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Losing the life race.

There are few moments in our lives when we stop to recognize the world around us. We hastily make our way through the day, scurrying to the next appointment or fretting to meet the next deadline.  Thankfully, pregnancy has given me an excuse to do just the opposite…SLOW DOWN.

Today was a rather gloomy and disheartening day as far as weather is concerned.  It was damp with a slight chill in the air, the kind that makes you yearn for a cozy place to cuddle up with a nice blanket….recognizing my desire to do nothing I let my head follow my heart tonight.  I arrived home with an hour of lightness to spare, and took the opportunity to take the dog out to my brother’s place to run with his cousin.  After an hour of muddy fun, we returned  and jumped at the opportunity to change into my comfies, slumped into an over-sized chair, cozied up with a fuzzy blanket and a book (Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie to be precise). It was my idea of heaven.

Before long I was engrossed in the book.  Our 80 lb. dog made my heart skip a beat when he decided to crawl up on my lap and nestle between my legs, occasionally nudging me for a few strokes or looking contentedly into space as his eyes grew heavy.  The storyline was a soft-hearted look at one man’s journey through faith. It didn’t take me long and I had over 50 pages under my belt, a sign of an easy read with a good storyline.  The now dark solemn house was lit with the spotlight that shone down on the book, making Diesel and I center stage. In this moment, time stood still and I could take in the gifts that I so often overlook.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but I found myself in a state of pure contentment.  Diesel had found a comfortable place warming my lap and now his head extended to my chest, as if the protector of baby and mom.  With each deep breath he took I felt time slow down. Baby kept me aware of “it’s” presence in my womb with an occasional nudge.  The peaceful moment caught me attention, as I read a line from the book that resonated within me (I’ll paraphrase for you)…

“The secret of happiness is to be satisfied, be grateful for what you have.  For the love you received and for what god has given you.”

As I reflect ahead to what craziness life will bring with a child, husband and full-time career, it seemed appropriate that right now I could experience a moment that I may need to remind myself of in the days, months and years that lie ahead.  Life is not a race I am eager to win.  As my own eyelids grew heavy and the dark night continued on, I began dreaming of the life that would be joining us in 3 short months….the nights that would be sleepless and conflicts that would be stressful…but also the joy of looking at the face of our own child and being grateful for the life that has been given to us.  As I drifted in and out of this dream I was reminded of the children’s book that I loved as a child, and even more as an adult- a mother throughout her son’s life picks him up in her lap while he sleeps and gently rocks him while singing…”I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be!”

What a life that will be?! A life filled with tiny, what may seem to be uneventful events, that will equate to years of happiness and fulfillment.  It is a life I am eagerly awaiting to live- not race through!


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wish list for my library

cold blustery days, like today, make me want to cuddle in warm fuzzy sweaters in front of a fireplace on an overstuff couch sipping coffe and reading.  Since that is just not possible with my crazy schedule this month I thought I’d ponder a few worthy reads … in no particular order.

Letter to my daughter

3 cups of tea

water for Elephants

Knitting Cricle

Marley & Me


Driving Sideways

The Book Thief-I still haven’t opened it, but I’ve had it for MONTHS. 

Are there others that should be on this list?

I’m currenlty reading The Shack and Dreams of My Father…and quite honestly I’m half way through both of them and the intensity of their plot has me treading water.  I’m not sensing so much optimism in finishing.  The beginnings of both were pretty good, they got me to keep reading.  I try to read everynight when I crawl in bed to help my head digest into sleepiness.  After a few pages (sometimes paragraphs) I’m ready to turn off the light and call it a night.  But maybe that’s due to my need for unusually large amounts of sleep and warmth.  Both seem to be hard to come by these days. 

Let me know your suggestions.  I’m supposed to be reading The Reader and Fine Consessions for upcoming book clubs and I just don’t think that’s going to happen.  I also hear Revolutionary Road is one to pick up? Others???

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Back to Book Club

It has been months since I posted on my latest reads…here’s a quick glimpse

Despite getting married this month and heading off on quick honeymoon number 1 today, I have managed to dive into a few books that have been laying around for a while.

#1 Eat, Pray, Love
I’ve heard you either love it or hate it….I Loved it.  I’ve posted a few things before on this book…but one quote really connected with me at the end:
“I think about the woman I have become lately, about the life that I am living, and about how much I always wanted to be this person and live this life, liberated from the farce of pretending to be anyone other than myself.  I think of everything I’ve endured before getting here and wonder if it was me- I mean, this happy and balance me, the one dozing on the deck of an Indonesian fishing boat- who pulled the other, younger, more confused and more struggling me forward during all of those hard years.” 

It reminded me of my experience with Challenge Day and the idea that “I was the Hero I’d been waiting for.”  Okay….it’s getting a little too deep here.  But back to the book…her experiences and through Eating in Italy, Praying in India, and Loving in Indonesia is an exhilarating way to learn about yourself.  I give it an A.

#2  Long Way Gone
I posted on this book before, but definitely an amazing, little bit heart wrenching memoir of a boy forced to become a child soldier in Africa.  I don’t know how to share much on this book without giving it away…I will say this, I am a huge fan of memoirs and overcoming obstacles to see that there is hope.  A+

#3 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Our latest book read was a great exploration of historical and cultural differences of Eastern Asia.  The role women played and the things they learn as children to become “beautiful woman” in society.  I had a hard time reading some of the earlier pieces, due to some graphic descriptions of their cultural rituals….I needed to put the book down and come back later.  Once I got passed those few parts, it was good.  It follows 2 girls who become, what I would say “best friends” but that might be my cultural interpretation. I would give it a B+

#4.  90 minutes in Heaven
This is not my typical read…but it’s a man’s spiritual journey, and the miracle of prayer.  I bought this book earlier this summer as it was approaching the 1 year anniversary of the death my grandmother.  As I sat down in Barnes and Noble that day to see if it was worthy of buying, it gave me a sense of peace and reconciliation.  My grandmother was a very spiritual woman who I was very fond of.  While I’m only half way through it, I will say it has been an easy read.  It hasn’t required a lot of thinking or interpretation.  I don’t feel that I can grade it however, until I have finished the book.

It is time to head to the airport now, and I’ll just leave you by saying I grabbed 2 books of the shelf to take with me:  Dreams of my Fathers (the Barack Obama story) and The Book Thief.  I’m looking forward to many pages while awaiting the flight in and along the side of the pool with the sun beaming on my face!

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Last night I went to Barnes & Noble with a coupon, and several titles in mind.  After a bit of wandering the store looking and titles, picking up a few that looked and sounded interesting.  I settled into a cozy chair and immersed myself into the first book.  I started with one that looked like an easy 1 day read, that would keep me enthralled throughout the book.   After reading a few pages, I confirmed the fact that I could easily read that book.  So I set it aside putting it in the “buy” pile.  Next was onto a book that I picked up cause it was recommended and I liked the look of the cover.  Wow…within seconds I felt like the author of this book was taking a deep look inside my soul and saying, “come on girlfriend, you need to explore life.” Her rationalized thought process and random comments made me feel like my twin was writing this book.  Unfortunately the vent above me was blowing cold air, and I so wanted to cuddle up under a cozy blanket and get lost in this book (which I can honestly say, doesn’t happen very often!!!).  So a quick glance over Brent and we optically agreed to gather our purchases and head home.

I walked out of the store with the feeling of liberation, acceptance, gratification, and the desire to go put some comfy’s.  Oh…to reveal the titles: Eat, Pray, Love;  The Book Thief (thanks to Krista’s recommendation); and 90-minutes in Heaven.  I was so moved by the experience that I bought a book to donate to a Foster Child, and an entertainment coupon book….which I might add just added to the excitement.  Now I have a gazillion places to wine, dine and explore at a discounted rate! mmm, sigh! Oh, and I couldn’t leave the store without continuing my liberation.  Brent splurged and we shared a toasty Chai tea for the chilly ride home.

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