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Grazing through vacation

Much like I expected the vacation brought forth the best food EVER. I’m not just talking the festive holiday foods either.

Remember that honeymoon, or 2nd honeymoon I mentioned earlier. Well it’s completed now and reality has struck, so has 3 lbs of infinite pleasure. While the thought of posting pictures from our trip might be appealing to all 2 of my readers, I thought I’d make you drool a little over the delicious food instead (at least for now).

While Vermont skiing brought a joyful group of people together, it didn’t bring the best ski conditions: 60 degrees Sunday, followed by freezing temperatures and ice. We were fortunate enoughto start day 3 with some much desired fresh powdery snow. I had anticipated some stops to the chalet for some re-energizing. But instead our handy friend, Wayne carried a snack bar on his back while skiing. I must admit I’ve never been offered a hunk of summer sausage while riding a chair lift. The Clif bars however were the bomb- so good and we avoided a $10 meal of chicken strips at the lodge. Our evenings consisted of home-cooked meals- BBQ ribs, grilled veggies and potatoes. This was due to the sweet joint we scored…some lovely family rented us their vacation home. 3 huge bedrooms, a nice stocked kitchen, 2 full bathrooms complete with HOT water and washer and dryer…not to mention the wood-burning fireplace, cable TV and wi-fi. Seriously- completely fabulous!

Then came New York City. By far the top thing I miss about living in Chicago is the food! Amazingness.

We brought in the New Year’s plump full of sushi and Japanese cuisine at this lovely establishment, just a few blocks from Empire State building and the insanity of Times Square.  Not to mention the party included all you can drink and all you can eat access, the ultimate dance party and a few festive props for all guests. 

New year’s day we had a stellar visit to THEE BEST PIZZA JOINT EVER!  If it’s something I am an expert at, it’s taste-testing pizza.  Honestly, Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s has nothing on this joint!  Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn, located with amazing views under the Brooklyn Bridge.  These views are most often only visible while standing in line outside-  Seriously people wait in line outside in the cold for several hours to eat this pizza it’s that amazing.  Inside the walls are peppered with pictures of all the celebrities who have dined at this to-die-for-pizza.  It’s coal-oven pizza’s sport the freshest ingredients including fresh mozzarella, home-made sauce , the freshest spices, vegetables, and meats known to humans.  Check out this place- if you are ever in any of the areas…YOU NEED to eat there.  It’s so worth the wait!

We concluded out New Year’s vacation with some ultra-fab Thai food.  I wish I could tell you the name of the place, but the name escapes me.  I know it was located in Queens and I am still craving for more. I’ve become such a Pad Thai-er since my virgin experience in San Fransisco in October 2007 (I’d like to thank Kritta, and Jon for expanding my taste bud horizons). 

Well we are home now and I’m already mourning the food.  Leftovers just aren’t apealling after that type of experience.  I made lasagna last night trying to make home feel a little less depressing.  It was really good, but just not the same as the exoticness of vacation food.


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Diet of a bride-to-be…

Haha, that title is kind of funny to me, cause when I think diet, I think of someone watching what they are eating.  Someone making sure to not over indulge and pack in more calories than needed.  Well, that’s certainly not true of my “diet” this week.

Saturday- I ate a full bag of Baked Lays- that was breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sunday- Had 3 slices of pizza, okay maybe 4.  I think that makes it 3 times in the past week I had pizza for dinner.  I can’t stop craving it.  I want one right now… regardless, I topped it off at 9 PM with a small Thin Mint girl scout blizzard from DQ. 
Monday- As always, I woke up wanting pizza, but none to be found so at 10 AM I settled for a Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s and a large coke.  At dinner time I took my frail and starving body to my parents house to plead for food. I might have wanted something totally unhealthy but ended up settling for leftover hotdish.

That brings us to Tuesday-I begin salivating profusely at the thought of pizza, but the $1 double cheeseburger from McDonald’s won me over.  At 3 PM I was on a rampage for something sweet…made a special trip to a coffee shop to get a chocolate chip cookie. It was good.  Finally at dinnertime I pleaded with the evil inner voices to explore other options …no more pizza or McDonald’s…(which should be a sin just saying it)…But I should note I finally shut her up with an amazing Chipotle burrito and their unbelieveable chips.  Mwau. love you, mwau, mwau, mwau.

I may or may not also had a coke today! Funny t.hing is, I haven’t gained a pound.  In fact I lost 7.  I’m sure I’ll gain 10 next week.  meh, my dress fit before and I’m not over that weight yet.

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What could be better than Reese’s PB cups?

Sausage Pizza from Dr. Benzie’s.  Even better when work provides it for your lunch.  And for some reason square cut pieces are so much better than the triangles.  Although I could use a few Peanut Butter cups to wash it down (and maybe absorb the grease!)

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