet again so thrilled to be one that he doesn’t know what to do do with himself.

He has been very helpful in the past year too…like helping dad figure out which wedding pictures we should buy.


Or making sure the pillows stay in their place…he loves to babysit the pillows on the couch!


His underwear eating phenomenon has ceased thankfully, now if we could get him to just stop licking his balls!

Diesel’s reaction: Very Funny mom!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, is that this is a sign of a tired dog…

..and dogs and children can coexist.

Happy Birthday Diesel!

Love, Mom & Dad

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Offspring talk

Granted we are married now so the talk is at least legitimate, it is not, however, warranted conversation by either Brent nor I.  In fact the 10 + babies born or expected in the next 6 months among our circle of friends is just enough offspring for us to handle.  Plus, I already have a precious little child…are you gasping at my secret…well relax, his name is Diesel and he’s an 84 lb Weimaraner.

However, kritta over at Conversations with Myself, nonchalantly threw out the topic of names…so I’ll post a few.

* Disclaimer: this does not grant permission to poke fun or steal my names for your own personal pleasure.  All rights to the content of this blog post must obtain prior written authorization before use!

What are your names choices for pets and offspring? 

For those of the frolicking 4-legged variety: Diesel (what can I say, I named him), Fred (a common name in our household for any living being), and how about Ella, and Miley for a girl.  I guess these were all targeted at Dogs, and not so much relevant for the occasional snake or rabbit…although Jim Bob might be a good name.

For offspring sporting the Y Chromosome (that would be males for those of you trying to figure it out): JT, Isaac, Lane, and Caleb…although Jim Bob was in the running for a close 5th.

Of the feminine variety: I used to love a few of these names, but their popularity is begging me to think elsewhere.  Kaitlyn (Katie for short), Madelyn (Maddie), Addison (Addi), Audrey (Audi)…can you tell I’m big on shorting names… Lauren, and Helayne.

How about yours? 

Please note the disclaimer posted above is relevant for all who’d like to comment with their names ideas- even if it’s Jim Bob!

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I’m officially obsessed with taking pictures of our baby.  There might be more pictures of our dog than there will be of our first born child.  I thought I’d share a few of the 976 picture of our dog with you.

Remember this adorable face you fell in love with just 6 months ago…


Well I’m big now!  In fact I ate most of that bed… oops.  While I have added a few ’bouts of excitement with my parents, a few things HAVEN’T changed!

I’m still a dog, I still eat dog food, and I LOVE to cuddle and sleep,


and my ears are still floppy…


On the other hand, a lot HAS changed.

These are now the only toys I don’t destroy…mom and dad are thankful that while I’m interested in shoes, all I do is try to get their attention by picking them up, prance into the living room and sit proudly with them.  All furniture, pillows and blankets remain in tact.  My toys and mom’s underwear are the objects of my affection.  What do you expect, I’m a male-first, dog-second.

My parents need to spell R-I-D-E for fear of being pummelled to the ground with my excitement.

I’m getting really good at getting my picture taken.  Mom appreciates the fact that I pose for her.



I have masterred the trick of giving high fives!


Thanks to some smooth moves, and use of my pretty eyes I’m now allowed upstairs…

on the bed…

on the couch…

And best of all, on grandpa’s lap.

I’m looking forward to this thing called christmas, because mom and dad have had several conversations on how to keep me from eating the tree.  My first Halloween and frist snowfall were pretty exciting…don’t worry, as I’m sure you can guess…mom took pictures!

I’d leave you with a kiss Diesel style, but since I don’t have a picture of it, just imagine me licking your chin or your ear (I’m really not sure why the ear, but apparently he has some fettish with ears!)



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He completes me!

Why wouldn’t you take a dog like this home?


This is the look I’d get for pretending to be 4…whose the adult? Or for sneaking in a dish of ice cream after 8 PM.  Sigh.  The guilt!

It think it’s a splendid idea to get a Weimaraner just for the sake that they needs lots of exercise.  I could spare a few LBS since the wedding is quickly approaching.  Ha…look how I can rationalize.  A dog is so much better to get than a gym membership.  The benefits are lifelong, even if I don’t lose any weight!

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so adorable!

I want a puppy.  I keep hearing about all my friends furry kids at home and I feel like that’s the next best thing to kids….in fact might even be WAY better than kids at this point in my life. 

A lady came into the office today with 2 labraddoodles, one black and one golden.  Oh my god….. they are going to be heart breakers.  They were so mellow, and so ridiculously cute, I could have just taken them home right then and there.  They were only 5 weeks old and were so confused about the long leash attached to their necks.  They just meanderred around checking things out.  They were both so calm and laid back.  After a bit the one got tired, so she just plopped on the floor under a chair and fell to sleep.  Precious little angels indeed!

According to my co-workers who have dogs, the owner had all the right answers and clearly a reasonable price (considerring what they go for other places)! I want one!


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