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Boy: A noise with dirt on it {16.5 months}

Dear Little Man,

I know I missed the 16 month landmark- but you’ll have to forgive me.  We were on a less that spectacular vacation (see Christmas Vacation post for more details).

If I could sum up this month in one word it would be whirlwind.  This past month has been so fun and crazy all rolled into one.  While you are generally mellow and laid back, you have developed quite an attitude and you know how to use it.  There are days that I want to scream, yet sometimes it takes everything in me to not laugh at your crazy antics.

Much like 15 months, your food selections are pretty slim.  The monumental moment was the day you ate a whole chicken nugget.  Hallelujah, right?! You also tried a fresh pea pod, but discovered the peas fly pretty far when you whip them across the room.  Let’s say Diesel is getting a little bit of a weight problem- but at least he tends to a dirty floor. Cereal is still a staple- only now it’s in a bowl with milk and several attempts to use your spoon.

You amaze me everyday.  Your little brain is like a sponge soaking up new things all around you.  I could go on forever about all the little things this month.  I try to remind myself everyday to recognize and pay attention to all these little details.  You know your stuff.  You can point to identify people, shapes, colors and some animals. While the floor in every room of the house bookshelf holds most of your preferred “toys”, the shape cube (you know the thing that you can drop the shape blocks into) is a close second.  Your dad and I  offer the 3 blocks for the side facing him, and you are able to match the shapes. Being the goofy and happy boy that you are, every time you get it right we cheer with a gleeful “yay” and clap.   New tonight  you added “Moo” to your vocabulary- what can I say, we are a wisconsinites  (Your work grandpa Zen would be proud)! We are able to ask simple commands like, “Can mom have a cracker?” and you’ll play fetch.  Speaking of fetch, you LOVE to play fetch with Diesel and get frustrated when he doesn’t follow the rules.  Sharing this makes me realize how many goofy things I need to get on video!

One of my favorite developments this month is your ability to  identify body parts.  Here’s a test, “Where’s your tongue?” (with a little bit of breakfast too)

Summer weather is upon and you have shown me your affinity for water and then dirt (or sand).  From a drinking fountain to a kiddie pool,  If you spot water, you’re in it.  I have also learned that dirt and sand are the next best thing and tend to act like a magnets to little boys.  It’s next to impossible to keep you dry and clean these days.

Sometimes it’s impossible for me to stay clean and dry in watching you.  To you water was meant to be splashed.

On Sunday night during bath time we had a huge mess on the bathroom floor.  As mom turned away to grab a towel to dry the floor,  I turned back to find you dumping the bucket of water we use to wash your hair all over the floor.  The bath mat and towel already down were soaked.  How did you respond?  With a gleeful cheer and rapid clapping. Recognizing I wasn’t as cheerful you immediately changed your response to a stoic look and responded with “uh-oh.” How does one keep a straight face to that!

If I could ask for one thing this next month (and maybe the rest of your life), is just a tad more fear.  While you certainly aren’t a rebel, I’m seeing more of your adventurous side emerge.  For example,  jumping off your rocking chair…I’m really proud that you can jump and glad that you have the confidence to attempt such things, but maybe we could master jumping on the ground first (which is ridiculously hilarious to watch).

I have many more things to share, but to pull the post to an end I need to recognize the love you have for your dad.  While I didn’t post about it on this blog, mommy’s shoulder surgery in May really put a crimp into our routine and dad stepped up to take care of us.  You two have developed a stronger bond that sometimes makes me jealous.  He now MUST put you to bed or you scream “DADADA” in a helpless tyrant.  But you also search the house for him, or run to the door when he arrives home.  You love to help him with whatever he might be working on, such as laying the stones in the garden path.    You have grown to trust him and know that he will protect you and care for you and I, and you still know when it’s time to wrap him around your finger to play!

I can’t say it enough, I feel so blessed to be your mom.  Your expressions, knowledge and even your attitude make me appreciate each day.  You are a gift that I couldn’t be more grateful to receive.

Love you More,


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Last night- I was 4

Brent and I had an agenda last night…go to my mom and dad’s then to my brother’s house.  I followed the agenda, but instead of going to Jer & Amber’s to spend the night getting the venison packaged….I spent the evening playing, goofing around, screaming, singing, playing games and having some serious fun.

You see my 2 nieces, Kenna (age 5) and Paytee (age 2) hadn’t seen me in a while.  Apparently they were just as excited as I was, cause I didn’t even get in the door all the way and both came RUNNING up the stairs and jumped into my arms.  They love me, and I don’t blame them…I’m a pretty cool aunt!  I had 2 little munchkins hanging on me and asking questions.  Payton told Kenna to turn on the radio, and when she did their favorite song was blaring in the kitchen,  loud enough to hear throughout the house.  We all sang “1,2,3, like a bird I sing, cuz you’ve given me the most beautiful set of wings.  I’m so glad you’re here today, cuz tomorrow I might have to go and fly away…” They’d crawl into my arms and we’d spin and jump and dance.  It was fun.  When the song was over we returned the living room couch.  Kenna unbuttoned her shirt, like the boys do…I stripped some layers off and we all tried to chill.  Paytee just kept on going, until she was sweating. 

As I was sitting on the couch catching my breath, Paytee jumped up on my shoulders landing on my head, when I asked “Payton, what are you doing?”

She replied, “I’m a monkey” in the most enthusiastic voice.  Then she proudly requested, “I want to sit on your shoulders” when I placed her up there and stood up, she quickly paniced and said, “Woah, Heidi, I’m scared, I’m really scared.” So I dropped her down into her arms.  Both of the girls giggled and laughed so hard for minutes straight our bellies and cheeks were sore. 

We headed downstairs to see what mom and gang were up too (since I still hadn’t made it down there). I laid on the floor, and we all gave zurbers to each other (making farting noises on each others bellies).  That somehow progressed into push-up contests, which my brother Jeremy won with a breathless 36, Kenna trailed with 3 sets of 7.  Payton told me “that’s enough Heidi” after 10, and Amber beat her previous record setting her new personal best at 5.

Somehow we all wound down and ended the evening curled up in front of the fire.  I drew on Kenna’s back as we listed all the things we were going to do for her special day with aunt Heidi.  (You know all the really important things like make art projects, going to see the cats and dogs in the pet stores, going and playing in the balls at Burger King, bake banana bread and an apple pie, and have supper at Gma Kathy’s).  Meanwhile, Payton laid in her mothers lap asking her to “pet my belly.” Both the girls  ended the evening sound asleep in our arms.

I too came home and fell fast asleep, as that spontaneous play and fun had tuckered me right out.  I can’t wait for the holidays to continue to play and be 4 years old! It truly was one of the most enjoyable evenings EVER!  And I slept like a rock.

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