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Photojournal: A day in the life of a toddler-puppy

I’ve officially decided Diesel has reached the stage of the terrible two’s in dog years.  He’s grown so much as you can see from my last post.  Here are just a few of Diesel’s favorite things, I know cause he told me so!

Cuddling with Mom & Dad: My Favorite Thing!

Laying on people’s heads: My Favorite Thing!

Hanging out on the porch: My Favorite thing!

Getting Fed: My favorite thing!
 Making a mess: My Favorite thing!

Waiting to go outside: My Favorite thing!

 Running in the yard: My favorite thing!

 Scratching an itch: My Favorite thing!

 Sitting on mom’s lap: My Favorite thing!

 Waiting for my dad to come home: My Favorite thing!

 Stealing the washcloth: My favorite thing!

 Being Carried: My Favorite Thing!

Chewing on a Rawhide: My favorite Thing!

 Looking precious: My Favorite Thing!

 Taking a Nap: My Favorite Thing!

These are just a few of my favorite things in the past few weeks.  There’s never enough time in the day to sleep, eat, get into trouble, be forgiven, play outside, meet new friends…which is anyone or thing lately.  The life of a dog is quite possible the best EVER!


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8 random things I need to get off my chest.

I realize that it’s been a while, and it will continue to be a while as I cannot dedicate hours of time updating my blog as I once committed myself to doing.  So here’s the top 8 things I’ll give you updates on.

1.  Finalizing the Wedding guest list was not my idea of a good time.  I’ve been slightly scolded, but not really, since our once “private” ceremony includes invitations to 139 people…oops.  I am happy to report that we were able to stay within budget and have narrowed the dinner guest list to 203 people.  200 was our target.  Yeah, us!

2.  Deciding how to hang the curtains in the living room and make them look good was not the best idea I’ve had  at 11 PM last night.  At one point the fiance even offered to making them symetrical (i have issues).  Whoever thought that hanging curtains is “fun” surely was confused with hanging pictures. (I might note, we have displayed pictures in almost every room in the house).  Of the remaining 4 boxes left to unpack, two are the fancy bar glasses.   Currently we don’t have a bar, but the other glasses work just fine for drinks- trust me I’ve tried it.  The other 2 remaining packed boxes are wedding supplies, of which I keep adding items to.  This does not include the 47 boxes in the basement full of items needing to make someones day at our rummage sale, or they are one of 30 boxes of childrens’ books.  (At one point I was an elementary teacher and had a class library of my personal books.  I figured one day when I have 10 kids they will come in handy). 

3.  I have several girl’s nights/weekends coming up.  Tonight kicks off the festivities with a Pampered Chef party/aka pretend housewarming party only for girls who’d like to join me by polishing off a few bottles of wine, eating snacks while someone else cleans up the mess, and no boys or dogs are allowed.  Then comes this weekend which requires me to take off both Thursday and Friday to return to “my city” life in Chicago.  Meet up with old girlfriends have slumber parties and figure out a way not to max out the credit cards in 4 days.  Finally the Bachlorette party plans have been determined.  Being the low key and down to earth group that we are- will be spending 8 hours tubing, relaxining in the warm August rays. Only to return to our campsite- which does not require driving, having s’mores and visiting the on-site bar (who might be getting a band, DJ or better yet Karaoke) for 20 alcohol invested chicks with a sense of humor.  Sure to be a good time.  Please no males strippers!!! That is my plea.

4.  Little Baby Diesel has one messed up alarm clock going on in his head.  5:30 in the AM has never been momma’s favorite time to wake up.  I might reward you with treats for sitting and laying down from time to time, but when I’m napping or in bed, is not the time to lay on my face and beg for treats.  Note to Diesel- burying your nose in my crotch when “Aunt Flow” is visit is not kosher! 

5.  I love our house still.  I added a table runner and candles to the dining room table just before calling it a night last night.  I know it’s hard to believe, but my middle name is not Martha, but good guess. 

6.  When you get a notice from the IRS saying that you are getting $600 deposited into your account last week, I expected it to be there last week.  However, in the notice it also suggests that if it’s not there in 6 weeks that I should call.  Didn’t anybody teach them that it’s not nice to tease, especially when that money was spent 3 months ago!

7.  All-inclusive Honeymoon that we won to Costa Rica was going to cost us $1400 in airfare, tax and tips for 3 nights.  Upon some further investigation a 5 night all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic (High class resort in Punta Cana) will cost $1600 for both of us.  It was suggested to check back in mid-July for the super-saver sale.  Hmm.  Okay I’ll take more time in a exotic location.  I also looked into Napa Valley in the off season- not all inclusive $1000. per person.  I vote for tropical, alcohol infested getaway on the beaches. Thank you Fox World Travel- highly recommend!

8.  Dear Dodge Stratus, my lifeline of a car.  I realize you are getting old and in your earlier years I wasn’t the nicest owner and I made you work hard.  But in this time of need, I beg of you to turn off your check engine light.  I will continue to fill you with gas and I’ll try to do a better job making sure you have the oil when you need it.  It’s  dire moment of which this weekend will bring several hundred miles of pure joy.  Please assure me you’ll stay with me and get me home safely on Sunday. 

And just because this post is so random, I’ll mention that in my haste to get ready in time for the guy to look at our water and sewer hook up this morning at 6:45 AM (I never even used to be awake at that hour), I only put deodorant on my left pit, and I can totally tell, or should I say smell the difference. Oops.  I’ll make sure to get on that when I get home, seeing how the spare stick in the car melted.

Happy Monday everyone.  Smile, it’s not that bad. 

I have a $1 Large McDonald’s coke awaiting me.  I don’t know what it is about McDonald’s fountain coke, but that is 32 oz of the ultimate pleasure awaiting me….Life can be sweet at times!


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Sorry I’ve been away; I’ve had a puppy wrapped around my finger!

Several weeks ago a surprise phone call came: “your puppy is ready”

Having moved into the house exactly 1 week prior, the house was far from being puppy proofed! So we pondered and tried to figure out how the puppy would fit in the unexpected 2 week schedule. Long story short, the last 3 weeks have been some of the most rewarding weeks of my life. 

Without any further ado… meet Guest Blogger…Diesel

 The first night my mom and dad had me they were a little crazy!  They set an alarm and woke up every 2 hours to take me outside to go potty.  I cried when I couldn’t see them, so they took turns laying by my kennel as they convinced me to sleep.  I was really good at sleeping.  In fact the next day we left gma and gpa’s house and I slept the entire 4 hour ride home.  I’m still really good at sleeping.

 While Mom and Dad do have rules, like I can’t go in their bed or on the furntiture (although I’ve been working really hard to change that rule).  One rule that is for certain, I get morning and evening cuddle time with both of them.  Even today!  I don’t quite fit as well into their laps as I once did.  I can’t wait until I’m 80 lbs and sitting on their lap.

But there are other rules:

This is my rug in the kitchen. 

This is my yard.  My parent’s tell me I’m a “Good Boy” when I go potty here.  Which I almost always do, but I really dread it when it’s raining.  The thing that is really cool is that they have all these cool weed things in the grass that get all puffy and fly away.  The taste the best.  Sticks are good too.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the pinecones.

Yeah, that was then…now I’m even bigger.  I learned how to dig when we went camping with my friend Rosco.  Rawhides consume hours of my time.  And somehow my parents keep saying that they don’t get anything done cause they always want to cuddle and play with me. 

Here’s a few final pics.  I might have to start charging, but I’m sure since my mom takes more pictures of me than she will of her first born there will be many more postings with my sweet smiling face. You can watch me grow.  Isn’t this going to be so exciting.  I would really love it if all my mom & dad’s friends and family would come see me.  I LOVE PEOPLE!

Okay, I must get back to wrapping myself around my mom’s finger.  It’s cuddle time!

Aren’t I dreamy!! Trust me, you’ll have dreams about me tonight.


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